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  1. Vrgs13

    21+ Model S/X Plaid aftermarket subwoofer help

    OK guys, so I’m sure this has been partly answered in another thread, but I cannot seem to find a straight answer. I got a 22 plaid but I’m wanting to add my Focal 10 inch with a JL 750/1HD amplifier (also have Hertz Mile 10’s and a Hertz 1000D) I also have the LC2i and a JL fix (what I plan on...
  2. A

    Tesla Wall Connector fits over 2-gang US electrical box

    TL;DR: Tesla Wall Connector screw holes line up with the holes on a 2-gang electrical box. I recently purchased a new construction townhouse in Seattle. The house had been pre-wired for an electric car charger. The 60 amp circuit was terminated in a 2-gang electrical box. I was considering how...
  3. H

    Can my house handle a charging station?

    I know next to nothing about electricity, panels, circuits, and etc. I have taken pics of the panels I have in my house. The main panel is too far away from the driveway (where I want to install a wall charger or an outlet that I can use with a nema 14-50 adaptor.) the sun panel (I think that’s...
  4. mtbwalt

    Clearance measurements: 3/4 inch Trimmed Tesla OEM mud flaps

    Writing with my experience installing Tesla’s OEM front mud flaps on my 2022 MS LR Kit comes with two mud flaps and four push pins. Instructions online. Total install time: under 10 minutes. The only thing I’ll add to the instruction is for total newbies to dealing with these push pins...
  5. IvorJones

    Tricky Wall Charger Install - Stone Detail

    Greetings all, I haven’t seen too many installs on decorative stone. Turned out great! Car will be parked outside so indoor mounting would not be ideal. - Grinder with diamond wheel was used to carefully cut out the stone. - PVC trim board was used to bump out the Charger enough to clear the...
  6. B

    Aftermarket yoke steering wheel in Model 3

    Just installed this and wanted to share so that others who might be considering could see it. I love how it looks and feels. Super high quality (actually all internals are OEM Tesla) and has the heating element. Model 3/Y Yoke Happy to answer any questions if you have any! Install took about...
  7. H

    Tesla switched inverter to Delta (no optimizers) from promised solaredge (with optimizers)

    A couple weeks ago, we had install of a 11.8kw panel set with 3 powerwalls completed. While I was promised a system power optimizers for shading and a solaredge 10k inverter (both verbally and was on the planset in 11/2020), what is actually installed has no optimizers and a Delta M10-TL-US...
  8. Gwgan

    Tesla in Norwell?

    On Tesla’s website a search for Powerwall installers near Boston shows Tesla at 412R Washington Street Norwell, MA 2061 Can someone verify what goes on there? I am curious when Tesla will install in Maine and hoping to get some inside info. Our one local authorized installer charges a 20%...
  9. matt_in_ca

    Audio installation recommendations in either LA or SF Bay Area?

    I'm looking to have an (NVX, Sound Qubed, or similar) amp and subwoofer installed in my Model S and was wondering if anyone has an installer they'd recommend? Mobile installation would be ideal, but quality and value come first Thanks in advance for any thoughts
  10. N

    Tesla Solar and Water Leakage

    Every solar company - except Tesla - explained that the best way to install panels (for a customer who also wants to install a new flat roof) is to first tear off the old roof, then install the solar supports, then lastly install the new roof around the supports. Tesla explained they do not...
  11. CPhoenix

    Not another charger question!

    Currently looking at sorting out my charger (Ohme) whilst I'm waiting for my order to get its VIN and start tracking. Has anyone managed to supply their own charger and still use an OLEV approved installer? The reason why I ask, is my first bunch of quotes are coming back at £500/£600 just for...
  12. Keithmt

    Charger Install : Thanks EV Domestic

    Although I live in a fairly new house, I knew the cable routing for the charger was going to be an issue as my power distribution box is almost central in the house and the garage where I wanted the charger was well away from this. My concern was that if I just booked an install and a guy...
  13. Spacep0d

    Working with HOA for EV-Charging; California law

    Hi Teslarati! I've resumed comms with my HOA about installing new power to my garage for a dedicated charger since traditional methods just won't work right now. I'm willing to pay for this, but I'm hoping this doesn't turn in to some protracted battle. I dislike that the fate of my charger...
  14. J

    Tipping for PPF/Ceramic installer?

    Hi all, Having PPF and ceramic along with window tint installed this week. What’s the etiquette on tipping? The guy owns his shop and is the one doing the work if that makes a difference. I found some stuff online that a car detail deserves a tip but couldn’t find something for a high value...
  15. ElectricTravel

    Detailed How-To: Install a Valentine One radar detector behind the nosecone of a Model S

    This is a good solution for those who can't mount their Valentine One radar detector behind the windshield because the metal film in the windshield blocks the radar signals. Thanks to @CHG-ON for the idea. When I read about that setup, it was obvious that it was the best solution for this...
  16. JWardell

    8 months and counting...Will I get Tesla solar installed this year?

    I signed up for Tesla Solar at the end of January just before the referral credit expired. I've been through multiple visits, designs, and entire teams at Tesla since. Signed off three times. Halfway through august, and they still haven't applied for permits! I want solar this year both for the...
  17. scubastevo80

    Spring Install - North Jersey

    Does anyone have a shop recommendation to install a set of Tsportline springs on a dual motor Model 3 non-P? My springs continue to sit in my garage. I reached out to 4 places in NJ recommended on other forums that typically do work on BMWs, Porsches, Audis, etc and here were the results...
  18. S

    OC Electrician Available to install chargers !

    Orange County members needing their Tesla charger installed/panel upgrade etc. feel free to call or text Dan in Irvine for an estimate! 949-701-0939
  19. N

    Model 3 Charging: Quick question about electrician installing HPWC

    Hi everyone, I apologize if this is a silly question as I'm not an electrician, but I have an electrician coming out to 'install' my HPWC into my garage on Monday. Unfortunately, my shipping got delayed on the actual HPWC and won't arrive on time/by Monday. As of now, he is still coming out...
  20. Flyguy

    aftermarket audio upgrade

    After reading through a bunch of custom stereo install threads it became pretty clear to me that I could do an aftermarket upgrade that was better and cheaper than the Tesla premium sound system which I was underwhelmed by when I briefly took a listen in the showroom. For me adding more speakers...
  21. Tony_YYZ

    Recommended Electricians for Charger Installation

    Hi All, Just wondering if we could get a list going of Electricians in various part of Canada that users have used to get their HPWC, NEMA 14-50, Juicebox, etc installed at reasonable rates. I have read a lot of stories about customers being price gouged once they hear you are installing a...
  22. TesAus

    Daisy chaining of HPWCs

    So we are soon to be a 2 Tesla household and have received the second HPWC (both three phase). The manual describes the ability to daisy chain the HPWCs so that the master HPWC charges first and when it finishes sends a signal to the next one to start charging. That way you don't need to run...
  23. L

    House Breaker Box Maxed Out

    On Saturday, my wife is going to test drive a Model X. This will be for her car and not mine as I already have a reservation in for the Model 3. This will be our first time ever in a Tesla actually. Depending on how it goes, we might be placing an order for one. Though, who am I kidding... I...
  24. Theyeags

    Has anyone installed the Blackvue 650 in the new 2016 model S?

    I can't seem to figure out how to gain access to the plastic hub behind the rearview mirror. There is a plastic piece below the autopilot camera housing that comes off into two pieces easy enough, but the main housing seems to be more difficult. I can pry a little on it and have found seems...
  25. dss33

    40A Clean Install vs. 80/100A Conduit Install?

    We had our house pre-wired for the car charger and they installed 40A (it's the highest they would go, for some odd reason). The wiring is already behind the wall, so it's nice and clean. Though the garage walls aren't finished now, we do plan to finish the garage sometime in the next year or...
  26. disillusioned

    Pretty excited with this HPWC install...

    So at a certain point in buying this car, you just throw up your hands and don't think about the money. So with that came the decision to do the HPWC install, even though I didn't spring for dual chargers. (Just don't need that much charging speed.) (Electrician was $2800, but he had to trench...
  27. CaptDaveHowe

    Roof Rack Install and Disassembly

    I am looking into the Tesla roof rack system for carrying our bicycles on trips. One main concern I have is that I would like to remove the roof rack when not in use. How hard is it to install, remove and reinstall the roof rack? Does this roof rack assemble to a pre-connection point in the car?