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home charging

  1. Jomak

    When I charge at home do I need to...?

    I have a Bosch L2 charger 30A or 32A, not sure which. I have always manually adjusted the 48A on the app or screen to 30A before plugging in at home. Do I need to adjust it? Will it auto adjust if I just plug it in? My Rivian R1S has no option to adjust amps and I just plug that in and it...
  2. Thunderbird1

    Charging Renault Zoe with a Tesla Gen 2 Wall Connector

    Hi All, My son is purchasing his first EV (a Renault Zoe R135), and I am struggling to find any info online regarding Zoe's and their ability to charge at home with a Tesla Gen 2 Wall Connector which we already use for my Model 3. Does anyone know if this is something that would work, as the...
  3. M

    Beste manier van accu laden bij Model Y - specifieke situatie

    Beste leden, Ik heb een vraag omtrent het opladen van mijn Tesla, heb al veel forums afgezocht omtrent een antwoord maar tot op heden niet een duidelijk antwoord kunnen vinden. Ook heb ik de vraag bij Tesla zelf neergelegd maar ook geen duidelijk antwoord op gekregen. Sinds november 2023 heb...
  4. K

    2017 S 100D extremely long charging times for last 10%

    Long time lurker here, but have always found answers with a search. But not for this so... I have a 2017 S100D with 93k miles on it. The battery is at about 86% of original range (283 miles vs 330 new). The problem is when I need to charge to full, that last 10-15% of range takes much longer...
  5. J

    Wall Connector Gen 3: Weird light status

    I noticed my idle Tesla Wall Connector had an odd light status: 5 green lights solid instead of just the first one. Nothing in the manual light table addresses this. I switched the breaker on and off and it returned to normal and appears to charge normally. I logged and there were no alerts...
  6. K

    Cold Weather Chicago?

    I have 2004 toyota highlander limited. Getting expensive to fix. Time for new car. I like electric. But my sisters husband was saying it does not work in cold weather. But I dont see snything on their website about a that. Just somebody saying on reddit that it should not be left in -22...
  7. B

    Mobile Connector vs. Wall Charger - Renting a House

    I have a 2023 M3 RWD (no mobile connector included). I drive, on average, about 40 miles per day. We're about to move into a rental house for the next 12+ months. The owner saw my Tesla when he showed us the house and was intrigued by the idea of installing a wall charger in the garage. But, do...
  8. F

    Can I share a charger and have my neighbor bill me?

    Can I share my neighbor's charger and have my neighbor bill me? We live in a condo building, and the cost of installing a wall charger would be prohibitive. I want to propose to the chap in the next parking space--who has his own charger--that we share his. He could add a markup to the hourly...
  9. S

    Considering buying a 2nd MYP. Add separate second charger or split existing?

    Love my wife's 23 MYP so much I'm thinking of getting one of my own when my ICE lease is up in 3 months. We had a electrician run wire and install a 60amp breaker and with the Tesla wall charger we get 48a charging, theoretically at least. My question is do I add a second wall charger via the...
  10. Noflash

    Wall connector charger questions (install, tax credits, etc)

    Hello, Just got enough referral points to get the wall connector charger. I don't think I would have ordered it otherwise, but didn't see anything else to order as enticing. I've been using just the mobile connector on a 110-outlet for the past two years and it will be nice to have the...
  11. lencap

    Help Me Confirm the my Tesla Wall Connector is Wired Correctly

    Greetings! I recently purchased the Tesla J1772 Wall Connector. It's mounted in the same spot that my Clipper Creek HDS-40 was located, less than 5 feet from my electric panel. At the time the Clipper Creek was installed, 2014, 40AMPS was considered a powerful EVSE and the electrician used #6...
  12. GateFather

    Tesla Wall Chargers with 2 Teslas - Advice Needed

    When my wife and I built our house 2020 we knew we eventually wanted to get a second tesla. At the time we had a model 3 (still do) and a minivan. We had the builder put in a 100amp subpanel off our main electrical box right near the garage in the basement, and ran a wire rated for 60amps from...
  13. D

    Home charging reduced

    My home charger is limited by the car to 5A charge. For over 3 years I’ve been charging at home on a 32A setting without any issues. My charger is the EO Mini Pro and I’ve been using the Enel app to control charging times on Octopus Go. after an App upgrade the other night I had to reset the...
  14. W

    Is level 1 charging a viable long-term option?

    I have been a happy owner of a 2016 Model 90D S for the last seven years. After 110,000 miles the car is still doing great and I have had very few issues with it. I had a 240V NEMA 14-50 socket installed in my garage as soon as I got the car and have been charging my car with the mobile charger...
  15. J

    MS Wall Connector- Strange issue

    So I just had an electrician install a gen 3 wall charger that i bought new from ebay for my 2018 MS. First few weeks it was fine, then I noticed three blinking lights and it forcing itself to charge with lower amperage (I live in Tennessee, it can get very hot and humid so I didn't think too...
  16. K

    Model Y Charging Options in a Townhouse

    Hi all, first time poster here. I'm testing driving a Model Y this weekend and will likely end up ordering a Long Range model. My biggest concern is charging - I currently live in a townhouse with no community charging. I do have a dedicated parking spot right in front of my house, and I have a...
  17. B

    Wallbox or Juicebox?

    Just saw that I have enough credits via my electric supplier to purchase a wall charger through their “reward store.” The options are generally limited to the Wallbox 48 or 40 and the Juicebox 40 or 32. The difference in credits here is nominal as they are all within 10% so wanted to pose the...
  18. MrNik

    Recommended EV chargers in UK ?

    Hi mates, I’m scheduled to buy a Tesla in the coming months. I live in the UK (Newcastle) and wanted to know what most of you Tesla owners are using for your chargers. Do you have any suggestions as to which is better in terms of cost, reliability, custom service etc & how I can get started...
  19. B

    Won’t charge at home?

    I have a 2020 Model X long range. Sorry I’m not very technical. However I’ve been charging at home since I received the car in 10/2020 without any problems. A couple of weeks ago car said error and no charge happened overnight. I didn’t think much about it just thought it operator error. I...
  20. L

    Wall connector not recording as “Home Charging”

    So I just installed a wall connector in my garage and everything works fine except my app does not seem to recognize that the wall connector is in my house and when I use it to charge, the app registers it as “Other” and calculates the usage and pricing incorrectly. I can’t find a way to fix...
  21. S

    NEMA 14-50 vs 14-30?

    Hi, I recently bought a single Family Home & trying to figure out whether installing NEMA 14-50 or 14-30 or another charging source is better. It's a ranch style home & currently Garage has only 110v running. Any suggestions or recommendations??
  22. R

    Charging Speeds @ Home

    Hi all, picked up my M3LR yesterday from Manchester. Absolutely in love, everything is perfect with the car. Includes Ryzen, Heated Wipers, Li-On battery etc. One thing I wanted to know was everyone's charge speeds (Amps, volts, charge miles per hour etc). I've only charged it the once since the...
  23. Parramaniac

    What are my home charging options?

    Hi All, I’m a noob when it comes to this. If anyone can be of assistance at letting me know what they think my option would be, I’d appreciate the advice.
  24. P

    Home Charger only charging at 18amps

    Hi all, I'm a personal assistant and my boss and their spouse each have Tesla's (2021 Model Y and 2021 Model 3) and had a home charger installed before I came on board. The home charger is only charging at 18amps. If you adjust the car to take a charge beyond 18 amps, it charges for 10 minutes...
  25. P

    Off-the-floor, magnetic cable keeper (DIY charging station)

    Just sharing our home charging station setup for anyone out there looking for ideas. I am 100% open to suggestions and criticisms of how I could improve/do better/fix something wrong. Goals super easy to use: I do not want to deal with coiling cables. I want to be able to plug and unplug with...
  26. Jbapckfan

    Charging question for MYP - home and work chargers available

    MYP scheduled for delivery later this month, first tesla. Home Tesla charger getting installed soon. I found out the hospital I work at has 2 free Tesla chargers that look exactly like the Tesla wall connector I ordered. They are first come first serve but I’ve never seen one in use. My commute...
  27. E

    16A Blue Adaptor

    HI All, Got the Tesla on the way, and I'm just trying to wrap my head around the charging options for home. I probably only do about 50 km at most on a typical day. My plan was to go for the caravan type plug. Tesla call it a 16A Blue Adaptor on their page, but in other threads its referred to...
  28. P

    Ways to track amount of home charging vs supercharging/non-home charging?

    Hey everyone! My apartment complex wants me to pay for the amount of electricity I use for charging. Is there a way to track how much kW I use from a 240V 6-50 NEMA outlet every month? I was also wondering if the car already somehow tracks supercharger kW vs home kW so that I can just go off of...
  29. S

    Charging from Appartment parking in Düsseldorf Germany

    Hey Guys, I have underground parking in my apartment, but surprisingly until now no one has a EV or PHEV vehicle in my apartment though we have 100 parking slots. I am one step away to book a tesla model 3, but I am not sure how I can get a changing option in my parking. is there any suggestion...
  30. SpudLime

    I would appreciate your help deciding on a home charging situation with which power cord(s)/adaptor(s) to buy.

    Ok folks, I would appreciate your help deciding on a home charging situation with which power cord(s)/adaptor(s) to buy. Current house has 240v 30A plug in the garage. I would like to ensure that the money spent is future proof. At some point I may either swap to a 50A in my current house or...
  31. B

    Converting NEMA 10-50 to 14-50

    Hi All, Getting a 2021 Model Y tomorrow and my garage(new house) has a NEMA 10-50 outlet. I am trying to change the outlet to 14-50. Info: 1. The wiring is 6AWG from circuit breaker(50) to the outlet and then to a hot tub(Circuit breaker is shared) (see the picture added ) 2. The box is a...
  32. G

    Any problems with non-tesla home wall charger?

    Hi, I'm excited to be picking up my new Model 3 in 3 weeks! I'm a bit lost on all the home charging options out there. Would I miss out on any features if I have a non-Tesla wall charger installed (like a Rolec, Pod Point, or other)? I'm not sure if I need the Tesla one to be able to set...
  33. C

    NEMA 6-30 Adapter

    I'm sorry if this has already been asked, but I cannot find it anywhere in the forums. Does anyone know why Tesla does not make a NEMA 6-30 adapter for the mobile connector? I have a dedicated 240v 30 amp circuit (10/2 with ground) from my main panel that was originally installed for a water...
  34. C

    Help/Advice: PG&E Forcing Me Off EV2-A due to 800% Baseline Allowance Rule

    I received a notice from PG&E that I'm exceeding 800% baseline usage and thus will be forced off EV2-A. They plan to put me on a time of use rate plan E-TOU-D. Baseline usage is 336 kWh/month and I'm hitting 2800 kWh/month or 833%. However, 75% of the usage occurs between midnight and 5:00AM...
  35. T

    Anyone using a Gen 3 Wall Connector in Tampa/Orlando Region?

    I would really love to use someone's unit for about 45 minutes early next week for a quick educational video shoot. Would be a HUGE help for me. I can share more details privately. Thanks! Todd Kaiser
  36. G

    Quebec - charger recommendation

    created in error - please delete
  37. V

    Big Island Charging Help - Kona / Holualoa Area

    Hello! I just purchased a Model X but am in a temporary housing situation right now and unable to install a wall connector. I looked into the destination chargers at both the Hilton and the Four Seasons, but, due to COVID, they're closed with their parking lots barricaded and inaccessible. I'm...
  38. bons

    Outdoor charging setup during typhoon season?

    Hi just wondering for those who have car parks / charging stations set up outdoors whether there are any issues w charging during rain or especially during typhoon season etc. or need to take steps to shelter the charger/car like using a canopy system. Thanks all!
  39. Y

    Can I increase amps on my HPWC?

    I just upgraded to a 2020 MS from a 2013 MS. I have a 1st Gen HPWC on a 50 amp circuit. The maximum my 2013 could use was 40 amps. With the 2020 they have upped that to 48 amps but one has to be connected to a HPWC delivering at least 60 amps. Does anyone know if I replace the 50 amp breaker...
  40. Jeff Wa

    Home charger options

    Hey folks. Waiting for my delivery TXT or Email or what have you and I have been thinking about charging. Is it really needed to have a Tesla wall charger or even something like the Juicebox or Clipper Creek EVSE devices in the house? Would a second mobile connector, like the one that comes...
  41. J

    Picking up on Friday

    Decided to join the Tesla family with a MSP Midnight Silver, black interior, with 21", FSD. We also have a Model Y on Order with delivery TBD. Excited about the change to full EV. Coming out of several Audis. Order was placed on 2/27 and scheduled pickup on 3/6 (it was an inventory car that...
  42. B

    Cost to charge at home?

    Noobie question - I have tiered pricing from Austin Energy (i.e. not peak/off peak pricing) and the highest tier I’m ever in is $0.078 per k/w. If the battery capacity of my SR+ is 62 kwh would the cost to full charge from empty be 62 x $0.078? $4.84? Is it that simple? Obviously I would...
  43. Positvt

    Busting 2 myths about saving money when home charging in Hawaii

    Hi all, Here are the 2 myths I have heard about saving money when home charging in Hawaii: 1. It is cheaper to charge your Tesla with the slow, standard mobile connector (110/120V @ 15A) than with a 50A (240V) socket using a NEMA 14-50 adapter or Tesla Wall Connector 2. It is cheaper to charge...
  44. Cwmwd

    Efficient home charging

    Now that I'm getting used commuting and topping up every night I got to wondering whether letting the battery drop lower and charging less frequently might be more efficient by making the most of the part before the taper? For example, last night I charged at 28A and topped up the car from 70%...
  45. T

    Home Charging Stations

    New to the world of EV’s so just getting opinions on which home charging point to go for? A local installer and friend of mine is telling me the Zappi is the best option as it’s completely future proof and you get the govt grant included. I know the Tesla one does not get the grant however I...
  46. MightyHawk

    Sharing home L2 charging with others during blackouts

    Winter is approaching and with it come the possibility of ice storms and downed power lines. A major storm can knock out power for hundreds of thousands of people in an area, perhaps for days. Likewise, many EV owners in California affected by the rolling blackouts have had to scramble to find...
  47. R

    Very interesting battery observation

    I am no battery expert but I have decided to see if there is a difference in how I charge my car. All charges are done at home. Here are a few observations: 1. The left orange readings are for charging to 85-90% from about 65% over the past few weeks. Interesting to note that the...
  48. B

    BC EV Charger Program

    First post - new Model 3 owner living in Vancouver, BC. For those in BC you may be aware of the recently announced government / BC hydro rebate programe for installing a L2 charger. Tesla was not an approved charging station - I followed up on this and just received the following reply: Thank...
  49. A

    Ideal home charging practices...Daily? What %?

    Hey Guys, been having a cordial discussion with other newer owners on best recommended practice for charging our vehicles at home. I've read some information from Tesla but can't pinpoint and verify if this is the best way to do it. My Understanding: Plug in your car at home nightly if possible...
  50. Palros

    Noob home charging questions

    Hi. Sorry this may have been answered else where but when I searched I could not find a recent topic. I am looking at leasing model 3 bit I am trying to get my head around charging. I know I can get 7kw at my house but I was trying to workout the pros and cons of going for a Tesla charger or a...