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  1. S

    What’s this sound every time I accelerate? Service has no idea so far and says it’s not normal.

    two recordings I made :). Been driving me nuts and ruining my performance model 3 experience! it‘s super loud and it’s NOT the speed limit warning :)
  2. J

    Audio Controls While Navigating

    While listening to radio this AM while also navigating, I noticed that when the navigation lady is giving verbal instructions, the radio is not muted. Hence, much of the time, neither source is intelligible. Couple of questions: 1. Is the nav lady's volume independently controlled? (It...
  3. shanelord

    FM Radio Interference while charging

    Hey everyone, Wondering if anyone else experiences interference when they plug into a charger. As per the video here I’m connecting to a HPWC (tried numerous at different locations same outcome) and the moment the charge starts the FM Radio gets smashed with interference. Is this normal...