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  1. B

    Buying a 2019 Model 3 with FSD and HW2.5, will Tesla charge to upgrade to HW3.0?

    I'm buying a 2019 Model 3 with FSD and HW2.5. The current owner hasn't done the upgrade and doesn't have time to upgrade to HW3.0. Has other folks bought a used Tesla from private party with HW2.5 and upgraded to HW3.0? How much did Tesla charge? Thank you.
  2. SeminoleFSU

    When will EAP w/ HW2.5 stop getting better

    I'm still seeing improvements but I'm wondering we'll get these code improvements where Elon says the system is moving from 2D to "4D" (e.g. 3-dimension tracking + time) I'm hopeful we'll see EAP continue to get smoother/better but we just won't have the surface street goodies. What do you...
  3. P

    How on earth do they assign VINs?

    I ordered my SR+ (red/black/19" wheels/HW2.5 but didn't know it then) on 6/6 and picked it up 6/16. The door sticker says manufactured in June 2019. So everything about three weeks after pdx_m3s. But my VIN is 311,xxx. This was when Tesla was rushing to deliver before the tax credit change and...
  4. A

    What happens to the reclaimed AP2.5 computers?

    I'm curious about what Tesla does with the AP2.5 computers they get from doing the HW3 upgrade? Do they throw them away? Use them for alternate computing tasks? Keep them as spares for repairing non-FSD cars? Install them in new non-FSD vehicles? Collect them in a warehouse somewhere? As the...
  5. M

    M3SR+ (build 15 Jun'19) mapped to SR (220 miles range) and came with HW2.5

    1. M3SR+ build and delivered during mid Jun'19 but came with HW2.5 We intentionally waited till end of May'19 for placing the order (with unexpected $400 increase in price) so that will get HW3, but only realized it when my car didn't recognize traffic cones after the latest updates...
  6. A

    Smart Summon HW3 vs HW2.5 differences yet?

    I'm surprised I haven't found any threads on this already, but has anyone done any testing or comparison of Smart Summon with the HW3 computer compared to HW2.5? Is there any difference in the performance, speed, or accuracy of the routing between the two systems? Also I recall reading that...
  7. R

    HW 2.5 or HW 3

    I received and installed the update today to 2019.32.1 53f03e4.. I got my M3 AWD FSD 2 weeks ago today (I know almost 1k already I just can‘t stop driving) I was checking the dash cam mode when I came across a YouTube video saying that if your dash am records in H.264 you have HW 2.5 and if...
  8. willow_hiller

    Mystery cable hanging underneath glove box?

    Today I took the piece of trim under my glove box off to check the HW version (definitely HW2.5 for a late March SR+, if anyone's curious). There was also some sort of connector just hanging loose in there; it looked like some sort of multi-pin clip with only 1 or 2 wires going to it. I tried...
  9. T

    HW2.5 even after April 12th build date

    Hello everyone So i ordered March 8th Reservation holder SR+ RED/White interior 19" FSD Built Date May 18 2019 I received a VIN have a DD for tomorrow. I do not have HW3. Many have suggested they do because of their build date that is incorrect. I would like to know if anyone has been...
  10. J

    HW3 Not in SR+ Built 5/24/19

    Customer support informed me that my new SR+ (built 5/24/19) is equipped with HW2.5 rather than HW3. The agent apologized saying that this was "abnormal," but that I would need to get the free upgrade from a service center in the future. I ordered FSD with my vehicle. Has anybody experienced...
  11. BearBu

    Is there any detail information (PCB level) of the AP Engine

    Hi All, Am working on a project that require to see some chipset level in the AP engine (Model 3), is there any resource that can be shared to the PCB level of the APE? Thanks Bearbu
  12. T

    How to access ECU / Autopilot computer / hardware on model 3?

    Long time lurker first time poster. I am waiting to buy a model 3 until it has hardware 3 / HW3 on it (days to months away, apparently), standard. If nothing else for a higher resale value when I eventually sell the car. I’ve seen posts and videos on how to access the ECU / autopilot computer...
  13. Peteybabes

    Autopilot HW2.5!?

    Guess what? All of you with AP2.0 don't have the best hardware anymore... :D Tesla has a new Autopilot ‘2.5’ hardware suite with more computing power for autonomous driving Looks like something that's up-gradable for free, but you never know with Tesla if it will be that way for long.

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