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  • The final cut of TMC Podcast #34 is available now with topics timestamped. We covered Tesla's rollercoaster prices, Toyota pushing junk science, Mike's new Model 3, Optimizing track mode for snow driving, FSD V11 apparently coming by the end of this week, and more. You can watch and check out the chat replay on YouTube.


  1. thomas.rueesch

    #1452: HVAC: low pressure ...critical?

    Hi together Since a few days I'm getting the VDS Message: #1452: HVAC: Low pressure according to the List it is marked as orange...(but I do not know what that means) So is it critical?...or just remark it while the next service? or can I even take care of it my own? many thanks for your...
  2. AdemK28

    Strange Oil leak from A/C to heat pump, any suggestions on how to repair it?

    Hey y’all! For a while now, my 2021 TM3 (heat pump) has been experiencing heating issues by throwing error codes every so often, disabling cabin heater. Out of warranty replacement from tesla is charging $2,000 USD. A workaround I discovered to reset the system is to disconnect 12v and negative...
  3. V

    Climate (lack of) control

    We've had our MY for just over 2 months and have gone on several road trips already. Love the vehicle, but haven't been able to figure out the climate control. It seems like the rear passenger was rarely comfortable, often super cold. Many times, the vents were not blowing air, regardless if...
  4. D

    Climate Control Screen

    Is there a way to view the climate control screen without air/heat actually turning on? If I wanted to turn on the heated seats or steering wheel without turning on vents, without using a voice command or pinning those buttons to the home screen, is there a way to do that?
  5. NoGasNoBrakes

    How To Fix Your Tesla’s HVAC Smell (TMC Podcast Clip)

    Here's a quick PSA from @lUtriaNt on how you might be able to fix the HVAC smell issue in the Model 3 and Y, as well as some context. Hope this helps! This is a clip from the Tesla Motors Club Podcast #15. The full episode is linked in this article...
  6. S

    Tesla Model 3 cabin fan is making noise on low RPM

    My cabin fan is making noise - you can hear it especially on low RPM when AC is off. Not sure if this is a some sort of debris got stuck there or HVAC fan is just unbalanced. You can hear it on video: Not sure what to do here, I've tried to use a shopvac, leaf blower etc but it doesn't seem...
  7. theganjaguru

    Tesla Needs to Up Their Service Game - Dismal Experience with HVAC Failure On My Y

    Let me start by saying that the people at the service center were very nice. That being said, the rest of my experience totally sucked. AC broke on 07/02. System would no longer blow hot and cold air. The next available appointment was on 07/14, almost two weeks out. Brought the car in for...
  8. D

    Can I walk-in service center if my model Y AC stopped working in hottest summer days?

    Hi, My model Y AC stopped working when I’m driving long trip, I’m driving on highway with 104 degrees interior temperature today, and feel like dying. Also my heat point is activated the whole time, making loud noises the whole day time. The earliest appointment available is 17th, have anyone...
  9. U

    Model Y Air Blowers on face

    Hi. I still can’t do it. Couple of months in. Has anyone managed to get air blowing directly onto their face (driver side)? If so, could you please show me your airflow graphic. It’s crap. Far worse than the model 3. Many thanks
  10. B

    Climate Control Nightmare!

    Hi all My Climate Control has gone AWOL. Was blowing cold air no matter what the temp was set to, even on full blast heat! Went into the SC for 2 days, sensor change out apparently. Few days after that, we’re back to cold/tepid air at best. I’ve literally just set it to 26 degrees there and...
  11. B

    Climate Control Pointless!

    Hi all My Climate Control has gone AWOL. Was blowing cold air no matter what the temp was set to, even on full blast heat! Went into the SC for 2 days, sensor change out apparently. Few days after that, we’re back to cold/tepid air at best. I’ve literally just set it to 26 degrees there and...
  12. M1tch

    Air flow to my face

    How do I get air to blow in my face. Quite a warm day in the UK today and wanted the cool air blowing on my face but after playing for the nearly 2 hour drive, I couldn’t get it any higher thank my waist / knees. Not normally and issue but just felt warm today and would have liked the air. Think...
  13. ratsbew

    MAJOR breakthrough in HVAC control (heating with single occupant)

    Okay, so I'm an eco nerd and hate the impact that driving in the winter has. I've had my Model 3 through 4 winters now and just today (with the help of the Scan My Tesla app) did I discover that you can go manual temperature control, split the HVAC for left/right controls, set the passenger side...
  14. E

    Is there a way just to let some natural air in without the windows?

    Hi, I am in a black tesla, and it is really cold outside, but the interior still gets really hot because it is black. Is there a way to just let the outside air come in through the filter and into the cabin, that is, just to get some fresh air in through the outside without turning on the ac...
  15. Leonard4

    HVAC Failure, Replacement, same issue again...Ideas?

    So we had a pretty decent snow fall here in Eugene, OR about 2 or 3 weeks ago. First day of 30 degree weather I noticed my 2019 Model 3 LR AWD wouldn't pre-heat from the app, it would turn on for about a minute and then turn off, and when I tried to turn the climate back on I received a "Climate...
  16. A

    HVAC turning on while car is parked and no scheduled departure (preconditioning) set

    I just received my car so apologies if this is a stupid question. I also did a search and did find some matching posts but they kind of tapered off without any solution; so hoping to find a solution. A couple of days ago, I went to the app and set Scheduled departure at 6:30 am and turned...
  17. T

    HVAC button with halo

    I swear the HVAC button in the app looks different every time I look at it! Sometimes there is like a halo around it and it seems to be glowing although it is actually off. What does that mean? I think I get it after driving in cold weather and the battery is still warm but the car is actually...
  18. D

    Do you use A/C during winter driving?

    I'd be interested to share my experiences with winter driving of my Model 3 in terms of using / not using A/C. My thoughts are: - Whenever climate is set to Auto, the Model 3 (almost) always turns on A/C. It's not just the blue button, it's the smell of the A/C-treated air, it's surely running...
  19. C

    Location based climate control?

    Sometimes the set temperature changes automatically when returning home and pulling into my driveway. I think it has happened on both auto and manual HVAC modes. I know that mirrors and suspension height can be location sensitive, but I didn’t think that climate control was. Also, while changing...
  20. Pandalus

    Air conditioner fails twice in two years - advice appreciated?

    Short version: I replaced the compressor in my 2014 Model S just two years ago. Service is telling me it has failed again and want to charge me $4000 for the full fix. Something feels off about all this, and so I'm seeking advice. Longer version: In 2019, I bought a used 2014 Model S85. I...
  21. CWFLY

    HVAC Control - for those over 50

    30 years ago, most houses had a thermostat with two settings: How LOW the room temperature will go before the HEATER kicks on. How HIGH the room temperature will go before the A/C kicks on. Yes, you set a temperature range. There were two slider adjustments to limit "how warm" and "how cool"...
  22. LeeStafford11

    Strange HVAC issue since windshield replacement

    Here's a new one for me. I had my MY windshield replaced this past Tuesday (OEM glass, 3rd party installer) and when I was driving to work on Wednesday morning the AC, which I always keep on "auto" at 68°, decided that it only wanted the air to come out of the windshield and foot vents. It...
  23. A

    HVAC not blowing evenly on driver's side - centre position

    For a while (maybe since I got the car - I don't recall), I have noticed that the air doesn't blow very strongly in the centre position on the driver's side. On a hot day I can still be sweating away while my passenger is freezing with the air running at full blast. I can feel with my hand that...
  24. n.one.one

    HVAC replacement prior to solar+Powerwall installation - Daikin Fit?

    I'm replacing two HVAC systems now before installing a solar panel + 4 Powerwall system in the fall. I've narrowed the compressor choices to Daikin Fit variable speed (2 ton + 2.5 ton) that will go on the existing ducted systems. Am I correct in assuming that these should be able to start & run...
  25. R

    Powerwall Compatible HVAC

    About to have 3 Powerwalls installed. Can anyone recommend a compatible variable-speed HVAC system (compressor and furnace)?
  26. J

    Do Winter Heater Failures Portend Summer A/C Failures?

    As an imminent MY customer, I've been paying attention to the various threads about Heat pump problems. At the moment these are mostly stories of inoperative cabin heating/defrosting in extreme winter conditions. However, there are also older threads floating around about weak or occasionally...
  27. K

    Cold Air in Cabin

    Model S, Extended Range, born on 5/2020. Delivered 6/2020. My Climate Control has stopped functioning properly. In addition, COLD air comes into the passenger footwell regardless of setting. If you turn off CC, there is a cold breeze blowing in around the feet of the passenger. This is after a...
  28. S

    Clicking sound coming from climate system fan

    I actually started noticing this last year around this time but it mostly went away during the summer months because the fan speeds were usually much higher. It's a high pitch, high frequency, "clicking" sound coming from the climate system. It's not a very loud sound, but very noticeable at fan...
  29. L

    HVAC barely blowing air (possibly blocked somewhere?)

    Within the past couple of days, the HVAC in my 2020 Model S has been behaving funny (and poorly). Regardless of the fan settings, there's no more than a trickle of air coming through the vents. The air is definitely conditioned (it's cold and dry) but the volume of air is very low so it...
  30. Transformer

    Questions about the climate controls

    Friends, these questions are about Model 3 climate controls, specifically LR if that matters. It's usually not in Auto climate mode. I did RTFM. In fact, it has the best automobile Owners Manual I've ever seen. Q1. How to turn on air recirculation without heating or cooling (e.g. to filter out...
  31. David29

    Inconsistent control of sunroof and AC through the App

    My car is parked in the sun in my parking lot and it is a warm day. I decided to check if my cabin overheat protection was working (I know it is set to 'on' in the car) so I opened the app. The app reported an interior temp of 117F, which concerned me because the COP is supposed to keep the...
  32. A

    AC/Heater Blower removal

    Dear all, in my TMS'14 85 AC/Heat Blower started to make really irritating noises at low speeds. Bearings seem to wear off. I want to replace it myself, however, I don't know how complicated it can be. I know that blower is located behind the glove box in HVAC unit. First you need to remove the...
  33. P

    Air conditioning issues

    Hello everyone, I do have issues with the air conditioning, when I set it to automatic and a set point of 24 deg C (75), I’ll be fine for 20 – 30 minutes or more. Then I get hot air and the temperature in the car goes to 25 in the app. It’s really not comfy. I have to open the windows...
  34. MountainPass

    Vendor MPP Tips - 3 ways to improve your Tesla's efficiency!

    For a while, we’ve been fighting with efficiency loss on our Model 3, and one observation I made was that the rear rotors were quite hot after a drive even when only using regen. So we replaced the calipers and brake pads, and even changed a wheel bearing to attempt to identify and fix the...
  35. T

    HVAC Vent blowing foam out

    Has anyone had this before and should I be worried? I got in my 2012 MS P85 vin P03XXX after work today and before I drove off I noticed the far left vent blew something on me, and had a piece stuck in it, they were about 1/2" long, 1/4" wide, and 1/16" thick. Then another piece an inch long...
  36. H

    HVAC (or, at least A/C) settings depending on GPS data???

    A fellow Hungarian was tapping in to the computer the other day and found this: UI_solarData UI_solarElevationAngle: 56deg UI_solarAzimuthAngle: 126deg UI_solarAzimuthAngleCarRef: 48deg UI_isSunUp: YES He claims that the car uses this information and adjusts the vents accordingly (when using...
  37. K

    A/C problems —help!

    I’ve been having problems with initiating A/C in my model Y over the last several weeks. It typically just blows the fan and despite reset, toggling A/C, etc it will intermittently come on and cool. The service center checked it out and performed thermal testing and of course it was working as...
  38. Jusbechillin

    3rd A/C failure

    I’m super frustrated. I picked up my model Y in March. My air conditioning broke soon after. After the nightmare of trying to get someone at Tesla on the phone and a super rude person on their chat, I finally called the roadside assistance number and got ahold of a real person. She was super...
  39. NormVA

    Model 3: Fan running while parked

    I noticed yesterday that the fan was running when the car was parked. I turned off the fan from inside the car. A bit later it was running again. Is this normal? Is this necessary to protect the battery? What are the correct setting for the HVAC system?
  40. K

    Two different climate control settings?

    After I enter my PIN to drive my climate settings change to different ones. The fan speed and sometime temperature will become different. Are there two different climate control settings? One for PARK and one for DRIVE?
  41. Dickie_L_J_O

    Did Tesla Remove NVH Cover from AC Compressor?

    Hello folks, I own a 2020 3. Apologies in advance if this should be under the Master Thread for 2020 changes. As per title, does anyone know if (and why) Tesla removed the shroud around the AC compressor in the Model 3? I had a look at their parts catalogue, which sometimes gets updated...
  42. Riguy

    Few maint issues

    Hi everyone. Just curious if anyone else is having these issues. None are a big deal and I’ll get handled at a service appointment down the road. Just curious... 1. Drivers side front door window. When it’s down all the way, it moves around in the door. Just closing the door you’ll hear...
  43. G

    Manually Enable Rear Heater Vents

    This has probably been covered before but i couldnt find it- how do you direct heat to the rear vents with a child seat in the back? I know these auto-enable when a person is detected in the back (presume this uses the same seat sensors as the seat belt reminder) but how do you direct heat...
  44. Rooster

    HVAC Control Change?

    The right scroll wheel on my Model X used to change the temperature setting on the HVAC. Now it changes the fan speed. Is this something I changed or was that changed in an update. If I changed it, I can't figure out how.
  45. Necplur

    Brrr! I'm cold! (Interior Cabin Temp Wrong and Blowing Cold Air)

    I have two intermittent problems: When I set the Climate on and to 75F from the app, when I get to the car, it's cold. But get this: The app says the interior temp is 75F. It's not. It's not the 30F that it is outside... but it's not the grandma warm that I want it to be When the above...
  46. Reeler

    Will the Model Y get a heat pump?

    Rumor is that the Model Y will get rid of the PTC heater in favor of a heat pump with a significantly redesigned cooling system. I have always wondered why Tesla didn't follow the other brands who offer a heat pump for us who love cold weather.
  47. David29

    Friendly tip -- Don't block the cabin air sensor!

    My spouse and I were on our way home from Cape Cod after watching my grandson play in a hockey tournament yesterday. it was quite cold, low 20s (F) and windy. On the trip down to the rink, the heater worked fine. The trip was more than 60 miles, plenty of distance for the cabin to heat up, or...
  48. cstork

    Tesla should show how much energy is going to heating

    A main reason range is significantly reduced in cold weather is heating the passenger compartment and the battery. It would be nice if Tesla would show energy usage of this heating and how much it is effecting range. This can help people appreciate the issue and perhaps get them to reduce...
  49. R

    Scan My Tesla results

    I own a 2018 M3 RWD and the following is some information I gathered using SMT. With the car not plugged and the ambient temp around 48F the car draws 3.5KW to heat the traction battery and about 7KW max to heat the cabin for a max total of 10-11KW. When the car is plugged into my [email protected] it...
  50. B

    Cabin temp vs seat heaters with 3 passengers?

    I understand that using the seat heater instead of the cabin heating is more efficient, but if the cabin is cold I find that my hands get a bit colder than I'd like and also, the windscreen and windows start to mist up so I really need to have some cabin heating. So I'm finding that while...

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