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instrument cluster

  1. D

    Teslogic with dedicated screen

    I saw comments on another post about a dedicated screen for Teslogic. I figured posting my experience and how I overcame some of the concerns may be helpful to others. I’m using a OnePlus 9 phone. Overheating: I’ve had several days over 90 degrees and the phone hasn't overheated. I think Cabin...
  2. ChooseFreedom

    Instrument Cluster Delamination

    Hey clubbers, I've purchased a used IC for my '15 MS 70D MCU1 to replace mine that's delammed. It arrives soon. I plan on putting some kind of tape around the edges of the screen to stop the delam, and was curious if anyone had done that as well, and if so, which kind of tape did you use? I'm...
  3. N

    Green/grey bar in cluster always full

    Hi all, been enjoying my 22 MS(LR) that I took delivery back in the end of April, done about 5600 miles and have some longer trips planned for the near future. Recently I have noticed that the bar at the bottom of the instrument cluster screen that indicates discharge and regeneration is...
  4. Kate@Teslogic

    Vendor Teslogic — Mobile Instrument Cluster for Tesla Model 3/Y

    Hi all! We are developers of Teslogic. We’ve already published this tread on Model 3 forum, but our device is also designed for Model Y, so we’d like to post it here as well just in case. You can see the discussion here. As Tesla enthusiasts we decided to develop our own transmitter and the...
  5. F

    Redeploy firmware to version mismatched IC

    Hello people I got a MCU1 from a 2017 Model S 75 running on the bench with v8.1 (2018). I have a IC hooked to it that seems to run a wayyy higher version than the MCU because the MCU shows a icVersionMismatch error when in Dev Mode and it also shows a error about "Software Update required". The...
  6. jobiggs24

    Tesla Model S 2012-2016 INSTRUMENT CLUSTER SCREEN - DIGITAL SPEEDO- 1004788-00-C.

    Tesla Model S 2012-2016 INSTRUMENT CLUSTER SCREEN - DIGITAL SPEEDO- 1004788-00-C. Bubbles on screen but fully functional Any reasonable offer
  7. T

    Dust Behind Instrument Cluster (Cleaning?)

    Hi all, New member here. I just took delivery of a 2022 Model S Plaid a couple of days ago and I have a question I'm hoping some of you might be able to help with. I've just noticed there is a noticeable amount of dust and particles behind the glass of the instrument panel... Has anybody else...
  8. Minecon_CA

    No more kW in energy widget

    Did anyone else notice how the energy widget in the instrument cluster no longer show the kW? Here's what it looked like before: Hope they'll bring it back in the future!
  9. M

    No Cluster Screen

    I am interested in how people feel about not having a cluster screen. It seems like a big change. Is it easy to get used to? I'm thinking about ordering a Tesla Model Y, but I'm afraid I will miss having a cluster screen.
  10. S

    Bright ring around edge of instrument panel

    I've noticed a bright ring that goes around the entire instrument panel of my 2018 Model S 75D (MCU2 9/18 build). It's about a quarter of an inch wide and is inset from the edge of the screen by about a quarter of an inch. It is visible in the attached photos (especially on the right-hand side...
  11. K

    Instrument Cluster - ReelDealEV.com - Good?

    Hi, I have a late 2014 with API with the glue dripping problem. I'm not especially good with things like glue removal (especially when I understand that the glue would still be around even if you were to blow up the car LOL), so I'd want to buy a replacement. It doesn't HAVE to be new, but I'd...
  12. T

    Bubbles on '13 P85 Instrument Cluster

    This kind of sucks...a couple bubbles appeared a couple weeks ago on my instrument cluster - these are physical and not graphical. Tesla says the only fix is to replace the entire instrument cluster - $1200 or something (though I could upgrade my MCU to the latest version apparently for like...
  13. M

    Gen 2 Model S or X IC for Sale!

    Hello everyone!! I am seeing a lot of you guys are having problems with leaking IC/MCU screens and this seems to be a common issue especially if you live in hot climates. My brother recently upgraded his MCU and IC to the new updated versions ("MCU2") that recently came out and I have IC cluster...
  14. uscgreel

    Repair locations listed by state

    Over the past month I have been working with evfixme, and people like David Hofmann, Tom French, Paul Garcia, Your Tesla Solution to name a few to consolidate a list of people willing and able to make most Tesla repairs. If you need any repairs to your Tesla, check out our growing list...
  15. David29

    Instrument cluster failing to start on 2015 Model S

    In the past week or so, i have had 3 instances in which I have gotten into the car to find the instrument cluster off, and it does not seem to start. With the Coronavirus restrictions, I have not been using the car every day, so that may be a factor. But I don't recall a case in the past when...
  16. H

    IC (Instrument cluster) went black during MCU eMMC swap

    Car Details: P85+ with AP1 - EU version 2014/12 184.000 km Instrument cluster, Gen2 - 1004788-00-D (The one with the heat-sink on the back and NOT the fan) MCU1 Overall: MCU got a eMMC swap. The first two attempts was unsuccesful (Black screen on MCU). Bad image or something like that. The...
  17. N

    How to tell which Instrument Cluster I have? Gen 1 vs Gen 2

    Tried to find this info on the forums before posting, but couldn't find my answer so I apologize if it's posted somewhere. I have a LOT of bubbles on our 2015 S 70D instrument cluster so I'm going to follow the procedure others have done to replace it with a used IC from eBay Replacing...
  18. B

    Quick Story on a 2013 CPO MS60

    This all occurred late July. Thought I'd share my experience after getting my CPO MS60. I live in Vegas, and found a 60 for $39.8K out of LA with ~90K miles. It's equipped with the sound upgrade (which I can differentiate the quality between the Ultra and standard options; there's definitely...