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  1. tech_kody

    New MYLR w/2023.20.200 & iPhone hotspot

    I have a new 2023 MYLR with software version 2023.20.300. I do not have Wi-Fi that can reach our garage as we are in an apartment building and our unit is located too far to reach the garage. I connect the car to my personal hotspot on my iPhone for Wi-Fi but still no updates. 1. Is the...
  2. P

    Car won't connect to wifi

    I use my phone as a Hotspot but lately the car won't connect to it. Also, it used to show a list of available wifi, but it doesn't do this anymore. My phone still connects with the car to Summon, etc. Is this a known problem?
  3. G

    Hotspot unlock

    Hey guys, New to the forums and new Tesla owner. I got my Tesla about a week or two ago, and had to have some minor work done, and the Tesla mobile service guy came out. I asked him (because I bought used from 3rd party, and know very little about my car) what happens if I use my phone to...
  4. V

    Hotspot not accepting my password?

    I’m trying to add my iPhone 11 as a hotspot, however, M3 says my password is incorrect. It isn’t incorrect! Any thoughts or suggestions please?
  5. lUtriaNt

    Question for those of you using hotspots in your car.

    Would you mind sharing the model and carrier you use? Or, can some share how much data on average the model 3 would use a month? I know this can vary but a ball park estimate, so I can decide what level of data to get a month. I know many people may use their phone--I want to use a dedicated...
  6. lUtriaNt

    Those of you using Hotspots in your Model 3...

    wwops wrong forum... :(
  7. f205v

    WiFi, again.

    Hi ppl, I just found a solution to the lack of WiFi coverage in my garage: I took out an old cell phone from my "discarded" drawer, put a data SIM in it and I'm going to use it as a mobile hot-spot inside the car. So I gave it a try today, connect the old phone via USB cable in the car...
  8. tmxninja

    Using car as wifi hotspot

    The browser in Tesla is really slow, and typing is awkward. I am wondering if the car can act a wifi hotspot for my smartphone so that I can browse while I am charging without using up my phone's data plan. I thought I saw someone saying it was planned feature a few years ago but can't find...
  9. Pkmmte

    Wi-Fi Hotspot for Model 3?

    What Wi-Fi hotspot are you weirdos using for the Model 3? All car hotspots I'm finding utilize the OBD port which the Model 3 does not have. I guess I could use a "regular" hotspot device provided by a carrier such a T-Mobile's Alcatel Linkzone but would I then have to keep it connected to the...
  10. N

    LTE CarFi / Mifi / Hotspot talk

    Hi everyone! Before beginning, just wanted to state; I did a search before posting, but found no relevant hits. I'm from and in the UK, but thought the technology being discussed was fairly global so put it in this section. Feel free to move this thread if it offends the forum police. So, in...
  11. mklcolvin

    4G in my model S - OK, not really, but good workaround

    Since we received the 5.8 update and with it Wi-Fi access, I decided to try an experiment. I took my iPhone 5, running under Verizon's 4G network, and placed it in personal hotspot mode. I plugged it into my MS' USB port for continuous power, then connected the MS to my newly-created hotspot's...