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  1. Chuq

    Supercharger - Hvolsvöllur, Iceland

    A new 3-stall helping to close the gaps in the circuit around Iceland: https://www.tesla.com/en_au/findus/location/supercharger/hvolsv%C3%B6llursupercharger The pin is red on the map, but doesn't appear to be fully active yet. Probably still in the process of being updated. Supercharge.info...
  2. N

    Wading depth

    Hey there folks, How deep can a Model X go trough water? I'm not referring to flooded roads but to river crossings (Iceland). Meaning the car will be "underwater" for maximum half a minute. So how deep of a river (or standing water) can I cross with a model X?
  3. Chuq

    Supercharger - Höfn, Iceland

    A new 3-stall site has just gone live on the Tesla site (pin still shows grey on the map, but this should update shortly)
  4. MorrisonHiker

    Supercharger - Vatnagarðar, Iceland

    These 3 Superchargers are located at the Tesla Reykjavik Service Center. We thought they were all v3 but one local reported it was actually 2 v3 and 1 v2. When we first navigated to it, we got a message that it was temporarily offline but we plugged in and it worked fine. @MarcoRP
  5. MorrisonHiker

    Supercharger - Akureyri, Iceland

    We tried scouting out locations for Tesla's new v3 Supercharger in Akureyri, Iceland last Wednesday. We thought a good location would be at the Glerártorg shopping center but didn't notice anything. We checked out a few other locations but didn't have any luck. The next day, Thorleifur Kr...
  6. MorrisonHiker

    Supercharger - Fossvogur, Iceland

    4 v2 Superchargers at a pretty good location, right at an N1 gas station and there are lots of food options and bathrooms inside. The Superchargers are on pallets but look to be a pretty permanent install. There were a couple other cars charging so we only got 40 kW when we first plugged in...
  7. MorrisonHiker

    Supercharger - Staðarskáli, Iceland

    We're currently Supercharging at the largest Supercharger in Iceland. 8 v3 pull-through stalls. The N1 gas station is an oasis with lots of snack foods, a selection of hot foods at the restaurant and of course has station hot dogs. Nice and clean restrooms. @MarcoRP
  8. MorrisonHiker

    Supercharger - Egilsstaðir, Iceland

    Kind of an odd location for a Supercharger (next to Sláturhúsid, a slaughterhouse?). There is a campground with a restaurant nearby. There are only two temporary Superchargers here. Another car was here when we arrived and we got the message about it being a busy location and the charge level...
  9. MorrisonHiker

    Supercharger - Kirkjubæjarklaustur, Iceland

    We supercharged at this relatively new Supercharger in Kirkjubæjarklauster this morning after a nice drive from Vik. Glad to finally be able to Supercharge in Iceland. While the ON network has lots of locations, they are so slow compared to any Supercharger we've ever used. This is the first v3...
  10. G

    Iceland : one of the highest Tesla ownerships per capita- 2021

    We first visited Iceland 17 yr ago. Now I love all things Icelandic and it's great to hear Tesla is doing so well there. After yrs and years of Icelandic Tesla owners pleading and wishing not to ship their EVs to places like Rotterdam for major servicing issues and paying the freight [2KEuros...
  11. drkaye

    Model S Spotted in Reykjavik

    I came across this pretty Model S in Reykjavik last week. I wonder how many are there and whether there's any in-country support for them.