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  1. S

    Recommendation on Tesla Wall Charger installers in Toronto, ON area

    Looking for recommendations/comments on installers (good or bad). The only ratings I am finding for installers are all 5-Stars. The sceptic in me says not possible. Also interested if installer had to deal with finished basements.
  2. G

    UK Charge Point Installer Recommendations

    Can any of you Leicester folks recommend a wall charger installer? I dont hold much faith in the person im chasing at the moment, barely has the time to respond to my messages.
  3. T

    PPF Installers in Nashville?

    I'm currently doing some research on PPF installers in the greater Nashville area. After speaking with every company listed on the XPEL website, it seems that none of them remove trim and wrap every panel. The consistent message I got was that they will wrap where they can (e.g., frunk lid) but...
  4. rdmdriving

    Electricians in Westchester NY? Con Edison home charging incentives?

    Hi folks. I’m a newbie here in Westchester County NY with M3 on order (LR AWD, EAP, 19”, MSM). Delivery window has me down for Sept - Nov 2018 timeframe. We shall see. Any recommendations for electrician who knows his/her/their way around home charging installs? I need to figure out...
  5. Shaggy

    Ordering in about 10 days so looking for

    • Tint and protective wrap (XPEL or the like) installers around Austin. Not looking to drive to Houston... • Installer for Blackvue front and rear and a lighted T rear. Suggestions?
  6. S

    Model X | XPEL Ultimate Clear Bra @ Shine Auto!

    Our customer purchased a Tesla Model X and wanted to protect his investment. Usually when we hear this, we recommend a New Car Prep and full front end XPEL Ultimate coverage. This particular customer wanted to go above and beyond that! The first thing we did when the vehicle arrived at our...
  7. S

    Model X dashcam installers in Northern Virginia/DC Metro area?

    Just picked up my 75D and very interested in getting a multichannel dashcam like the popular Blackvue everyone seems to be talking about. Once upon a time I'd even look forward to doing the install myself, but this time I'll defer to a pro. Who in the D.C. Metro area (I'm in NoVA) has experience...