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hpwc installation

  1. MightyHawk

    HPWC Installation Quote Flexibility

    I just received a quote to install a HPWC in my home, for $1000 plus the cost of the HPWC. This quote included putting in a 60 amp breaker and wiring. But rather than just wire up just the HPWC, I would instead like to install a sub-panel in the garage and ideally connect that to the main...
  2. V

    Cost to install HPWC

    Can anyone share what it cost them to hire an electrician to install the HPWC? I'm in the Tampa Florida area and got my first quote of $897 to install it. I'm requesting 60 Amp / 240V. My circuit board is already upgraded to 200 Amp. Thanks.
  3. K

    HPWC Cord Cover

    Having my HPWC installed soon. Trying to decide on the best placement. My preferred spot for ease and aesthetics is on the passenger side. The 24' cable will reach if I go around the back end of the car, but can already tell managing that much cable everyday is going to be a pain. Before I spend...
  4. N

    HPWC instructions different than NEC rules?

    Does anybody know whats going on with the HPWC installation instructions? I've got an installation with a short offset conduit directly attached to a surface mount main panel. I elected to use THHN #6 AWG wire connected to a dedicated breaker (GE THQL type). Only three wires are in the 3"...