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  1. davidc18

    Available Model S lower RH louver assembly

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Model S lower RH louver assembly. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. Model S lower RH louver assembly

    For sale Model S lower RH louver assembly

    I sold my 2015 model S before I could install this. Brand new from service center. will ship to lower 48 included in price. check photos to ensure it will fit your vehicle. thanks.
  3. MikeKFE

    2023 Model S AC tripping out

    I have a 2023 Model S. I’ve found that the AC and fans trip off every 30-45 seconds when the front and rear is blowing hard. On for 30-45 and off for 30-45. Repeat. If I turn the rear off, the problem goes away. Anyone else seen this?
  4. R

    6,000 dollar AC failure and fix on Model S

    Just took my 2013 Model S P85 (50k miles) in due to some AC issues. The AC was making weird sounds and wasn’t working all that great. The vehicle is obviously out of warranty. Initially the estimate came back with a receiver and dryer cap replacement, desiccant bag replacement, high pressure...
  5. CubedRoot

    Another Superbottle and Coolant valve failure - 2018 LR RWD at 108k miles

    It finally got me. My 2018 Long Range RWD with 108k miles on it finally started showing the following two error codes in the service menu: VCFRONT_a210_coolantValveCalib VCFRONT_a249_coolantValveBadMode Some of the symptoms I was having that made me check the service menu was that the car...
  6. Y

    2015 Model S AC doesn’t automatically turn on

    I have a 2015 Model S and ever since picking up the car from service, I have to manually turn on climate control every time I get in the car. If I don’t turn it on manually, it stays off and quickly gets hot if I don’t turn it on after a few minutes of driving. Any idea why this is happening...
  7. F

    2023 MY Not Blowing Cold Air

    The temperature in town yesterday was a whopping 103 degrees. I had to go to a store and was there about an hour. When getting back to the car, the temperature on the dash said 114. I turned on the Aircon and was driving home. Set the TEMP inside to LOW. All the way home it was blowing cool...
  8. D

    New Tesla owner. Climate control question.

    Hey everyone. This is my first post. My wife is sensitive to A/C and I am not. I like it cranking and it bothers her a bit. Seeing how there are no "vents" to close like other cars is there away to have the fan lower on her side?
  9. M

    AC Hot when supercharging?

    Hi all, just ran into a problem I was hoping you all could help with! My wife was supercharging our 2014 model S and after a couple minutes the ac started blowing super hot air. 5 minutes after that the car displayed an error message saying it couldn’t supercharge. Moved to a different...
  10. E

    2019 M3 Rear Vent blows warm air when low-level cooling is required

    My 2019 Model 3 SR+ seems to have an issue with blowing warm air to the rear vent when it should be cold. This issue happens when mild cooling is required, for example, outside 76°F and inside temp set to 72°F. The front vents will blow cold, but the rear will blow warm. If air recycle is on...
  11. 3

    Why is there no button to turn off the heat like there is to turn off the AC?

    Why is there no button to turn off the heat like there is to turn off the AC? Use case: in the summer, I might set the AC to the high end of the temperature range that I feel comfortable at. But, in the evening, that may cause it to turn on the heat, even though I would rather have it not use...
  12. R

    Help with error codes

    2014 Model S P85D I’ve got a strange issue where the cabin temperature whether in auto or manual will suddenly switch from cooling to heating on any temp setting except low. Meaning if it’s 90° outside and I have the interior temp set at 67° all of a sudden my car will start heating full blast...
  13. joonrhee

    Vibration when blasting the AC

    I have been driving my 2019 Model 3 for over 4 years now. Recently I have started experiencing unusually loud vibration when turning on the AC in hot weather. Let's say it's 90 degrees when I get in the car. I turn on the AC at 68 degrees. AC starts blasting and I can feel the car vibrating...
  14. G

    [After Vehicle Service] Reduced Power Vehicle Systems Over Temperature - AC Hot

    I took my car in for upper control arms to be replaced and for an issue with the AC blowing hot. I get it back and AC is still blowing hot? They were nice enough to take it back in almost right away. They already replaced the compressor, next they replaced the refrigerant pump. I get the car...
  15. C

    Model 3 cabin overheat protection

    A doubt that I still haven’t seen answered in any forum or site, and that in these times of heat popped up into my mind. What is the limitation that exists in the Model 3 that maes it so that you cannot have cabin overheat protection at the same time as you have the alarm on, as happens in the...
  16. IvesSM

    Climate Control Screen Bugs Me!

    When I go into the Climate Control Screen and turn climate control OFF the window closes as well. This bugs me because all I wanted to do was turn off CControl. When I'm done seeing the CControl settings I'll close the screen. As far as I can see this is the only screen that acts like this. All...
  17. A

    AC work unstable / inconstantly / erratic

    Hi everyone. I have strange problem with my air conditioning. Sometimes it's works fine, without any issue. AC compressor, 2 fans works well. But often it didn't work at all. I have many errors for all components of THC system. Errors are the same everytime. Attached it. System filled with...
  18. G

    Dessicant bag maintenance

    My local service provider wants $732 to change the dessicant bag. Seems way high when most of the time a machine is doing the work like removing coolant, evacuating and recharging. What is your experience with this?
  19. J

    Can I turn off driver's side AC but keep passenger side on?

    My contact lenses get extremely dry when cold AC is blowing towards my eyes. I typically angle the driver's side vents away from my face, but I'm still catching enough air to dry my eyes out rapidly. Is there a way to turn off the driver side AC vents while leaving the passenger side on...
  20. REDI KW

    Catastrophic AC failure

    The ac compressor just failed on our RWD 2016.5 MS75 at 98500 miles. We were driving back to AZ from LA on the 10 freeway and got a warning that ac was limited and supercharging may be reduced. We barely made to the Ehrenburg SC as power and regen. slowly dropped to less than 5% and our speed...
  21. T

    Intermittent AC issues

    I have a MYP on software 2023.20.9 and have notice that on some drives, my ac will not blow below 64 degrees (using a temperature gun shooting directly at the vents) even after driving for 30+ minutes when temp is around 100 degrees outside and temperature set at lowest setting. I know this is...
  22. F

    Model 3 - A/C not blowing any air, "Climate keeper unavailable due to system fault"

    I've seen this posted for Model Y and S, but not the Model 3. It's now 97 degrees in my area. I went to my 2020 Model 3 one morning after it was charging overnight in my garage and the AC won't blow any air at all. Not just cold air, any air. I did a soft reset 3 times. It makes a weird...
  23. M

    Model Y Air Conditioning Noise

    Hi, I have a 2023 Model Y LR and the Air Conditioning makes a loud Humming noise when the fan speed is increase to half-max speed. Has anyone else had the same issue?
  24. L

    HVAC system

    where is the climate control unit located?
  25. Lectric_Agent

    2019 MX 6 seater - Rear AC not nearly as cold as front when set to auto?

    I'm wondering if anyone else is having the same experience, just want to confirm if it's normal. When I have the front and rear set to Auto and set the temp to 68deg for example, the rear air comes out much warmer. I can remedy this by setting the rear temp manually to 60, and only then will...
  26. R

    Model Y climate battery usage unusually high (50% battery while driving)

    Hi, I know many parts of the US has been going through a heat wave this past few weeks. I live in the epicenter of the heatwave, here in Phoenix, AZ. I had my 23 Model Y long range awd for about 4 months now. Initially I was getting pretty good efficiency in the spring in my Y, about...
  27. V

    Recent AC compressor replacement -

    My AC recently went out. I was told it was the AC compressor that needs replacement and will cost $1200. I dropped off car at the shop and I am now being told that AC compressor requires replacement due to internal short. He is also recommending receiver drier replacement due to debris in the...
  28. S

    Climate Control and Auto

    I am a new Tesla owner. I believe our climate control was set to Auto when we picked up the new MY. Does the car try to maintain the set temperature when it is set to Auto but nobody is in it? For example, when it is in the garage at night, will it maintain the temperature when set to Auto? My...
  29. Iron

    Climate control sluggish on auto

    Seems to me that when I get into a blazing hot car that's been sitting out in the sun, the climate control takes it's sweet time bringing the coolness. Even with the temp on 69 and the interior in the 90's, the fan stays on medium for what seems to be a long time if you're burning up. When it...
  30. usctrojan98

    Hot days - car trying to cool something? (Loud noise)

    I noticed this a couple weeks ago when we were seeing 110 degrees in the day. And seeing it today when it went up to 102. What I noticed was an extremely loud fan sound which seemed to be the car trying to cool down the battery or something. It shouldn’t be the cabin overheat protection...
  31. B

    Excessive A/C energy usage

    Drove 109 miles in MYLR yesterday @ average 100deg normal WPM for this round trip is 240 yesterday 309. Energy screen showed 51.5% of battery used for drive of which 15% was consumed by climate, thats 29%! Drive time was approx 3 hrs Climate set to auto 73 deg rear/passenger vents on. I have...
  32. T

    AC not producing cold air

    Hello. I know there are a few questions and posts about I didn't find anything current. I purchased a 2023 Model 3 in February. I live in Arizona and right now, yes, it is very hot. Temperatures about 117 during the day. My Model 3 is kept in the garage and is only rarely outside in the sun for...
  33. T

    HVAC Fan Noise Above Setting 7

    Have a loud buzzing / humming sound coming from the HVAC fan at speed setting at 7 and above. Makes the entire car vibrate. I just noticed it today of course after the warranty has just run out at 60,500 miles. I typically don’t turn the fan that high so I never experienced that sound before...
  34. T

    2022 Model 3P rear ac vent not working?

    My rear ac vent does not flow when I turn the ac on unless I put the ac in Doggie mode first. It will then stay flowing when I turn the dog mode off. Is this really the only way to get the rear vent to flow? I've tries the owners manual without help and every control I see on the screen.
  35. MrThreeeee

    Model 3 Air Conditioning Not Working Only under 30 mph…?!?!

    2019 M3 RWD This issue happened at the end of last summer 2 or 3 times but has persisted this summer on days the temp is over 95 degrees. When car is parked or driving under about 30 mph the a/c will continuously turn on and off while blowing warm, humid air. As soon as I am able to get onto a...
  36. ucmndd

    Help diagnosing poor AC performance

    It’s getting hot here in interior California and I’ve been noticing my Dec 2016 Model S is not coping particularly well. It’s been north of 100 degrees the past week and I’m noticing relatively poor AC performance, along with fairly regular errors stating “cabin AC temporarily reduced, vehicle...
  37. H

    AC settings and displayed behavior

    Hello - I set my model Y AC on auto and have observed few things. Can you please share wisdom if this is normal. * On auto settings, the fan speed continue to show low no matter what the outside and inside temperature is. Sometimes I do hear fan speed go up but there is no consistent pattern to...
  38. D

    2023 MX Rear HVAC

    Every time I start the vehicle only the front HVAC is on and I have to manually turn on the rear HVAC. How do I set it so that the rear is always on?
  39. S

    2016 model s p90d - 12v battery replaced now A/C issue

    Hi guys, Driving the other day and got a vehicle may not restart code. Got it home thankfully once I got out it turned to can’t start low voltage. Contacted Tesla and they informed as suspected 12v battery went bad. (It was actually the original). Replaced the battery and everything was fine...
  40. M

    MYP Weak AC

    Got my MYP last week and we are in the Las Vegas desert, coming from a BMW, and it can be 110° outside and the AC can be super cold in less than a minute. I have not had enough time with the MYP to judge yet, but sometimes the AC feels cold, sometimes it feels weak. I normally feel this when I...
  41. J

    Cabin Overheat Protection: *solved* issue of not turning on

    We had the common problem of "Cabin Overheat Protection" NOT turning on. We tried every tip we found online (turn setting on/off. reboot. turn off sentry. park/drive/park. etc..), and none of the tips worked. What DID work was removing the 2nd user profile from the Tesla Y. Once we deleted...
  42. J

    2023 M3 air conditioner using 70% of energy

    We live in Phoenix, so it is hot, our 2023 M3 standard range at 80% was getting about the range shown 223 miles during the winter. In the summer we are getting less than half of that, we now get less than 100 miles. The energy app shows that all the energy is lost under climate (only occurs...
  43. R

    AC Blowing Hot Air

    Hi Everyone I have been having problems with the AC since few days now. It has been fixed for a sensor problem last year but not sure if it is the same problem coming again. Unfortunately, my MS2020 went out of warranty only few weeks ago 😪 The AC suddenly and after a recent system update...
  44. gody

    HVAC Temperature setting not respected for passenger side

    I have a 2013 model s. I use the auto mode to set the temperature in the car and it is synced (not split) for both the driver and passenger. Last night the the passenger side and rear vents were blowing cold air but the driver side was respecting the setting I set in the UI. I tried rebooting...
  45. S

    HVAC Flow Issues

    Does anyone feel that AC is also venting through footwell area even when you set air flow to blow through the face level (the mid level as pictured), not the windshield level or foot-level vents. It's not a big problem when it's super hot but gets uncomfortable when you just want your face cool...
  46. O

    Voice command: "AC off" no longer work since last year; "AC on" command still work though..

    I have been using voice command "AC on" and AC off" since I bought my car in Feb, 2022; AC off command stop working after an update probably late last year. Anybody using voice command to turn off AC?
  47. amiral_sub

    1st generation model S : ask for service to verify AC condensate drain pipe recall

    Hi all, first model S had a too short AC condensate pipe, water falled on the battery. Yeard after years this caused the battery to fail because of water that penetrate in the battery There was a recall to remediate this problem with a longer pipe To be sure that my car had been recalled, I...
  48. Kavinbala

    A/C only works in Park. Hot smelly air when driving

    I have a 2016 Tesla Model X and for the past few weeks my A/C only works if the car is in park. When the car is in drive, it blows hot air that smells like dirty laundry. In park it blows cold A/C air. It has consistently followed this pattern. There have been software updates since it started...
  49. J

    Repeated climate control issue

    Took delivery of my Model Y LR end of April and experienced the dreaded “Cabin climate control system requires service”. I took it into service and they said it came out of the factory without enough coolant fluid. They took it in for urgent service given it was 90+ outside and topped it off and...
  50. geordi

    AC compressor power use - help me compare!

    Like everyone else, I'm always looking for more efficiency where possible. Also like everyone else, I'm asking myself the question "Is this normal for this car?" about things. On this episode of "Is this normal?" The subject matter is the AC compressor. Here are the facts: This is a 2016 MX 7...