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instrument panel

  1. T

    2022 Model X Instrument Panel failure

    So, for the past few days the instrument panel has been acting finicky in my 2022 Model X - going out, coming back on, sometimes a reboot (soft/hard and even a complete shutdown) helps, but it's very random when and if it comes back on. At one point, with the sunlight in just the right position...
  2. T

    Dust Behind Instrument Cluster (Cleaning?)

    Hi all, New member here. I just took delivery of a 2022 Model S Plaid a couple of days ago and I have a question I'm hoping some of you might be able to help with. I've just noticed there is a noticeable amount of dust and particles behind the glass of the instrument panel... Has anybody else...
  3. M

    Bright white lane markings on instrument panel

    Has anyone else noticed bright white lane markings on the instrument panel? I’ve only seen them a couple of times and they dont’t seem to last for more than a second or two. They are noticeable brighter than the usual white lane markings required to enable autosteer, and I was once able to...
  4. IchDochNicht

    Instrument Panel Restarting After Car Was Parked

    This is new/changed behavior: After the car has been parked, the big center screen is on immediately, while the instrument panel is black. A few seconds later, I see the Tesla "T" logo on grey, before the panel shows. It used to come-on immediately. Why would this change? Is this a sign of...
  5. AutobahnEV

    Cutoff Dates for GEN1 v GEN2 Cluster?

    Does anyone know when Tesla switched from the GEN1 cluster 1004788-00-C and older to the GEN2 cluster -D and newer?
  6. T

    Configurable Instrument Panel

    I'm trying to find ways to change the configuration of the IP - to show music on the left and to be able to change it on the fly. I thought it was possible, but I'm not finding anything on how to do it.
  7. S

    How much more would you pay for a driver instrument cluster?

    For me the center ipad IN YOUR FACE all the time might be a deal breaker. If it's really about cost cutting, I'd happily pay $1000 more for a normal driver cluster and to get that floating ipad out of my face. I might pay $2000 more to add some AC and volume knobs, regular door lock buttons and...
  8. dhelmly

    OLED Display Demo at CES .... Custom Design Cluster

    This was pretty amazing to see in person. Totally doable on Tesla. Would be great to have different design skins to switch from at some point.
  9. fasteddie7

    Instrument panel trips question

    this has probably been answered somewhere but I can't seem to find it, maybe I'm not searching for the right terms. What is the negative number over minutes mean on the trips portion on the instrument panel? I've included a photo of said negative minutes.
  10. jamieb

    Times different between instrument panel & touch screen

    Noticed something weird this morning - the times displayed on the instrument panel and the touch screen were out of synch by about 45 seconds. They'd always been in exact synch previously, turning over together with the top of the hour 'beep' on BBC radio, so I thought they were locked together...