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  1. tonybelding

    One of these dinosaurs is not like the others

    My first serious shakedown cruise with the Model S LR+. First time Supercharging, which I did at Henrietta Texas. Total 368 miles driven for the day. Probably the longest day trip I’ve ever taken, and the car was great. In particular, the turn-by-turn navigation worked much better than...
  2. eladts

    Brookline, MA official vehicles ICE the ChargePoint station in town hall

    Yeah, one of them is a Volt but it isn't charging. I'm willing to bet they will stay overnight, which is forbidden for mere mortals in this lot. Nurit Haspel on Twitter
  3. tonybelding

    The Dealership Charging Network

  4. P

    Idea for combat icing at supercharger using computer vision

    I have an idea for reducing icing at Tesla superchargers: Each stall should have a embedded computer with camera which runs OpenCV so that it could recognize either a Tesla or another vehicle park on the lot. If it is an ice park into the space, a computer voice will keep warning repeatedly or...
  5. Doc Savage

    An ICY Situation

    We were coming back from Houston on Saturday evening, and stopped in Lake Charles. I don't know what was going on, but my wife asked, "Are they trying to make a statement"? Here is the picture. My only thought is that there was a Buffalo Wild Wings across the parking lot (also filled with BIG...
  6. NeverFollow

    A very simple way to avoid ICEd parking lots

    A new Tesla policy is to charge $0.40 / minute when the charging is completed if the car is not moved after 5 minutes. I know that the idea would be to use the Tesla remote summon to move away a car in the future. But what about ICEd car blocking an EV slot? There is curently not real...
  7. mspohr

    Perspective on getting ICEd.

    21 Times Someone Was A Parking Master, Or A Parking Disaster 21 Times Someone Was A Parking Master, Or A Parking Disaster A few of my favorites:
  8. A

    Big Sur Camping Trip Report

    This weekend I took a road trip down Big Sur to meet up with some friends and do some camping. It involved some dirt roads and evtripper.com indicated that I should have enough charge to get there and back. I took it easy driving there, stopping in Gilroy to do a full range charge before heading...
  9. P

    ICEd Picture Thread

    I thought it would make sense to start an ICE'd picture thread. I took this picture last night.
  10. jordanthompson

    Have you been ICEd?

    Here's what you need to do... Have you been ICEd? Gas guzzlers park in electric car-charging spots. - CSMonitor.com
  11. markwj

    20 EV parking bays, all ICEd

    The Hong Kong Government is aggressively deploying EV charging stations in Government and Private car parks around Hong Kong. Target was 1,000 stations by the end of June, and looks like they have hit it. The stations in Government car parks are 220V 13A sockets on the walls, and most car parks...
  12. NigelM

    ICE parking on Charging Station spots ticketable in Florida

    At the St Petersburg Earth Day event today I was told that from June there will be a State Ordinance allowing ticketing of ICE vehicles that are parked on charging station spots. I have no details and couldn't find anything online. Anyone else heard anything? P.S. Pic taken this morning in St...
  13. TEG

    Double-ICEd by a Hummer

    (Mod note: split from EV parking priority thread) From MNL: Hummer blocking both EV parking spots...
  14. Slackjaw

    Worse than being ICEd?

    Not sure if this is more humiliating than being ICEd by a non-plug-in Prius. I guess you call this being "Zamboni'd"? And No, TEG, I'm not the General Manager of the Nassau Inn :rolleyes: Footnote... Chargepoint location: cost is parking plus $3 unless validated by shops in Palmer Square...