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  1. jkennebeck

    AP1 question

    From the manual: "In right hand traffic, engaging the right turn signal when driving in the right-most lane within 164 feet (50 meters) of an exit (on a controlled access road only, such as a highway or freeway), causes Traffic-Aware Cruise Control to assume you are exiting. As a result...
  2. fasteddie7

    Proprietary software hold up or something else?

    Excuse my ignorance on this subject but I couldn't help but wonder about the current state of autopilot for both Hw1 and Hw2. When it comes to the mobileye hardware and Tesla vision hardware, does Tesla have the ability to continue to develop software for Hw1 vehicles or do they run the risk...
  3. fasteddie7

    Autopilot HW1 or infrastructure improvement

    After 6 months of autopilot requiring me to disengage it on the same stretch of road everyday on my commute to work, it has suddenly started navigating the road without need for me to take over. Problem is I don't know if it was the update or the repaving of the road. Construction started on...
  4. fasteddie7

    Hw1 to Hw2 "transplant"

    Elon has said in several occasions that outfitting Hw1 cars with Hw2 hardware would be like spinal transplant surgery and be costly and near impossible. I remember a while back it was discussed that the car could be separated from the battery for a "battery swap" for a fully charged battery and...
  5. MarkS22

    Autopilot needs to learn "courtesy."

    One of the most glaring pieces of the puzzle missing for me is the ability for Autopilot to be, for lack of a better term, a courteous driver. I feel like this could be achieved with both HW1 and (definitely) HW2. Specifically, I find most of my manual disengagements are because a car is in...
  6. ElectricLove

    What features are coming for HW1 AP drivers...

    I've been waiting for this conversation to come up but haven't seen anything. My Model S (and most of them on the road and forum today) is of the HW1 variant for AP. When TESLA originally announced AP they made a lot of claims about how it could be used, including dropping yourself off at...
  7. Haxster

    Does AP avoid driving in other vehicles blind spots?

    I know that I'll find this out "eventually" in my HW2 MS, but was curious if the current autopilot is smart enough to try to keep out of the blind spots of other vehicles.
  8. fasteddie7

    New AP1 behavior

    I have a 41 mile commute (one way) over a ton of blind hills (where I lose sight until driving over the crest) and sharp curves in western Pennsylvania that I use autopilot HW1 for 90% of the drive. I have been recording my drive with each update and noticed improvements here and there. The car...