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importing tesla

  1. B

    Will a Tesla bought in South Korea work in US?

    I am enjoying my Model Y in Korea since last June. I happened to relocate to LA next year and wondering if it is possible to import from KR to US. My model Y was manufactured in US and has US plug-ins. Does anyone has any idea or experience on importing Tesla from KR to US?
  2. M

    Model Y Import from Europe

    Hi, Given unknown date of Mode Y availability in the UK, has anyone explored importing LHD Model Y from Europe? Would it need to be modified to be registered in the UK? Cheers
  3. E

    Tesla Model 3 from Norway to Netherlands

    Hi eveyone, As of today, 22 August 2021, I am registered & living in Norway and my company is transferring me to Netherlands for 4 year period under 30% rule. I am planning to buy "second hand - used Tesla Model 3 - LR" before moving to Netherlands on 1st November 2021. The Tesla is 2019 model...
  4. C

    Importing a model 3 from Canada to the US

    I'm in BC, Canada and my company might be transferring me from Canada to the US some time next year. Currently considering buying a model 3 SR+ because it's slightly cheaper than the price in the US (after rebate). Has anyone had experience importing a tesla from Canada to the states? What are...
  5. R

    How do you import an original owner Model X from Canada into US?

    Hello all, Does anyone here have any experience or advice what to do, or direct contact information, for getting the import confirmation letter of a vehicle originally purchased in Canada and is part of a move to the US? I have not been successful with getting any callbacks or straightforward...
  6. M

    Bring my Model X home from China? Is it possible?

    Hey everyone! Just wondering if you've heard of anyone who had a Tesla overseas (specifically in China) and had to move back to the States and brought the car back with them? It was like jumping through flaming hula-hoops to even get a car in China, but I did it, and now am stuck with a Model...
  7. Persfoto

    Als Nederland Tesla M3P bestellen in België

    Ik heb even een vraag. Ik werk als journalist, werk veel met EV en PHEV voertuigen voor mijn werk. Nu moet ik in 2020 een keus maken waar ik in 2020 mee ga werken. Ik heb een mooi aanbod gehad van BMW 330E. Natuurlijk Duitse degelijkheid, mooie auto. Kleine brandstof tank en Kofferbak. Wat Tesla...
  8. M

    New policy on moving your Tesla to Canada?

    Things may be changing on the import to Canada front: Elon on Twitter: Twitter Good to see (potential) progress on this after issues Tesla families relocating and having to sell them.
  9. S

    Tesla model 3 importeren uit Duitsland

    Heb even het forum doorgezocht maar geen gelijkend draadje gevonden.. Vandaar even een nieuwe.. Ik zit nog te wachten op de LR RWD. Maar nu zie ik ook dat de prijzen in duitsland toch wel flink schelen. Dit is zeker met de bijtelling interessant. Heeft iemand ervaring met het aanschaffen van...
  10. A

    Transfering Model S to Netherlands - stuck with forms

    Hello here, I have just moved from Norway to Netherlands, and I couldn't let go of my Model S. So, I am in the process of trying to get Dutch plates on it. I am trying to navigate through the forms from the Belastingsdienst (the "Berekening bpm" from and the "Aangifte-bpm" form.) I realize that...
  11. K

    Importing to NZ from UK or Australia?

    Hi, Did a bit of searching around but could not find anything conclusive on this, so looking for a little guidance. It seems as of right now (Sep 2016) the cash cost excluding taxes is way cheaper in UK than AU. A full specced P100D for example appears around 50K cheaper in UK vs AU. NZ$215K...
  12. emir-t

    Delivery Specialist refuses to give EC Type Approval Certificate for import

    Hi TMC; We're waiting on a brand new facelift P90D scheduled for delivery in European HQ Netherlands in about a month. Production is complete and since we are from Turkey, only way of us having a Tesla is importing through the "Other Europe" option and piciking it up from the Netherlands. The...