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  1. unk45

    Hydrogen as The Fuel of the Future- Automotive News

    With huge US Government subsidies and a strong backing from Heavy Truck makers hydrogen is destined to make a big impact, for good or not: "Always touted as the fuel of the future but never the present, the age of hydrogen is about to start."...
  2. Xambler

    Dealing with the Anti EV crowd on social media

    I used to just ignore the anti everything crowd, but in recent years realized that if they are the only ones plastering comments on social media sites with minimal efforts to correct their misinformation, well there is a good percentage of the people out there that believe whatever they read. I...
  3. mspohr

    Green Hydrogen

    The Hydrogen Boom Will Provide A $200B Boost To Wind And Solar Energy | OilPrice.com Three months ago, the European Union has set out its new hydrogen strategy as part of its goal to achieve carbon neutrality for all its industries by 2050. In a big win for the hydrogen sector, the EU...
  4. Maarten

    Nikola en $NKLA draadje

    Gegeven hetgeen Hindenburgresearch.com heeft geschreven in: Nikola: How to Parlay An Ocean of Lies Into a Partnership With the Largest Auto OEM in America en hoe dit zich verder met het merk èn de aandelen NKLA gaat uitwerken, lijkt dit een goed moment om een draadje te starten waarin het...
  5. T

    Hyperion XP-1

    Hyperion Company 1000 mile range 3-5 minute recharge under 2.2s 0-60 mph gesture control Love how they deliberately chose a name starting with "Hype".
  6. Patrick0101

    Chasing Unicorns: The Last Exhale of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

    Elon called fuel cells BS. Toyota and others have continued to push them. A few years ago, Elon has said that in 5 years it will be totally obvious that fuel cells were not the right way to go. As he has done many times, it looks like his projections are coming to be. The oil companies have...
  7. Bgarret

    Horsepower to HPW to Hydrogen?

    Wanted to contrast these 2 articles: 1. From our friend Fred and Electrek today regarding the 62% of auto executives who still believe hydrogen is the answer... Majority of automotive execs still believe battery-powered cars will fail and fuel cells are the future 2. To the environmental...
  8. Electric700

    Hyundai's Lease-only Fuel Cell Car Debuts

    Hyundais hydrogen fuel-cell car makes U.S. debut - Yahoo Finance
  9. NeverFollow

    Will Tesla consider making Hydrogen cars? 500 miles refueling in 3 minutes?

    I was looking at this video: Building a hydrogen refueling station in 48 hours (time-lapse) I just wonder if using H2 and Fuel Cells instead of a large capacity battery (300 to 500 miles range) would be more economical and practical? See: First production Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell...
  10. siry

    Hydrogen vs. Battery

    Hey everyone. I wrote a blog on the topic of Hydrogen vs. Battery EVs. This was brought up once again is the discussion around Top Gear's review of the Tesla and Honda Clarity and it seks to address the question of "why does Hydrogen continue to appeal when it doesn't actually make sense from an...
  11. B

    Gm, Toyota Doubt Hydrogen, Betting On Electrics

    WSJ article about GM and Toyota says they don't see hydrogen becoming viable anytime soon, battery electrics make more sense. GM, Toyota Doubtful on Fuel Cells' Mass Use - WSJ.com Hydrogen hype is not yet dead, but certainly fading.