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  1. T

    Autopilot Processor Status is "Critical", AP/FSD/TACC/AEB/Lane Keep Assist all non-functioning

    I'm posting to see if anybody else has had a recent similar experience to my own. I was driving my 2021 Model Y on Saturday when FSD decided to completely stop functioning during a right turn on the highway with no prior warning. The EPAS (steering) motor completely disengaged, and I started...
  2. M

    Reassembling Tesla

    I am currently working on a custom car. For this I am using all the electronics from a 2014 Tesla Model S 85, it worked completely without error messages. I took it apart and put it in the body of another car. now I have reconnected everything (including the battery pack, it is under the car)...
  3. G

    New Intel CPU

    What are the things that I think many of us have been concerned about when it comes to new vehicle deliveries is whether you have the Intel processor or an AMD processor… I, for example, have a three year old model three and have not been impressed with the inability of the infotainment system...
  4. kithytom

    AMD Ryzen upgrade for older Model Y [none offered]

    Seems most Model Ys built before Jan 6, 2022 from Fremont have Intel Atom One of my remote co-workers asked about upgrade possibility at service center in Vancouver, and the technician said infotainment upgrade will be available to certain Model 3/Y soon but do not know exactly when, price is...
  5. N

    Issues with 2019 Model X 100D

    Hey there, our Model X 100D has been having some issues with the Dash and Infotainment. Dash - Has an inverted "L" shaped black mark, also the edges of the screen seems to be dull/fade out for some reason. Infotainment - Has a yellow/orange band around it. Looked up online and found UV light...
  6. P

    UK vs US Infotainment window controls

    This may have been posted about before, but I couldn't find it in the threads. Forgive me if this is an old discussion point but it bugs me... When I was looking at screenshots of the US Infotainment system it struck me that the controls for closing a window (the X on the top left) was...
  7. J

    2013 Tesla Model S P85

    2013 Model S P85, 156k miles 234mi when charged to 100% Infotainment MCU2 upgrade (Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Caraoke, etc.) Free lifetime unlimited supercharging Free lifetime unlimited premium connectivity Removable Whisper bars on top 7 seater with the rear facing jump seats 3D floor mats...
  8. S

    Infotainment upgrade hurt acceleration and suspension

    Upgraded from MCU1 to MCU2 on a 2017 Model S 90D. Good news? We have Netflix and Sentry Mode! Bad news? Acceleration is slow off a traffic light stop and the smart air suspension is now bumpy and wobbly. Before the upgrade the acceleration was fast and the smart air suspension was like riding...
  9. tybah

    Has anyone had issues with after getting the Infotainment upgrade?

    I have a late-2016 Model S. My car was included with the recall - for months before the recall was talked about, I was at the service center numerous times because I was having so many problems (backup camera slow to come up, if at all-loss of turn signals-frequent black screen-inability to...
  10. H

    Charging time while using infotainment

    Hello folks! I ordered my Model Y in March and am anxiously waiting on delivery. I have watched tons of YouTube videos and lurked on the forums since submitting my order. I haven’t seen this answered and a search came up empty. Is there a noticable increase in charge time while using the...
  11. P

    Tesla Energy Visualizations

    Hi there Tesla Motors Club, I’m kindly asking for your voice I’m currently conducting graduate research on the expression of efficiency metrics in electric vehicles. As part of my research, I’m hoping to learn from drivers’ experiences and use my research to amplify drivers’ needs. I noticed...
  12. P

    Tesla Efficiency Visualization

    Hi there Tesla Motors Club, For my Master's program, I'm researching the perception of efficiency metrics in electric vehicles. I noticed many people have mixed feelings about the Tesla consumption graph. I was inspired by Tesla drivers' frustrations with the consumption metric display so I...
  13. FrankNL

    MCU2 upgrade mogelijk, maar hoe?

    Elon heeft nu voor de 4e keer op twitter bevestigd dat we een upgrade zouden moeten kunnen "kopen" van een MCU1 computer naar MCU2 computer. Twitter Waarom zou je willen upgraden? Betere snelheid/ 5 Ghz wifi verbinding / betere bluetooth / nieuwe spellen zoals Beach Buggy Racing etc ( MCU1 to...
  14. V

    Infotainment Upgrade

    I haven't seen a thread for this on the X side of the forums, so I thought I'd make one. 2016 MX P90DL, AP1, MCU1; completed the upgrade to MCU2 last week! so far, totally worth, and I'm hoping for some sort of credit as my MCU 1 was struggling and frequently restarting. FAQS mention things...
  15. P

    Electric Vehicle Infotainment Graduate Research Help

    Hey there Tesla Forum, I'm currently a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Design and Innovation program. As part of my capstone project, I'm looking to assess the user experience of infotainment systems in EVs. I'm primarily focused on Tesla's display, but I'm also...
  16. Jeff Wa

    Streaming services available w/ standard or premium connectivity

    Hey folks... What streaming services are offered in the infotainment system? In my 2015 Volvo I have Sirius and I have been a subscriber since my 1998 Jeep and in each subsequent car. I know that Sirius is offered but paying $10/month to Tesla for connectivity, and $12/month to Sirius, and...
  17. Trebek1762

    WTB: MCU2 & IC2

    Looking to buy a MCU2 and IC2 combo from a wrecked 2018 or 2019 X or S to do the infotainment upgrade myself. thanks for looking!
  18. Trebek1762

    Wiki FAQ: MCU2 Upgrades

    Ok, so I think it's in the best interest of the community to have a sticky on what is and is NOT included with the Infotainment (aka MCU) upgrade, and to further clarify that it is separate from FSD (also referenced by APE/AP/HW3) Descriptions of MCUs and HWs below questions (via TeslaTap) Q...
  19. 1

    Infotainmente/MCU Upgrade Confirmed (US only for now)

    As per the title: Infotainment Upgrade Also added a screenshot as you might be annoyingly and constantly redirected to the Australian site which won't show the actual page. For MS/X built March 2018 or prior. Maybe there is hope for AU customers down the track...
  20. drewpost

    Stuttering Audio/Low FPS Rear Camera/Stuttering Alert Tones

    Hey - New M3 SR+ owner here in the UK. I am on 2019.28.3 fd63a5e. I'm having a lot of trouble with my the infotainment system right now and the issues all seem to be interconnected. It feels like when you're running an iPhone on beta software and it just gets too overloaded or an old computer...
  21. willow_hiller

    Tesla Software Version 10.0

    Hey all, I hadn't seen a discussion of this anywhere here so I thought I'd start a thread. Some recent tweets by Elon show that version 10 should be out by September, and will include a series of new features. "V10 will include several games & infotainment features, improved highway...
  22. S

    I WANT MY MTV - or at least my premium connectivity package

    ok ok - Let me start off by saying this is the most amazing car I've ever purchased and my biggest disappointment is in the lack of info provided at pick up. I'm a tech guy and I can only imagine the frustration some must feel going home and trying to figure out what the car is capable of...
  23. StealthP3D

    Model 3 Winner of Best Luxury Auto Tech by Kelley Blue Book

    The Model 3 keeps winning new awards: 2019 Best Auto Tech Awards | Kelley Blue Book
  24. dark cloud

    North Americans: Would you pay for Spotify? VOTE!

    I have been using Slacker for almost a year, and it is okay. I don't get too many issues; the odd frozen song, the odd unauthorized skip to the next song, but the biggest problem I have is the repetition of songs in the same "station". I now have a dozen stations and I am having to rotate...
  25. J

    Intel chipset for Model S/X infotainment?

    We know that the model 3s infotainment system is Intel-powered. Tesla switches from NVIDIA to Intel for its infotainment systems Do we know when the model S/X infotainment system will be upgraded from the old Tegra chipset to Intel? J.
  26. J

    new infotainment system

    Hope this means S/X cars produced after the end-of-Q3 retooling will indeed have the same infotainment system as the Model3: Tesla to reportedly switch to Intel to power its infotainment system Could also explain why no-one has been allowed to demo 3 yet. Need to first get the update for S/X...