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  1. Vorsteiner

    Vendor Introducing the Vorsteiner Carbon Fiber Aero Program tailored for the Tesla Model S Plaid

  2. BZM3

    My Model Y Pick-up Experience and Car Quality/Feel

    Thought I'd share my pickup experience from today. Purchased new Model Y Long Range, White exterior, black interior, 19'' wheels. Car had a small paint blemish above the right rear wheel, our sales agent made note and added it to their system so that it's repair will be free of charge and at...
  3. PNWTMan

    Carbon fiber hood on M3?

    Anyone here installed a carbon fiber hood on their M3? Did you use hood pins to secure? And if so, where did you secure the hood pins to the body at? Thanks in advance
  4. Aphinity

    Hood paint damage - Pearl paint sucks

    My 5 week old Model 3 pearl white multicoat just got rear-ended by my neighbour while backing up his truck-bed camper truck. I had just finished washing it, too. Thankfully, it missed the headlights and fenders, but put multiple deep scratches lengthwise on the hood and wrecked the emblem (and...
  5. Troglodytes

    Wrap now or wrap later when the SC/body shop needs to do rectification

    145xx VIN picked up about a week ago. Sent Tesla email with list of defects before 3 days/100 miles; I was told that they will review the issues and get back to me on what they can do/are willing to do as 'goodwill'. SC appointment scheduled for three plus weeks out from today; that was first...
  6. chasharris

    Anyone else found a snail in their M3?

    I know Teslas are environmentally friendly, but I didn't expect this. I decided to give my brand new M3 a quick clean this afternoon, lifted the bonnet (trans: hood) and found a snail happily sitting there. Anyone else found they were hosting local wildlife in their car?
  7. J

    Seeking: Black Pre-facelift MS hood

    Purchased CPO and the hood had dings and paint damage. Looking for one with little to no damage.
  8. B

    ISO Original roadster emblem

    Looking for an original roadster hood emblem
  9. AlanSubie4Life

    Looking for Do-it-yourself Door Alignment Information

    My passenger side doors have been misaligned on my car since I got it over a year ago. I'm understandably reluctant to bring the car to a service center to have this addressed (some of this stuff is on the due bill, which I still haven't had addressed): TL;DR: 1) Has anyone adjusted the...
  10. B

    Selling Model S 2014 black hood w/ minor ripple damage - $500 obo

    Our model S hood used to be wrapped but we got hit by flying debris. My husband tried to get the dent popped but it caused a minor ripple effect that really can't be seen unless under certain light conditions. For christmas, I got the hood replaced so now we're selling our old one since it's...
  11. T.E.S.L.A

    Front Trunk unable to open - Model X Safety concern

    My model X Frunk is unable to open. The car is only 6 months old. It pops up, but stays latched. It is NOT in valet mode and I have even tried the emergency open rapid response toggles but also only pops open and stays latched. There is no way I can get the frunk to open up, other than popping...
  12. Jaymc5

    A couple of questions after purchase of a CPO 2013 P85+ ...

    1.) I've seen on youtube (5:50 into ) that you can have a significant gap on the hood, but is this (see pic) too much? 2.) Has anyone successfully installed a bridge transponder behind the nose cone as suggested on page 160 of the Owners Manual? I'd prefer to do this instead of installing on...
  13. A

    Looking for gray hood and nosecone for p85

    Hi I'm looking for a gray hood with no damage and a nosecone with the chrome trim around it. Its for a 2013 P85 Thanks
  14. A

    Looking for a Gray Hood for 2013 P85

    Looking for anyone wanting to sell a stock gray colored hood with no damage for a 2013 P85. Also looking for the front grille with the trims. I am in NJ. Thanks!
  15. S

    Hood Paint Deteriorating

    I wanted to get a consensus from other owners who have black cars. This is something that has been slowly getting worse and worse for a while now, but it finally came to a head today. If you check out my previous post history, my Model S has required a couple visits to the service center to...