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  1. D

    Strong Internet Signal, but my Model S Refuses to Connect

    Upgrades for my Model S used to be so simple---they arrived via satellite. Now Tesla wants me to connect via internet. When I go to connect via the internet, signal strength is 4 bars (I take my laptop into my Tesla, and it connects perfectly). But when I type in my SSID, I receive a "not found'...
  2. E

    M3 sucking 4 mbps from my internet

    Since I got my M3 in Jan, it has been hooked up to my home wifi router with no issues. In past few days, it is pulling about 4-4.5 mbps from my internet provider source. (I have rural broad band and only get about 5 mbps download speed) So the result is when trying to do things on my computer...
  3. C

    Broken internet connection for some web pages

    I have salvage Tesla S model (2015). Repaired and working fine (I really enjoy this car) ... however have problem with internet connection. It was since beginning - some web pages or internet radio stations does not work. Not sure why and what is wrong, but some are opening (like google.com)...
  4. S

    WiFi issues

    Having issues connecting to WiFi. The network I am trying to connect to always appears in the list on the screen, but when I click it and type in the password, I get an error saying to “check firewall settings and internet connection”. Software version 2020.5.10.5. I’ve read that some people...
  5. W

    Bluetooth Headaches

    I am a newby. I cannot figure what I'm doing wrong. My Bluetooth cannot be on and still get any Internet on my iPhone X. And now the car won't link to my phone at all. Obviously I have the bt turned back on. And what is it with all those mac addresses (4 of them) on my bt list? Wondering if I...
  6. E

    Overflowing waste bins

    Source (Toronto is really frustrated with overflowing garbage bins) Look familiar? Overflowing garbage cans are inconvenient for citizens to use and look at, an annoyance for city workers, and increase the amount of litter we experience. Im working on a project to solve this issue, and would...
  7. Eevee

    Lost Connectivity

    Last weekend I seemed to have lost internet connectivity in my Model S. I have not tried to reboot yet (I forget how to do it). What could cause this?
  8. A

    Model 3 browser doesn't want to load - Ontario

    Hello, I've received my Model 3 last week. Since then I've tried to use the internet browser a handful of times, but I have noticed that half the time it won't load the page and just stuck on a black page, even though LTE connection at full strength. I'm in Toronto, Ontario. Anyone else...
  9. D

    Internet connectivity and the phone app

    I live in a somewhat rural area that offers few internet connectivity options. Last week a storm came through and my wireless internet died, which also meant I no longer had a phone key and was stuck with the card. The "customer service" department at the ISP said that it would be about two...
  10. Pkmmte

    Wi-Fi Hotspot for Model 3?

    What Wi-Fi hotspot are you weirdos using for the Model 3? All car hotspots I'm finding utilize the OBD port which the Model 3 does not have. I guess I could use a "regular" hotspot device provided by a carrier such a T-Mobile's Alcatel Linkzone but would I then have to keep it connected to the...
  11. G

    Good cellular service but no internet

    Everything in my Model x works perfectly. My iPhone connects properly, the navigational system works great, the Slacker streaming works fine etc. The only thing that will not work without a reset is the internet. If I try to google something nothing happens. The screen stays on but its like the...
  12. P

    Does the internal ethernet connection allow access to the Internet?

    Can you access the Internet from the ethernet port? I've seen write ups about accessing the other internal devices via that port, but not whether or not the Internet is available from it?
  13. plasmo

    Slacker radio has not been working well lately

    For some reason my Slacker radio has not been working well lately, and have been having hangs and spinning circles a lot. I know it is not my LTE connection because Podcasts and other Internet radio works fine. The only way that I have been able to fix this is by doing a reset of the center...
  14. plasmo

    Slacker radio has not been working well lately

    sorry posted in wrong section - please delete
  15. H

    If you have WiFi setup problems

    I recently purchased a Model S and found that it wouldn't connect to my home network. The Model S would recognize the broadcasted SSID's of my access points (Unifi AP-AC-LR & AP), but the Model S wouldn't actually connect to any of them. The Model S would attempt to connect (tried multiple...
  16. Mr So Chill

    Only connecting at 3G

    I just took delivery this past friday and I have only seen a 3G indicator on my display since. I have been all over and can't get an LTE signal. My phone connects to LTE just fine. Ive tried resetting the dash without any luck. Does anyone have a way to for it to connect to 4G?