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  1. calm-one

    2024 MY "Price Adjustment" Math

    Can anyone explain how Tesla is assigning the current pricing adjustments on new 2024 MYs in Q2? I did chat with a SA yesterday and didn't get a clear answer on how one white MY LR with black int 19" rims gets $4800 and another identical (comparing details) MY LR gets $5,200 and yet another MY...
  2. D

    Canada $5,000 Referral Credit?!

    I'm set to take delivery on the MYLR tomorrow. I was just about to confirm my loan details when I receive an email from Tesla about an updated loan offer. I refresh the account page and see a $5000 Referral Credit! I messaged the SA asking if it's a new Canada wide incentive, waiting to hear...
  3. brianld

    End of quarter purchase

    What is the best time to try to take advantage of incentives? The very last day of the quarter (i.e. March 31st)? Or sometime towards the end of the month? Ready to order a new Model 3, timing not critical for me.
  4. varla

    Charger install NYS incentives

    According to my accountant, since I'd be installing charging at a property that I rent, I'm going to get 80% deducted (if they don't change the incentives for 2021). Sounds too good be true - can anyone confirm this? Federal For property of a character subject to an allowance for depreciation...
  5. tbwnm

    Optimizing CVRP and Federal Tax Credit and other rebates available in California

    I intend to purchase a new Model 3 for our daughter and would appreciate guidance on the optimum scenario to take advantage of the above. Given her current income bracket, she would be eligible for the $2,500 CVRP (in addition to $2,000 low income CVRP). However, I would be able to benefit from...
  6. R

    Model 3 Standard Range (Canada) Range: 150km

    Hello, I went to Tesla Montreal to get more info about the Model 3 Standard Range. The sellers seems not to have all information how the car was reacting to the software reduced battery limits. Does anybody received the car? If yes, will charge time be reduced to get 100% or reacts like a...
  7. U


    I have been looking at Teslas for 8 mo’s and am getting ready to order a Model 3 AWD, non FSD. Ordered the wall charger, got an estimate from a trusted electrical company that does commercial and residential and has installed public chargers at local stores. Our breaker panel is full, so they...
  8. Probllama

    Prices Paid, Discounts, Incentives, and Upgrades Offered

    Hi all, I know with Tesla you order online and the price is fixed for everyone, in theory. However, it looks like more and more people are being offered: - Discounts on inventory cars especially if they have some miles on them or older (2018) model year - Free paint/wheel upgrades These...
  9. M

    Canadian AWD delivered in 13 days!

    So, i had a VW e-golf i purchased 6 months ago, used, at a very good price (got it in ontario and they still had the 14.5k$ rebate!). it was my dream car. Then came winter, and having owned a subaru AWD for 6 years, the golf’s ‘massive’ torque combined with the FWD just didn’t do it for me in...

    Idea: Incentive to buy Solar Panels perhaps?

    I love flooring my Model 3, but using 450 W/mi (at times) leaves me feeling guilty. Having no solar panels yet (SRP in Az victim), I'm basically pulling dirty power from the grid for my thrills. Maybe this unlimited acceleration will be gone someday should the EPA clamps down on EV efficiency...
  11. lux_cars

    Can I take delivery & sell M3 for a profit?

    I had a reservation for a family member who no longer wishes to purchase the Model 3. I just received an invite to configure and was wondering if I could take delivery and sell for a profit (after accounting for 13% HST) or just transfer the reservation for a cash price? Also, if I take...
  12. singleview

    What's the deal with the state/federal incentives?

    Hi folks. Got my Model S a bit over a year ago. I believe we are eligible for $7,500 income tax credit (federal) as well as $1,750 (PA State rebate, first 250 applicants). I submitted these when I filed my taxes last year. I did get the $1,750 from the PA State, but have not heard back at all...
  13. F

    $3,200-$7,000 old car incentive program in S. CA via "Replace Your Ride” program

    Hi, if you live in Los Angeles or in Southern California and have an old car to trade in then please join me in requesting Tesla to join the incredible "Replace Your Ride” program which is offered by the CA state & the South Coast Air Quality Management District. This program offers people who...
  14. J

    Fellow Western Canadian: how can we step up provincial incentives

    Ontario just announced $14,000 off any EVs that retail for under $150,000. In addition, they also get incentives for home charging installation and free overnight electricity for charging: Ontario Making Electric Vehicles More Affordable What do we get in west of Quebec and Ontario (and other...
  15. A

    New PETITION to improve electric vehicle car INCENTIVES UK

    Hi a new PETITION is up to improve ev car incentives in the UK past the march 2017 review. Click on the link for all info: Petition: Improve category 1 plug in car grants after March 2017 review
  16. A

    UK electric vehicle grants

    Hi, I have started a petition to improve the incentives after the March 2017 when buying a category one electric vehicle. Please could you support my petition by signing the link below. Petition: Improve category 1 plug in car grants after March 2017 review Thanks − QUOTE REPLY...
  17. A

    Improving inventives petition

    Hi, I have started a petition to improve the incentives after the March 2017 when buying a category one electric vehicle. Please could you support my petition by signing the link below. Petition: Improve category 1 plug in car grants after March 2017 review Thanks
  18. Ormond

    Placing an EVSE on my commercial property

    What is the best way to place a charger on property that I own? Are there certain EVSE vendors that are easy to work with? Anyone know any contact people? How do I check on governmental incentives at the various levels of government? Any helpful websites? I may not be able to achieve this...
  19. Odebek

    Top States to Own A Tesla

    http://usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/cars-trucks/Top_Six_States_to_Own_a_Tesla/ tl;dr 1) CA, 2) FL, 3) NV, 4) MD, 5) CO, 6) TN
  20. F

    Conundrum: Ontario's Electric vehicle charging incentive program

    The Ministry is providing up to $1,000 in rebates to install a charger in your home. This is great for so many reasons, and the process of filling out the forms seems simple enough. Kudos Canada. The catch is you actually have to have already purchased an EV to apply for the Charging Incentive...
  21. Patrick0101

    5 Suggestions for a Better U.S. EV Incentive

    Make it a point-of-sale incentive instead of a tax credit Increase it to $10,000 The limit should not be per manufacturer Incentive persists until plug-in cars are 2% of sales Gradually decrease the incentive amount More details here <link>
  22. C

    What tax incentives exist in the UK?

    Hi, I was hoping someone could tell me what incentives exist in the UK for buying an EV? Also will there be any not so obvious costs such as import tax or are these costs included in to the price?
  23. Bgarret

    Global Incentives and Model III

    I wanted to start a new thread that builds on some of the excellent work that GerardF did in the European thread. After reading his analysis of incentives for the Netherlands and the potential impact on Model III demand, I think it would be helpful to aggregate incentives as it relates to Model...
  24. slyastro

    Canada: World-class dunce in electrification of transportation

    When it come to electrification of transportation, if it wasn't for Quebec, Ontario and British Colombia, Canada would be standing last alongside Saudi Arabia and a few other such «modern» countries. Daniel Breton tallies Canada's record on the subject. Not only Canada is dead last within the...
  25. Xwing

    Electric vehicle incentives in Australia compared to rest of the world

    Hey guys, I've put down a reservation on a Model X a month or so ago and now the official long wait begins. In the meantime I'm trying to get my head around what incentives are available here for electric vehicles compared to the rest to the world. I'm not sure if this discussion has already...
  26. TI Sailor

    Help promote EVs in Florida - Legislators File Bills Exempting EVs from Sales Tax

    An amendment to FL Senate Bill 864 filed by FL Senator Darren Soto, D-Orlando on 2/12/15 would exempt electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles from the FL sales tax effective July 1, 2015. I don't have a clue if it has a snowball's chance in H of being enacted, nor do I know if there's a...
  27. LineofSight

    JEA now offering a $1000 incentive for plug-in electric vehicle purchases

    For any of you JEA (Jacksonville Electric Authority) customers in north Florida, JEA is now offering a rebate on plug-in electric vehicles. It is $1000 for cars with a battery of 15kw or higher...
  28. SamGarber

    Has anyone claimed the Alternative Fuel Vehicle refueling property Tax credit?

    Has anyone claimed this credit on their tax returns? If yes, what costs can you claim? I would imagine the electrical work itself and the price of the HPWC ($1200)? Nissan has a nice datasheet on it: http://www.nissanusa.com/ev/media/pdf/incentives/nissan-leaf-incentive-federal-1.pdf
  29. Alpha

    Badging for Solar-Charged EVs

    UPDATE: This thread was originally titled: "I've paid for all my fuel for life, at zero emissions!" (A little catchier than intended) Ok, the catchy title was to just to get your attention... But that is actually a goal I have, and that I am actively working on, and is quite obtainable-- and I...
  30. Ven Rala

    Maryland EV Tax Incentive

    I found out a few days ago that the Maryland EV tax incentive has run out of funds, even though you were able to claim it up to July 2013. I hear there is a new bill in the legislature to extend it until 2015, but I couldn't tell if there will also be new funds. Because what is the point if...
  31. D

    American Tax Payer Relief Act & Green Subsidies

    I keep reading that EV incentives were extended as part of the "fiscal cliff" solution but I haven't found details. Does anyone have them? As EV owners and enthusiasts I think it's in our interest to know.