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  1. voyager

    How do you feel about Tesla's 2-5 year prospects in the EV market?

    https://www.caranddriver.com/news/g29994375/future-electric-cars-trucks/ Having seen and read Car and Driver's overview, I was wondering how Tesla forum writers feel about Tesla's 2-5 year prospects. Why a time bracket 'that short'? Because developments are going rapidly now that most carmakers...
  2. MontyFloyd

    How can the established car companies fail so badly with EV?

    I came across this WIRED article that proclaimed in big letters: How GM Beat Tesla to the First True Mass-Market Electric Car and they are talking about the GM BOLT! If you thought it might be an old article, you are correct, as in from February 2016. Naturally is mentioned the catastrophic...
  3. UncaNed

    Educate about Tesla's imminent disruption in the established auto industry

    What's the best link to educate about Tesla's imminent disruption in the auto industry in a simple decisive manner? Asking for my friend who just inherited an auto parts junk yard and needs to know what's happening to classic ICE manufacturers so he can figure out how it will affect the demand...
  4. dauger

    Tesla Disrupts Different

    Hello TMC friends, Regarding the next decade of the car industry as a whole and Tesla's status in that future, I've written this article about how and why it will play out while presenting a deeper analysis than I've seen anywhere else: http://tesla.dauger.com/disrupts/ Tesla bulls are...