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  1. EVS Motors

    Vendor EVS Motors Is Your Tesla Specialized Collision Repair Center in Houston, TX

    From small touch-ups to collision repair and even custom aerokit installations, we can get your car to where it needs to be. Why Choose Us for Collision Repair? Getting into an accident is stressful enough mentally, physically, and emotionally. We can make it easier. When you choose us, we’ll...
  2. H

    WTT: Heatshield for Gen 2 NEMA 14-50, DFW TX or OK

    I have an extra Model 3 heatshield lying around, looking to trade for the Gen 2 NEMA 14-50 adapter. Located in the DFW area, but make frequent trips to Austin, OKC, and Houston so willing to meet in any of those areas. Also Tulsa although don’t frequent that area as much.
  3. A

    Loaners at Houston SC

    I got hit by a driver making an illegal turn today and the bumper, fog light, headlight, wheel well, parking sensor and some other things need to get replaced. Currently thinking about getting it done at the Houston-North Service Center but I’m worried about not having a vehicle to drive. Does...
  4. D

    63Kw from 14.3 Kw Solar in TX today

    West Houston, TX. Today was my first day of production. Until yesterday, there was a problem with one of the two inverters and the whole thing did not produce. I thought the inverters were supposed to be redundant or at least independant. In any case, today, we had clouds on and off and a cold...
  5. 5pointconroe

    Vendor Matte Clear Bra And Ceramic Coating - 1 Year Review

    Here is a 1 year review of the owner driving his own Tesla Model X with services provided by his own company. 5 Point / Ceramic Pro Woodlands has a location in Woodlands, TX and work on Tesla's Daily! Installing matte clear bra on your vehicle makes you stand out from the crowd and gives your...
  6. PoolCD6

    Just Purchased 2016 90D - Location search & MVPA

    New here, and appreciate you all! Nearing the end of my journey in purchasing my first tesla. A used, 2016 90D all options. Suspension, High Fidelity, Sub Zero, Hepa etc. From my 2 month search I think this is a great value at 53K + 4 yr warranty. VIN 5YJSA1E2XGF147914. 1) Any things I should...
  7. A


    Selling parts for : 2012-2016 Tesla Model S - PEARL WHITE NOSE CONE Parts for Sale: - Front Bumper (Excellent Condition) NOSE CONE with NO Scratches or Dents. Already painted with Tesla OEM Color. $400 OBO - Lower Left & Right Louvres (Excellent Condition) $200 OBO FOR THE SET - Underbody...
  8. A

    FOR SALE - NEW 2019 Model 3 AERO Rims + HUB Caps + Tires

    Selling in Excellent Condition : - 4 (set) of Model 3 Aero Rims + HUB Caps : $600 OBO - 4 (set) of Michelline Factory Tires (Lightly used, roughly 500 miles on them). $500 OBO PM or message for details. Located in Houston, TX.
  9. A

    2016 Model S Parts FOR SALE

    Selling parts for : 2012-2016 Pearl White Tesla Model S Parts for Sale : - Front Bumper (Excellent Condition , full front bumper with no scratches or dents, already painted with factory color ) $450 OBO - Lower Left & Right Active Louvres with Chrome Plates. (Excellent Condition) $300 FOR...
  10. P

    Model 3 Aero Wheel Cap Kit in stock

    I was able to get the Aero Cap kit at the service center in Houston for $50. The web site shows sold out. I was also able to also get my missing 18' Aero Hub Covers for $30. It is not easy taking out the cap and replace with covers since its very snug fit. I was talking with the service tech...
  11. H

    George Bush parking/charging options

    Anybody have tips, suggestions on parking at George Bush? Have a Model S 100D. We live in Tyler and usually fly out of DFW but are using IAH soon and don't know the ins/outs. Does valet charge your car? Can you leave your car in a charging stall? I know charging is free at Love Field...
  12. V

    2013 S 85 For Sale (Houston), 68.5K miles, $38,300

    Fellow Tesla lovers, I'm reposting due to a price drop. For sale is my 2013 Model S with an 85 kWh battery, with 68,553 miles. VIN **22298 (full number available on pm request), so it's a later 2013 model. This means I haven't experienced some of the issues that surfaced in older production...
  13. V

    2013 S 85 For Sale (Houston), 68.5K miles, $39,200

    Fellow Tesla lovers, I'm new to post here, but I've researched this forum before posting. For sale is my 2013 Model S with an 85 kWh battery, with 68,553 miles. VIN **22298 (full number available on pm request), so it's a later 2013 model. This means I haven't experienced some of the issues...
  14. V

    Tesla Arachnid Wheels 21 in rims and tires silver Brand new

    brand new 21 inch Arachnid wheels and tires. Michelin tires! silver. ZERO MILES! 4 tires and 4 wheels! includes Tire pressure monitor sensors as well. 3,750 including shipping. Located in Houston TX.
  15. M

    WTB: 18" Aero Wheels

    I'm in Houston, TX Looking for 1-4 Aero wheels, (with or without tires and TPMS) One of my rims suffered some curb damage and I'd like to replace it. If you have a set of four and only need two or three, let me know. If you have a repair shop recommendation in Houston, I'd take that as well...
  16. lla4u2

    Houston/Cypress At Home Car Wash Service?

    Anyone in the Houston area have a friendly neighborhood car wash company that comes to their house/work to wash the car? Everyone is talking about using the Washos app but they don't serve this area yet (at least not Cypress/Bridgeland). Looking for them to vacuum as well (kids are messy)...
  17. Z

    Recommendation for electrician and rates in Houston Area

    Please can you recommend a good electrician in Woodlands/Houston Tx Area for Tesla Wall Connector and circuit breaker installation. Did you choose 8.5' cable or 24' cable? What did you pay for the work?
  18. Dana1

    Houston Delivery Experience July 3rd

    Configured May 24 Born Jun 19 @ 1324 PST VIN 333xx Original delivery date Jul 10 Call Jul 2 that I could pick up today, Jul 3 There were about thirty cars waiting for delivery. About nine inside getting/in line for detailing and the rest outside with cars waiting for service (they had license...
  19. T

    Supercharger- Houston Northwest Freeway

    Austin to Houston on US 290 will soon be supercharged. Permit issued for 14620 Northwest Fwy. (just east of San Houston Tollway). It’s behind the Rudy’s BBQ. WebFOCUS Report This will be very convenient for traffic between Houston and the north side of Austin, rather than using I-10 and Hwy. 71...
  20. J

    Hand Car Wash in NW Houston?

    Anybody have a recommendation for a hand car wash location in Northwest Houston, the nearer to Cypress area, the better? TIA
  21. EVS Motors

    Vendor *SOLD* Tesla 21" Staggered Arachnid Wheels in SILVER Finish *BRAND NEW* - Houston, TX

    We are selling a brand new set of Tesla 21" Staggered Arachnid Wheels in gloss silver finish. These are FORGED wheels, these are not cheap cast wheels like the stock turbines that retail for $6,000 from Tesla. The turbine wheels are not only heavier, they are also not as strong nor efficient...
  22. M

    red kids tesla for sale in houston

    I have a red kids tesla for sell after I opened it my daughter decided she did not like red had planned on selling the gray one. If you are in the houston area and looking for one i have one for 250 she drove it one time for 30 seconds
  23. M

    arachnid rims black and silver for sell in houston

    black set is slightly used silver set is brand new black 3000 silver 4000
  24. D

    Houston-area Tesla body shops

    My Tesla got just dinged in a parking lot. Tore up the corner of the front bumper and scratched the headlight. It's too soon to know whether there's more significant damage, but I'm starting the exciting insurance claim and I wanted to know people's opinions of Houston body shops. (The newest...
  25. RRM998

    First EV trip -- Houston to New Orleans

    I don't tend to do long drives (I'll fly when possible) but I wanted to try out what it's like to drive my MX 75D on a trip requiring multiple charging stops. The Auto Pilot (HW2) was as useful on a long drive as I would expect it to be. Not having to press the peddles or steer meant I could...
  26. J

    Trade you my 19" slipstream for your 19" original 5 spoke wheels. Houston

    I prefer the original older style 19" 5 spoke wheels. I would like to trade my brand new 19" slipstream Wheels with brand new tires for the original older style 19" 5 spoke wheels with tires. Depending on your wheel condition and tire tread remaining I will request you supplement your trade...
  27. J

    WTB/Trade: trade you my 19" slipstream for your 19" original 5 spoke. Houston

    Hi, I prefer the original older style 19" 5 spoke wheels. I would like to trade my brand new 19" slipstream Wheels with brand new tires for the original older style 19" 5 spoke wheels with tires. Depending on your wheel condition and tire tread remaining I will request you supplement your...
  28. ericonline

    My Experience With a Flooded Model S in Houston

    Model S (70 RWD Coil Spring Suspension) flooded in my garage on August 27 in Houston. I thought I'd share details about my experience thus far that may be of interest to the community. The car ultimately sat in about 22 inches of water (measured from ground), probably 21 near the front and 23...
  29. Lauren

    Houston/i45 Charging Situations? Spring, TX

    Anyone know the condition of the Houston charging stations? Specifically the Spring, TX supercharger or the i10 Channelview ones? I don't want to make my weekend roadtrip (non refundable cruise ticket that insists it is going on schedule) but with DFW area running out of gas, the Tesla might...
  30. ericonline

    Flooded in Houston. Can't get in my Model S. Anyone have any ideas?

    We got about 20 inches of water in our garage yesterday. So now the car is completely dead and unresponsive. Already called technical support. He said the car put itself into "shutdown mode". Before it happened the car popped the front and back trunks. But neither is fully open - just...
  31. byeLT4

    Texas Direct Auto in Houston

    Texas may have voted down new Tesla sales in the state but you can't stop used sales I guess..... Texas Direct Auto in Stafford (Houston) currently has 23 MSs and MXs for sale, as new as 2017 and as little as 368 miles.... Might be a good place to go look and actually see the color you are...
  32. A

    Getting My Model X tomorrow .... Finally .. now what?

    Hi I'm finally getting my Model X tomorrow. The wait looked like eternity ...But I spent my time going through the forum and all small issues Tesla owners have to face for operating it in Texas I have my electricity plan renewal next month and was wondering how much extra consumption will Tesla...
  33. RichardD

    Wholesale Electric Provider in Houston area

    Gogriddy.com A neat concept. I have been on it for 4 days so I am still adjusting but you get rates every 15 minutes. Let me know if you are interested and I will share some of my screen shots.
  34. dchengmd

    Any interest in a 19" Slipstream Wheel Set, <100 miles? In Houston

    I picked up my new 75D this past Saturday and am considering switching to T Sportline 20s. Is there a market for or any interest in an almost new set? Would sell the whole set up including TPMS. Local buyer would be ideal.
  35. A

    Financing option for Model X in Houston Texas

    Hello members I am new joinee to the forum and to the Tesla world. I have just confirmed my Model X in Houston (Richmond exactly). I was not aware that the published 1.50% rate from Tesla Financing was not available in Texas. So the next question is where else should I shop around for financing...
  36. W

    State Inspection in Houston

    For anyone needing to get the state inspection for their Tesla, I highly recommend this place; Inspector Quick 2830 E Sam Houston Pkwy S Pasadena, TX 77503 281-487-3459 I have used them for over 20 years ('85 MR2, '95 Supra, '15 MS P85D) and they really are 'QUICK'. I'm in and out in about 5...
  37. J

    First PowerWall2 installed in Houston TX.

    SolarCity is installing my solar panels and PowerWall2, in Cypress TX (around 20 miles NW of downtown Houston) I am being told it's the first one in the area. I will post more pictures as the installation progresses.
  38. EVS Motors

    Vendor Model X Must Haves in Houston Texas

    For all those Tesla owners in Texas who are looking for a place to find the Spectra Photosync tint, Clear Guard Nano Paint Protection Film, Black Vue Cameras, after market wheels, Ceramic Coatings, and other Tesla specific products, EVS Motors is the place to go in Houston. ***We are the only...
  39. SpiceWare

    Cheech Marin to be Grand Marshal of 2017 Houston Art Car Parade!

    Houston Art Car Parade announces Cheech Marin as 2017 grand marshal I've been going to the Houston Art Car Parade for quite some time, my avatar is from when my brother-in-law entered one a couple years ago Lots of neat cars such as the Peep Jeep (yep, covered in marshmallow Peeps!) The...
  40. JasJ

    My Almost delivery in North Houston today - 2nd build

    Murphy's law is powerful with me. My previous car when ordered had a factory fire delaying my car by a year. Now with Tesla my luck is holding true to form. Ordered back in November and when the car came in December, it was not as promised and Tesla decided to rebuild it. Fast forward to...
  41. sgmorton

    Four Houston Service Centers?

    Rumor has it Houston will have 4 service centers within a year. I overheard this a the North Houston center when I was picking up my car yesterday.
  42. EVS Motors

    Vendor HTX - Gigaparty - presented by EVS Motors

    For the first time ever, EVS Motors invites you to envision the next level of Tesla ownership. On Saturday, Feburary 25th, from 1-3 PM, we will hold our first Gigaparty - created for Tesla owners. Experience the many possibilities in Tesla customization, demonstrated live on our Tesla Model S...
  43. G

    Model S Window Tinting in Houston, Tx

    i just purchased my Model S and my interior is all black. I am interested in any recommendations for good Auto Tinting companies that anyone in the Houston area have used as well as any opinions regarding pros or cons to Tinting the windows. Thanks
  44. P

    LA to Houston. Share your experience.

    I'm considering a trip from SF to LA, then LA to visit my parents in Houston. Anyone gone LA to Houston? Can you share your experience? Route? Tips? Thanks! J
  45. M

    Road trip from Houston to Memphis

    Looking for advice from those of you who do road trips with your Teslas on a regular basis. My wife and I are thinking of taking our Model S 70 (rwd) from Houston to Memphis. Looking at the routing options on evtripplanner (through super chargers), it'll take 22 hours! WAY too long for a 9-10...
  46. George Jetson

    Recommendations for a Houston area window tint?

    I see a lot of EVS motors as a forum vendor. Any actual owners have experience with them? Others? I've pretty much narrowed my choices to Huper Optik Ceramic, Photosync or CeraLuxe Quantum Ceramic. According to EVS, they are the only authorized installer of Huper in the State. Thanks for your...
  47. M

    FS - 2014 Tesla Model S 85 (Houston)

    Millage: 28,000 Model S 85 kWh Battery Green Metallic Paint B 19" Wheels - 19' Michelin Primacy Tire Upgrade Tan Nappa Leather Seats Obeche Wood Gloss Décor Single Charger - Supercharger Enabled Tech Package Standard Suspension Parking Sensors Parcel Shelf Brake Calipers – Black Other...
  48. K

    New Model S Owner - So Excited!!!!

    HI Everyone, I am brand new owner of Model S and just took delivery this past Saturday. I have been reading a lot on the model S and if anyone has any first time owner suggestions/tips/tricks, please let me know. Also any suggestions on Tinting in the Houston area and how much I should expect to...
  49. MacOnWheels

    Howdy from Houston,TX!

    Howdy from Houston,TX! I’m not a native Texan, but I got my passport to Texas 40 years ago. I’m 68 and retired from Chevron/Gulf in 2010 after 42 years of having as much fun as I was allowed to in their IT department. I was the first Houston employee to own a Prius, that was in 2005. Boy did I...
  50. N

    Rent or Lend Me Your Chademo Adapter in Houston Area

    i will be making a road trip from Houston to Philadelphia from June 25 to about August 15. I am looking for a Chademo adapter I can rent or borrow to use while I am in Philadelphia. If you have an adapter I can use, please let me know. Also, if you have any specific advice for a route that will...

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