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internet connection lost

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    WiFi issues

    Having issues connecting to WiFi. The network I am trying to connect to always appears in the list on the screen, but when I click it and type in the password, I get an error saying to “check firewall settings and internet connection”. Software version 2020.5.10.5. I’ve read that some people...
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    M3 getting a public ip address address from Spain!

    The other half was doing a bit of shopping, i decided to wait in the car and watch some youtube video... Most of the video where from spain on the front page. I used the browser to check the public ip address i was receiving and it was based in spain... LOL anyone else getting ip addresses from...
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    Good cellular service but no internet

    Everything in my Model x works perfectly. My iPhone connects properly, the navigational system works great, the Slacker streaming works fine etc. The only thing that will not work without a reset is the internet. If I try to google something nothing happens. The screen stays on but its like the...
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    Issues with 3G

    Have been driving my P85D for about two weeks and all is great. This morning, for the first time, I completely lost the 3G connection. I was not anywhere different than in the past so there was no reason to lose connectivity. Is this a common occurrence ? And is there a "quick fix" when it...
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    FYI: Internet Connection Lost

    Coming back to my MS from lunch, when I tried to navigate to a website with the browser, I had a message on the screen saying "Internet Connection Lost" and then something like we're trying our best to restore it. It was strange because navigation and Slacker both worked and I had a strong 3G...