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interior accessories for tesla

  1. Teslaunch

    Vendor 🥳🥳TESLAUNCH BLACK FRIDAY BIG SALE 🥳🥳Save Up to $100

    Rev up your Black Friday with unbeatable deals on Tesla parts and accessories. From custom wheels to interior accents, make your Tesla stand out from the crowd. Don't miss out on Teslaunch's exclusive Black Friday event to take your Tesla to the next level! Exclusive Offers for Tesla Owners...

    Vendor Amazon 7-day exclusive deal for Second Row Seats Back Cover Mats! 🚗✨

    Upgrade Your Tesla's Style and Comfort with Our Tesla Second Row Seats Back Cover Mats! 🚗✨ Get ready for a premium driving experience with our Amazon 7-day exclusive deal! Transform your Tesla's interior and protect your second row seats with our high-quality mats. 🌟 Key Features: ✅ Custom Fit...
  3. OtriFowd

    Vendor "Sharing My Tesla Camping Dream with You" — AC-Tent Invites You to Become Our Follower!

    Hello friends, Like you, I'm a Tesla owner myself. I want to share a dream that once filled me with excitement: sitting by the campfire, gazing at the stars, and experiencing the wonder of nature. In that moment, I realized that camping is not just an escape from city noise, but a return to...
  4. O

    [Update] Interior MYP lighting upgrade

  5. O

    [MYP] Interior Ambient Lights

    Just wanted to share some fiber optics lights we installed on the MYP. The lights were cheap so was pleasantly shocked about how well they looked after the installation. The family loves it, especially on the nightly road trips across the state 😁.
  6. Yoke Steering Wheel for Tesla Model 3  Y【Style 34】 (4).jpg

    Yoke Steering Wheel for Tesla Model 3 Y【Style 34】 (4).jpg

    Do you own a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y and feel like its round steering wheel is lacking in terms of modern technology? If so, you can now upgrade your round steering wheel into a Tesla Yoke Steering Wheel. This upgrade will enhance your experience.
  7. Tesla Model 3  Y Swivel Screen Mounting Kit  (6).jpg

    Tesla Model 3 Y Swivel Screen Mounting Kit (6).jpg

    Are you the proud owner of a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y, but finding it hard to see or reach the right side of the center screen? Do you wish you could rotate the screen so the passengers can easily navigate or watch movies while charging?
  8. L

    Pet door protectors

    to all the pet owners, we bought the Tesla seat and door protectors (and another set on Amazon for our other vehicle) and they are great but the door guards that slide between the door and the window keep coming out. Does anyone have a better option, either for this style or an alternative ? I...
  9. O

    Installed Swivel Mount but encountered loose problem..

    I installed Tesmanians swiveling display mount for MY.. but it doesn’t sit solidly on the mount. It moves as if it is loose.. except it’s not.. the screws are in tight. The only thing that is moving is the screen and the back display mount itself. The black mount doesn’t move. Help.. Video:
  10. A

    FS/Trade Model Y dashboard wood trim

    I am taking a delivery of a 2022 MYP with the black/wood interior. Testing the waters to see if anyone in the Colorado area wants to trade their white dash piece for my wood one. Let me know if you are remotely interested, thanks
  11. R

    Would you buy this?

    Hey all! First off, thanks for taking a minute to click and read on :) I designed and made a sample of this Tesla desk featuring the “Tesla Masterplan” && wanted some feedback and/or nods if you’d buy it (before I put them into mass production) Thank you ❤️
  12. 3DMatsUSA

    Vendor New Site - 3D MAXpider

    Hello Everyone. We've got a new Manufacturer's website up and we've opened it up for retail customers to purchase from. Please take a look 🎆✨🎇🎆 Also, please understand that this is a new site and we're still getting used to the new set up, so please be understanding in any delays...
  13. tshields

    Vendor I almost died because I wasn’t in a Tesla! (TeslaShields update)

    Just yesterday I was involved in a serious accident where I had a head on collision with an SUV going over 70 MPH. Needless to say that my car was absolutely totaled and luckily I was fine except for some bruising and burns caused by the airbag being super close to my feet. I am also extremely...
  14. tshields

    Vendor Important announcement from TeslaShields

    Tesla Freaks, Geeks, and Those in Between, It’s Jason here, co-founder of TeslaShields. I have some extremely exciting news to share with you all. First and most importantly, I am extremely excited to announce that we have started shipment of all of our customers’ orders (including our own...
  15. tshields

    Vendor Floor Mats

    Model Y Lovers, We Want Your Opinions! Introducing T Shields 3D Tesla Model Y Floor Mats Year/Model: 2020-2021 Model Y Trim: Standard, Performance and Long Range Warranty: Lifetime Guaranteed Our team at T Shields has created a product with a custom fit to provide 25% more coverage than...
  16. O

    Custom Steering Wheels

    I am window shopping on some Model 3 upgrades, but thoughts on custom steering wheels: go with real carbon fiber or open pore wood? If I go with carbon fiber, I would preferably have a matching dashboard. The wood looks smoother than the Model 3 dashboard.
  17. TSportline

    Vendor Custom Model S Interiors by T Sportline

    One of our specialties at T Sportline is Bespoke Custom Interiors. We give you the Tesla Model S interior you deserve. Italian Leathers Custom Wood Steering Wheels Gloss Carbon Fiber Trim Carbon Fiber Seatbacks Call us to talk about your Tesla Model S interior. 866 991 4776...