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  1. Tony_YYZ

    Another round of price increases - June 16 2022

    Here we go again.... "Model 3 Price Changes – Canada Rear Wheel Drive – $61,980 (no change) Long Range – $74,990 to 76,990 (+$2,000) Performance – $83,990 (no change) Model Y Price Changes – Canada Long Range – $83,990 to $86,990 (+$3,000) Performance – $90,390 to $91,990 (+$1,600) Model S...
  2. B

    Range increasing after charging stops!

    For the last few software updates, I am now on 2019.36.2.1 with autopilot hardware 2.0, my range increases after changing stops. Usually just a few miles but this am almost 14 in the 48 minutes from when the charging stopped and I drove the car away. I can tell this by the data that Teslafi...
  3. D

    Price Increase on the sly

    Hi All, first post to this forum. I have been considering the purchase of a new Tesla. I started the process about 7 weeks ago, test drove the S, then saw the X and immediately new that was the car for me. However, over the following weeks, Tesla were unable to answer quite a number of...
  4. travwill

    Autopilot Price Increase to $3000 & $3500

    Was curious with 100D Ludicrous announcement if any other changes occur. In the design center Autopilot is now $3000 if purchased when ordering and $3500 if added later, clearly states that. Confirmed by looking at new design spec and old design spec of car I have waiting to be delivered (see...
  5. jbadger

    Large Insurance Price Increase

    Has anyone noticed this year a rather large price increase for their Roadster? I'm curious to see if Roadsters, or the Tesla name, have become more well known causing the insurance rates to increase. This screenshot shows last years rate, and the below quote shows what it is going up to...
  6. jpwe10

    Price Increase

    I was just on Tesla's design studio and noticed a price increase of $1000 on the 21" wheels from $3500 to $4500 :cursing:. This is frustrating because this makes the 21"s even more out of reach (I think they were overpriced in the first place). Is there a reason for this? Not sure if there is...
  7. J

    Official: Upcoming Model S Price Increase & Timeline

    ... in the next two to three weeks. Existing reservation holders will NOT be affected, as long as they finalize their order (when their turn comes) within an "fair, predetermined timeframe". First I heard of this, but it was posted by Nick Kinkaid on the new Tesla bulletin board...