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hpwc install

  1. StealthP3D

    Question on HPWC install

    I'm building a charging station next to the driveway of my ski cabin. It's in the middle of a mature PNW rainforest so I'm putting a little roof over the Wall Connector to keep rain and forest debris off it. I'll be bringing the #6 THWN wire underground through 1" PVC conduit that will run up...
  2. J

    Electrician for HPWC install in LA

    So I just had my Wall Charger installed in my building (multi unit). I got quotes from several electricians including those on the Tesla referral page and finally found an honest electrician. I say this because I was an electrical apprentice when I was a teenager and have a good understanding...
  3. MXWing

    Anyone have trouble charging a Model 3 with a Power Sharing HPWC setup?

    I have a HPWC sharing setup in my garage. The "primary/master" HPWC charges the X without any issue and any Model S that has hooked up to it. My Model 3, when plugged in the same primary/master gives me a yellow light and says 'partially plugged' in and charges at 16 AMP. My Model 3 works...
  4. 5_+JqckQttqck

    ESA Renovation Permit Application Process

    Hello everyone, Anyone in the community did the permit/inspection on your own and can give me advice on which section of the application form to complete. I filled out most of it going on common sense (4.2.1) listing all the equipment, outlets, switches etc. in my house. However, section 4.3...