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  1. A

    water touching USB setting off horn

    today i cleaned the interior and some moisture/water must have touched the USB contact point and set off the car horn , until i manually powered off the car until the USB port dryed out. sounds like a water based short circuit triggering the car horn? another time my friend plugged his USB...
  2. M

    2023 June Model Y horn not working after heavy rain

    The first time the volume of the horn became lower after I passed through puddles. I am so confused with what happened? The second time the horn even lost sound when I was driving in heavy rain. Does anyone meet the problem? I was told TESLA took off one horn from the upper side and only left...
  3. M

    Nieuwe autopilot-update met Auto Horn

    Deze nacht binnengekregen, nieuwe software update voor autopilot: Auto Horn! En het werkt echt, want daarnet was het al ineens prijs, een Audi die van vak probeerde veranderen terwijl ik op autopilot in zijn dode hoek zat, ik had het nog niet eens opgemerkt maar onze Tesla claxonneerde...
  4. Beta V

    Turn Signals and Critical Buttons made easier to feel

    I like to keep my eyes on the road. Every car I've owned has had a turn-signal wand on the steering column (except for my 1930 Model A Ford). My 2023 MX yoke has no wands/stobs/levers on the steering column. Instead, they have buttons on that must be located and touched to operate. Okay, cars...
  5. K

    Road debris damaged front fender, valance, horn

    On my recent trip i hit a huge piece of torn tier and it hit my driver side wheel. Front fender garnish peeled off, valance on the driver side lost few rivets and hanging down a little. And i can see horn is damaged as well, it sounds weird. Tesla directly asked me to take it to a body shop...
  6. marlonetorres

    Don't know what else to do, frozen screen, unresponsive scroll wheels

    Just bought a used 2017 Model X. Everything was fine for a couple days until the screen froze up. Tried rebooting with the scroll wheels but those no longer work as well and the horn stopped working. To make it worse, since its still in the process of being registered in my name which DMV says...
  7. UncaNed

    Horn honking itself after latest update?

    After the latest software update, while parked in the garage I'll hear my horn making quick, quiet little honks very now and then for no reason I can figure out. Does anyone else have this issue? March 2018 Model X 75D just updated to latest processor, latest MCU/display
  8. besnova

    Horn and voice command not working

    A few days ago on my 2014 Tesla Model S P85 with 99,399 miles, the horn and voice command stopped working. Interestingly enough though, anytime I get into my car, the voice command is activated and I have to either cancel it or let it time out. Horn from the mobile app works fine. Also...
  9. G

    Horn honks if I try to drive my M3

    Just got my M3 and decided to update to 40.50.1. I had some issues with the update but now the software is installed according to the car and the Tesla app. However, if I try to drive it, while all is fine as long as I don't turn the wheel, if I do, the horn blows as long as I'm turning. The...
  10. K

    DIY: Troubleshoot "dead" horn on 2014 pre-facelift model S

    I have had my horn in for service a couple of times at Tesla's because it stops working, and of course starts working again at the shop. They "clean the contacts", whatever that means but since it's already working when they have it in- house they are never able to fully troubleshoot the issue...
  11. Beta V

    The downside to silence--we need another horn

    I've lost count of the times I've driven through a congested pedestrian area and felt the need to alert people on foot that there's a vehicle nearby. In one case, a family with little kids off-leash was walking down a road to a local street fair on the next block. I'm sure if they had heard me...
  12. J

    Periodic Single Short Horn Beeps - Why?

    Went to garage this AM. Fob in pocket, car charging. While I was moving around in garage, horn gave a very, very short beep. Unhooked charging cable and stowed it. Started to take garbage out to curb, and horn beeped again. 3-4 minutes later, it did it again. Have never had that happen...
  13. F

    String of issues with 7 months old Model X

    Hi All, I have had my Model X for 7 months, and I've had a string of issues with it, and the latest problems are not fixed yet. I was thinking of contacting the Tesla customer service with the list of issues I've had, but before that I'd like to share my experience and ask owners on this forum...
  14. laudbrian

    Model 3 - Horn Issue - Check the left side

    I wanted to create a post to help other users as this could be a safety/QC issue on the horn not honking. I added the same response on a few replies to other posts but for search reasons I decided another main post is needed. This left side horn issue was more concerning for me because I am left...
  15. Beta V

    Other manufacturing defects: Tow package and Horn

    I just got Angel back from the (really great) dealer in Bellevue, WA. I had a friend who wanted me to tow a bike trailer and I jumped at the chance to use my new Model X's tow package. I started by watching a couple of videos on how to do it before I slid under the car and exposed the tow-hitch...
  16. B

    Horn Malfunction in S85

    Yesterday, I noticed the horn did not work in my S85. While driving, I rebooted the dash and the center console and it still would not work. I had no trouble pushing the horn, just no noise. Upon arriving home, I was able to activate the horn with the iphone app. Once home, I again went to...
  17. L

    Horn is hard to honk in times of danger

    TL;DR: A hard sustained press to the center of the steering wheel should honk the horn. I have a 2016 Model S 70D and last week there was heavy rain in Seattle where I almost got in to 2 accidents. The first one, a driver just decided to hop across lanes of traffic while I was stopped at a...
  18. Haxster

    The Tesla App Store

    What if Tesla created an App Store that would let you "install" free and fee features and upgrades? Apps that seldom required additional hardware. Just like your smart phone! These could go well beyond the standard vehicle configuration settings. The apps could let you personalize your car even...
  19. J


    I don't really know what has me interested in this, but does anyone have a video of a Model S honking the horn? Model S Owners- If you have any free time will you please post a video of yourself honking the horn? I only ask because there seems to be nowhere on the internet where the horn is...
  20. N

    Horn sound

    Has anyone heard the horn on the Model S? Any impressions? It would be great if someone could post an audio clip (assuming audio is supported on the forum)