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  1. N

    2022.8.10.17 2017 MCU1 AP2 HW3

    Just received notification to update firmware to 2022.8.10.17 on my 2017 MCU1 AP2 HW3. Have FSD, location Norway. Is this the new AP disengaged punishment update? Or is this just another small fix update? Also, Tesla seams eager to replace all my cameras to new version, but read somewhere...
  2. CTruck_BMW

    Poll: Help and advise (22 MS-P vs 24 MS-S)

    Choose one answer (see poll above)... What do you think? Assuming same out-of-pocket now, which one is better value for the money? By how much do you think each of them will depreciate in 3 years if I add 30K miles to each by then?
  3. T

    FSDb 11.3.6 to 11.4.2 doesn't reset strikes

    Hey guys! Just putting this out there for anyone else thinking about it. I finally got pushed to 11.4.2 today. Since I was at 4 strikes, I forced a disengagement to hit my 5th strike causing the 2 week lockout prior to the update. I then updated to 11.4.2 and it changed the lockout to 1 week in...
  4. chudiddy

    2018 Model X P100DL White/White/Carbon Fiber/6 Seat/Full XPEL Stealth Wrap- 54k Miles LOADED $88K OBO

    My Plaid will be delivered soon so time to let go of my 2018 Model X. Here are the details: 2018 Model X P100DL Ludicrous HW 3.0 Full Self Driving Free Unlimited Supercharging (I have no idea if it transfers or how to transfer it) Full XPEL Stealth Wrap (Small blemish on driver door size of...
  5. M

    Model S Unnerfed on 2020.48.30

    My Model S 75D nerfed to 80kw max is now charging at 117kw on a V2 120kw SC since 2020.48.30 update. HW3 also recently fitted but the unnerfing came only after 2020.48.30
  6. B

    Slow Infotainment after HW3 upgrade

    I noticed the infotainment has gotten really, really slow after upgrading from HW2 to HW3 (late 2016 MS, MCU 1). I've done my own troubleshooting and narrowed it down to the Tesla Dashcam. When I have a USB memory card plugged in and the dashcam is recording then I can almost guarantee the...
  7. S

    Late 2017 Model S 100D, HW3/MCU2 $61,900

    I am selling my October 2017 Model S to replace with an X due to family needs. This is my 3rd Model S and has been treated with all the care that one would expect from a crazy Tesla fanboy. MCU2/HW3 upgrade of 2.5 original hardware, told by Tesla the free supercharging "goes with the title"...
  8. FalconFour

    HW3 AP detecting & reacting to flashing "signal ahead" signs as yellow traffic lights

    Background: I've got a 2018 Model 3 with FSD and HW3 retrofit since Feb 2020. These things: Anything that contains even a potentially flashing warning light seems to be misclassified, and reacted to, as a full-fledged traffic light. Railroad crossings (lights), pedestrian crossing (lights)...
  9. V

    2016 MX 6 Seater,WhiteOnWhite,42K Miles,Warranty,HW3 - $59000

    Selling my 2016 MX with 42K miles. (Repost with new pictures and price) Purchased from Tesla in Jan 2020 so it has warranty until Feb 2024 or 90,000Miles. FSD paid for and Upgraded to HW3 recently. No Free Supercharging Premium Connectivity Included If Interested please email me at...
  10. EvolutionTeʂla

    FSD/HW3 Computer Upgrade - Disappointed and Impressed

    I just posted my review of the FSD upgrade for my 2017 Model S (which came with the MCU2 upgrade, which I love). The AP visualizations are cool and the traffic light and stop sign recognition seems to be working very well, but my extreme lane keeping test results were quite disappointing...
  11. V

    2016 MX - 6 Seater - White/White - HW3 Upgraded - $60K

    For Sale is a 2016 MX 6 seater. White on White. 41K Miles. HW3 upgraded as part of FSD package. Premium connectivity for life. PUP Package (Self presenting doors, BioHzd Air Filtration) and Interior Lighting Package. Tesla Warranty upto Feb 2024. ( 3 years and 7months remaining) Please see...
  12. J

    $5k MCU2 / HW3 Upgrade (MX) (Help!)

    Hey everyone so I'm not sure if you guys remember but about a month ago i made a post on reddit in regards to Tesla wanting to charge me a $2700 fee (On top of the $2500$) for my MCU2 Upgrade...SO I THOUGHT. I made an appointment June 27th and My service was scheduled for July 16th. They called...
  13. D

    Just ordered FSD

    Hi everyone, so I bit the bullet a couple of hours before the offer ended and ordered FSD for my Model S after mulling it over for a few days, I have had the car almost 2 years from new and though I have a few issues with it that Tesla still can't fix (boot alarm goes off every time the boot is...
  14. Speedr117

    HW3 Upgrade from HW 2.5 with MCU1

    Just got my car back after having HW3 upgraded from HW 2.5. I stuck with my MCU1 since I wanted to see the difference before spending $2,500 on the MCU2 upgrade. I'm stuck on 2020.12 for now, instead of 2020.15 or 2020.16. The alert that I was about to go through a red light happens much earlier...
  15. Beta V

    HW3 and Broken WiFi

    The Bellevue Service center finally sent back my Model X. They had it for over a week and while their results were less than satisfactory, they're saying that there is nothing they can do to improve it--even on their own network. In the past two years, after the initial setup, when I pulled my...
  16. F

    HW3 Covid-19 impact and should I wait to upgrade?

    I have a scheduled appointment to get my model 3 upgraded to new HW3. Should I wait or should I do it now? Thoughts?
  17. T

    Told I don’t have FSD??

    Hello all. I purchased my Model 3 in December of 2018. At the time, I believe I paid $5000 for full self driving (not sure what it was called then, but it has full self driving, smart summon, auto park, etc). I recently scheduled service to see if I could do the hw3 upgrade. When tesla called...
  18. A

    HW3 upgrade lost game progress and profiles?!

    I just got my car back from getting the upgrade to hardware 3, and found that apparently all my progress on Stardew Valley, Beach Buggy Racing, and Cuphead has been lost! Why is there apparently no way to backup the progress and restore it, or to transfer it over to the new computer?? I can't...
  19. B

    Not upgrading to 40.50.7...

    This morning I called Support to inquire why my car (S75D - Sept 2017) is stuck on 40.2.1. I was watching as this update was downloading early December and it got stuck on 50% download. The next morning I went to the car to find out if the download was successful only to find that it had...
  20. A

    What happens to the reclaimed AP2.5 computers?

    I'm curious about what Tesla does with the AP2.5 computers they get from doing the HW3 upgrade? Do they throw them away? Use them for alternate computing tasks? Keep them as spares for repairing non-FSD cars? Install them in new non-FSD vehicles? Collect them in a warehouse somewhere? As the...
  21. Trevorlaird

    Step by Step How To Check If You Have HW3 (Physically)

    So its been bothering me for a few weeks since the winter sneak peak of FSD. Do I have a HW3 FSD ready PC in my model 3? Well some said if I can see cones I do , Some said 2.5 has cones as well. I decided to check my actual computer in the car to see the serial number and match it to the HW3...
  22. M

    M3SR+ (build 15 Jun'19) mapped to SR (220 miles range) and came with HW2.5

    1. M3SR+ build and delivered during mid Jun'19 but came with HW2.5 We intentionally waited till end of May'19 for placing the order (with unexpected $400 increase in price) so that will get HW3, but only realized it when my car didn't recognize traffic cones after the latest updates...
  23. T

    Smart summon takes corners around objects too sharply

    Hi All, Do other people have the experience of smart summon essentially getting the car’s nose/front around an object (usually a parked car at the end of a parking aisle) and then apparently forgetting that the object is still there by the time the side & rear of the Tesla swings around...
  24. emir-t

    What happened to FSD retrofits on AP2 + MCU1?

    Hey everybody; I've been a long timer in TMC now and these days are the quietest I'm seeing this Model S section. Where is everybody? Why are people - who are usually very difficult to satisfy in this forum tbh - not complaining about the lack of a visible path to get FSD (i.e. HW3 retrofit) in...
  25. chudiddy

    Appt for HW 2.5 to 3.0 Retro tomorrow. Should I?

    I have a 2018 Model X P100D HW 2.5 on software 2019.40.1.1. I am scheduled to go to the SC tomorrow morning to get my HW 2.5 retrofitted to 3.0. I have been hearing complaints about HW 3.0 and accompanying software and how there's not really any point in getting 3.0 yet. Should I have them do it...
  26. A

    FSD HW3 retrofit in Japan

    I've bought Tesla MS with FSD package a year ago (HW2.5). I know in the U.S. and Canada Tesla started retrofitting FSD with the new HW3 computer. Any info when they gonna start doing it in Japan?
  27. A

    Smart Summon HW3 vs HW2.5 differences yet?

    I'm surprised I haven't found any threads on this already, but has anyone done any testing or comparison of Smart Summon with the HW3 computer compared to HW2.5? Is there any difference in the performance, speed, or accuracy of the routing between the two systems? Also I recall reading that...
  28. G

    Activation function, instruction set?

    For HW3 it is public what the activation function(s) is/are for the neural network? Also is an instruction set available for the neural network chip? thanks
  29. A

    Took delivery of new M3, with HW3, right?

    Hi All, I took delivery of my Model 3 Performance last week, simply the best car I've ever owend by any measure. Absolutely love it. My first post here, don't worry, I know this topic has been covered a lot on this forum. I've researched it, but couldn't find the information I needed. I wanted...
  30. willow_hiller

    Will Tesla ever allow AP only vehicles to pay for a HW3 retrofit?

    Before you say it, yes, I know there's no guarantee that an AP only vehicle would ever benefit from HW3. But: 1. I simply cannot afford $6,000+ in cash right now (promised the wife we'd pay off the loan before buying FSD). 2. Tesla presently sells a Home Link upgrade for $300 including...
  31. R

    HW 2.5 or HW 3

    I received and installed the update today to 2019.32.1 53f03e4.. I got my M3 AWD FSD 2 weeks ago today (I know almost 1k already I just can‘t stop driving) I was checking the dash cam mode when I came across a YouTube video saying that if your dash am records in H.264 you have HW 2.5 and if...
  32. S

    Tesla HW3/FSD computer photos

    First picture of Tesla’s new Hardware 3 self-driving computer in the wild What's @verygreen up to with FSD computer? "So to celebrate my door working again I wonder is I should uncork something special." @verygreen think you can enable/switch to the larger more complex HW3 neural networks...
  33. S

    No LTE with line through it after waking car

    So I got my 3 (HW3) about two months ago. Everything was good for the first two weeks and then I noticed that I couldn’t wake the car from my app. It would give a “vehicle connection error”. Then when I would get into the car, I would have no LTE connection and the LTE service bars would have a...
  34. O

    HW 3.0 Deliveries in Canada

    Just to preface I know that there is already a thread on this topic in the M3 forum, but hoping to get some Canada-centric information here as it seems HW 3.0 availability is different across different global regions. Has anyone been getting HW 3.0 on June/July deliveries to Canada (Ontario)...
  35. A

    Hw3 Already In Europe Bound M3 ?

    Hello, I will be ordering a M3 LR AWD for delivery mid - september. I have read that the total transit time from production to EU is around 50-60 days. Any idea what the best ordering time might be to insure HW3 is in ? or are current cars in EU inventory already installed with HW3 ? Thanks...
  36. T

    HW2.5 even after April 12th build date

    Hello everyone So i ordered March 8th Reservation holder SR+ RED/White interior 19" FSD Built Date May 18 2019 I received a VIN have a DD for tomorrow. I do not have HW3. Many have suggested they do because of their build date that is incorrect. I would like to know if anyone has been...
  37. J

    HW3 Not in SR+ Built 5/24/19

    Customer support informed me that my new SR+ (built 5/24/19) is equipped with HW2.5 rather than HW3. The agent apologized saying that this was "abnormal," but that I would need to get the free upgrade from a service center in the future. I ordered FSD with my vehicle. Has anybody experienced...
  38. kingjones94

    HW3 2019.16.2 Waiting room

    It seems like everyone else with HW 2.5 and below are getting the 2019.16.2 update and here us HW3 people are still with no update or unconfirmed lane change. Is this the price we pay for getting HW3 early lol :( it really sucks! I've been connected to wifi every night and still nothing. I...
  39. C

    Got the M3 LR FSD yesterday, but no Enhanced summon?

    Hi All, I'm really excited to get my car and I liked most of it. However, I don't think my car has enhanced summon. From the app I can just drive forward or reverse but It doesn't allow me to choose a point and navigate there. Does that mean my car has 2.5 HW? or the enhanced summon is not...
  40. ishareit

    Dashcam quality on HW3 FW 2019.7.106

    I know that HW3 firmwares aren't fully baked yet, but here is a sample of the video quality from my recently delivered Model 3. Details like license plates aren't fully legible yet. Hopefully will get better soon. Btw - can anyone on a newer FW for HW3 share their Dashcam clip quality? Thanks...
  41. kingjones94

    Red w/ white interior AWD delivery date received

    Today I woke up to a text saying my delivery date will be May 14th 10am When did I order? : April 23rd 2019 - FSD - 19 inch wheels - white interior - red paint My vin is 213,XXX AND my adviser confirmed mines is coming with HW3!! Which means the VINs are not used sequentially ! I have a 200k...
  42. boonedocks

    Free ludicrous upgrade Ayone?

    So I fell for the "latest" demand lever and ordered a S P100D with free Ludicrous. Couple of questions for others that did as well. 1: I ordered the day it was announced and just yesterday 4/30/19 got a call from my local Tesla Sales Office and was told that I had to cancel my 1st order and...
  43. C141medic

    New FSD computer revealed-FSD retrofits in a “few months”

    Here’s the information from today’s announcement: Tesla unveils its new Full Self-Driving computer in detail: ‘objectively the best chip in the world’ “Musk said that Tesla will start offering retrofits to current Tesla owners who bought the ‘Full Self-Driving package’ in the next few months.”
  44. ammulder

    HW3 in Model 3 since ~4/12

    Elon said they've been building Model 3 with the new computer "for about 10 days" in the Autonomy talk today
  45. C141medic

    HW3 can be installed by mobile service

    This will definitely help facilitate the installation of HW3 upgrades. Tesla Hardware 3 upgrade can be conducted by mobile service team, says Elon Musk
  46. GolanB

    HW and SW Redundancy in HW3

    Today in a tweet, Elon Musk eluded to hardware and software redundancy coming. He then further clarified a question about how this will work: A few questions come up as I think about this: 1. Will each SoC run identical versions of the OS and NN? - If so, will this potentially open...
  47. YusufT

    Tesla to Demonstrate FSD Later This Month

    Tesla confirms new full self-driving computer is in production and will demonstrate capability on April 19. https://electrek.co/2019/04/03/tesla-full-self-driving-computer-production-demonstration/
  48. Ryshaw

    FSD & HW3 Clarification

    I think that it’s a positive sign that EM is once again confirming that AP 2.0 and AP 2.5 owners who pre-purchased FSD will receive the AP HW3 CPU (Now the FSD CPU) upgrade at no charge. I am curious, however, as to whether or not us AP 2.0 owners will also require a Hardware upgrade of some...
  49. M

    Received HW3 MX today. What I found compared to my 2016 MS (delivery)

    I know there is a similar post, but it seems more about what version of firmware and HW included. So I'm writing this for the people who own Model S and considering to get Model X as an addition. --------- I received my new long-range Model X today without FSD. I have 2016 Model S (facelifted...
  50. dsnows

    Is free upgrade to HW3 transferrable with the car?

    I have a March 2017 Model S. I paid for EAP and FSD (silly me). The car now has AP HW 2.0. We have been told that we will get a free upgrade to HW3 if needed for FSD in the future.My question, If I sell the car will the new owner get that upgraded computer HW? I have not seen this question...