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infotainment upgrade

  1. K

    Using an App without losing view of Navigation

    I would like to see an update to the UI that allows for using apps without losing view of the navigation. Currently, if you open an app it takes over the primary area of the screen and covers the navigation. You must dismiss the app to see the map. The most common scenario for me is riding...
  2. G

    2015 Model S MCU Upgrade UK Delay

    This is a question for any UK owners of older Model S cars who have ordered the MCU upgrade from Tesla. I have had my P85D since January 2016 now at 95k miles. The problem I have now is that the MCU screen completely failed back in September 2022 and it has the usual yellowing delamination...
  3. S

    Question Regarding Infotainment Upgrade Cost (Received Estimate, Believe to Be Incorrect)

    Hi All, I requested an appointment for the Infotainment Upgrade on our 2017 MX 100D with Full Self Driving. The estimate included the line item 'INFOTAINMENT UPGRADE FOR AP2.x VEHICLES' for $2,250 plus tax. I went back and forth with the service center through text explaining that, based on...
  4. W

    Tidal on 2016 Model S

    I haven’t been on this forum for a while so may have missed some relevant information. It is nice to be back! I am currently using Spotify, but plan to cancel my service and switch to Tidal. I was excited to learn that Tidal now is available on Tesla. However, on closer inspection it looks like...
  5. kithytom

    AMD Ryzen upgrade for older Model Y [none offered]

    Seems most Model Ys built before Jan 6, 2022 from Fremont have Intel Atom One of my remote co-workers asked about upgrade possibility at service center in Vancouver, and the technician said infotainment upgrade will be available to certain Model 3/Y soon but do not know exactly when, price is...
  6. tybah

    Has anyone had issues with after getting the Infotainment upgrade?

    I have a late-2016 Model S. My car was included with the recall - for months before the recall was talked about, I was at the service center numerous times because I was having so many problems (backup camera slow to come up, if at all-loss of turn signals-frequent black screen-inability to...
  7. S

    Changing SIM / Modem / MCU on US Spec Car

    Hello, I know this has been asked previously but couldn't find an answer: Any chance you are aware of a way to replace the SIM / Modem / MCU of US spec Model S to be able to get connectivity to the car in UAE and also get navigation to start working. Am also open to 3rd party garages that...
  8. H

    Service Appt - Stuck on preparing

    I have a service appt scheduled for Monday Nov 23rd on my 2018 Model X. Per the app, the service appt is still in preparing stage. No invoice has been received. Should I be worried that Tesla may cancel again? The appointment was originally created back in January 2020 for #s 1,2 and 3. (Let...
  9. B

    MCU1 infotainment upgrade

    I attempted to schedule an appointment using the Tesla app for the infotainment upgrade and it defaulted to mobile service. My appointment is scheduled for this coming Thursday (March 26) and I thought by now they would review the appointment, provide an estimate, and then reschedule to a...