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interior lights

  1. S

    not sure what this connector is...

    hi. i recently bought a 2017 model s 75 and one of the first things i wanted to do was update the interior lights. i ordered a complete set from abstract ocean. upon further investigation i realized that my car doesn’t have all of the lights connected, so my car was not premium. i located...
  2. djgabriel2004

    Upgraded Interior lighting M3... Thoughts?

    I did some upgrades in my Model 3 Ambient Lights. They are controlled from the Main Screen. Ambient light Upgrade M3 What do you think?
  3. EvolutionTeʂla

    Tinting/colouring interior lights in Model S

    Hey guys. Has anyone ever tried tinting their interior lights a different colour? I'm not a fan of the super bright orange dome lights, especially when paired with the cool ambient and Abstract Ocean footwell lights, but unfortunately no one seems to sell different coloured LED bulbs for the...
  4. ishareit

    Anyway to turn the inside completely dark at night?

    Is there a way to completely turn off (or close to off) the interior screens so that they dont reflect in the glass roof? I'd love to make the cabin as dark as possible without any reflections for the kids to admire the sky at night.
  5. Haxster

    My Model S 90D Cabin Lighting Upgrade

    Overview: As others have observed, the interior lighting is really dim. It’s pleasant “ambient/mood lighting” but falls short on practical lighting to actually see stuff in the dark. My December 2016 MS has the Premium Upgrades Package. This includes thirteen 200 milliwatt cool white LED...
  6. David29

    Any way to force the floor lighting to stay on?

    I was doing a bit of cleaning in my Model S yesterday, using a portable vacuum cleaner to clean up sand and salt from the driver's side floor. The car was in a garage with limited lighting. After a short time (a minute or two? not sure) the floor lighting shut off and I could no longer see...
  7. J

    Retrofit Premium Interior Lighting?

    Does anyone know if its possible to retrofit the "Premium Interior Lighting" to a mid November 2013 P85+? My wife test drove the Model S produced before the premium interior lighting was optional. When we ordered her car it had become an option and she did not understand that it was previously...