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  1. Cory151

    Tesla Plaid.... Simply Amazing

    I just wanted to go on record and say what an incredible vehicle the Model S Plaid is. I can drive just about whatever I want and I choose to drive the Model S. Never in my lifetime did I think that anybody would ever be able to effortlessly, daily-drive, a 1020hp car. This car is equally at...
  2. .FP.

    Power levels at various states of charge

    I recall seeing a chart someone created for a model 3, showing the different hp levels depending on battery percentage. Does anyone have this info for the Raven Long Range Plus Model S cars? I know I could use ScanMyTesla to see this info in real time, but I don't have one and figured someone...
  3. BM3B

    Model X horsepower and 0-60 sec discussion

    I am a new Model X owner LR+ 20" with -H battery built 9/2020. I have been looking for LR (non-performance) horsepower and 0-60 information and have not found much in the forum especially for power. I will post my findings to this thread and ask anyone else with info to chime in as well. Thanks...
  4. MountainPass

    Vendor First Model Y Dyno Test!

    Hi Guys! We finally received our MYP last week and drove it straight to the shop for a dyno session. Here is the video we made with the results of the dyno test, which were not only "shocking", but also provide some insight into potential power increases via software for the M3P! Despite it...
  5. Techie-HEX

    Model Y Horsepower

    I have checked the specs and can’t find any reference to horsepower for the model Y. I have found other websites with varying numbers from 400 to 600. Does any one know what the hp rating for the AWD version is?
  6. MountainPass

    Model 3 Performance Dyno Test: Binned Motors?

    We finally got an AWD car on our dyno (thanks to our friend Shereef for lending us his P3D) and it was great to find that these cars will work with a Dynapack hub dyno without issue! After seeing the difference between the standard and long-range RWD Model 3, we were very interested to see how...
  7. AlexanderAF

    So...has anyone dyno'ed a P3D yet?

    I've searched the forums, YouTube, and r/TeslaMotors and I still have yet to see a dyno test for a Tesla Model 3 Performance. I'm very curious to see what actual whp versus rated horsepower is? Anyone? If nothing, I got the call that they have a P3D+ on the way for me. I was thinking maybe I...
  8. Haxster

    Japanese electric supercar touts 1,000 horsepower and 0-62 mph in 2 seconds

    The terms "jerk", "whiplash", and "black-out" come to mind... What the Hell Is an Aspark Owl and Why Do We Want One? | Automobile Magazine But it can't go 300 miles on a charge, carry 5 adults, and all the stuff we bring home from Costco, so I guess I'll stick with my MS...at least until the...
  9. I

    Maximum Battery Kwatts Output By Owner

    If this takes off I think it would be great information for concerned owners to compare their vehicles with others since Tesla has confirmed to reduce power from our expensive performance vehicles without owners knowledge due to "spirited" driving. Which was always encouraged by Tesla in the...