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  1. S

    PlugStar training ICE dealerships how to sell EVs

    I came upon this article in InsideEVs this morning entitled "PlugStar Hopes to Train Dealerships to Sell Electric Cars" and kind of chuckled a bit and scratched my head at the same time. Found the idea of an outside entity coming in to teach a dealership about how to sell a car they already sell...
  2. Az_Rael

    Model 3 gets an "A" for headlights and "Superior" Front Crash avoidance from IIHS

    Some results trickling in. Will be interesting to see the rest when they finish the testing. So glad they fixed the headlights in the 3. Compared to our P85D, the 3's headlights are waaaay better. 2018 Tesla Model 3
  3. sooner

    Timeline of Crash Safety Testing

    I began truly following Tesla after Model S entered full scale production, so I am quite lacking of any concept of how long it took Tesla, or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), to rate the crash safety ratings of the Model S, or Model X, and to extrapolate those time...