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  1. Brando

    Elon Musk & Dr. Steven Chu ARPA-E (2014)

    Innovation ideas from Tesla/SpaceX/Solar City & Bell Labs, Department of Energy, ARPA-E
  2. Lasairfion


    Isn't it about time that Tesla innovated its sales model, like it has everything else about cars? Please check out Know You Know's latest In Depth video regarding an idea put forward about how Tesla should sell cars; and then take the time to Tweet Elon with #salesfleet. You never know: it...
  3. jkirkwood001

    Poll: What is most important to you in owning (or wanting to own) a Tesla?

    I'm fascinated by the Tesla equation - would their cars be as coveted if they were mediocre performers? It's not just about climate change - Tesla hit on so many angles. I'd like to know what about Tesla is most important to you owning one (or wanting to own one). (Anyone know how to conduct a...