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  1. B

    Tesla used inventory/pricing power

    After the price cuts on new models, it makes sense that Tesla is focused exclusively there. However, there are a bunch of vehicles in used inventory right now (3 and Y) with list prices above what a new build would cost. Thoughts on when Tesla will slash these as well? Do they even care about...
  2. H

    Is purchasing an inventory car that is in another province possible?

    Hi! I was just curious if anyone had any recent experience of purchasing an inventory car that’s in another province here in Canada, and if it is possible to do so. The reason is, I just placed an order for a new inventory car in Quebec, but I currently reside in Ontario, and I’ve read some...
  3. S

    Hidden NEW Inventory SR+ with 85 Miles on Odometer? [SA internal search shows vehicle]

    Hey all, I ordered a Model 3 SR+ a week ago with initial EDD in next Jan. Then I was actively monitoring the new inventory hoping to get something earlier than that. Since I haven't been able to find any new SR+ inventory for a couple of days, I talked with the online chat service hoping to...
  4. B

    VIN assigned and removed

    I recently ordered an inventory 2021 model y which was out of state in NY. Did agree to pay $1000 transportation cost as part of order. Few hours later got order confirmation email along with a delivery date from Tesla Advisor. Same vehicle and VIN showed up in Tesla account also. One day later...
  5. A

    How to use Chrome Extension to find inventory MY (preferred SR)?

    Hi all! I saw a thread a few weeks ago about a chrome source code or extension that automatically alerts you when a new car pops up in inventory! I could not find where this actual extension was posted and was wondering where it was and how to add it. I have heard there are still some SR Model...
  6. J

    I'm confused about this inventory car

    So a little bit of a background, I live in the Seattle area and early August I placed an order online for a M3 MSM SR+. At the time was happy with my decision and excited for the car. Fast forward to today, after watching some youtube videos online, I decided I really wanted the LR AWD version...
  7. B

    £3,000 discount on Inventory Model 3 Performances

    Right now Tesla are offering a flat £3k off all Model 3 Performances in Inventory. Seems they're also selling ex-demos as 'new', but with a further discount. If you were on the fence, might be as good a time as any to buy one. If you do, feel free to use the referral code/link in my profile :)...
  8. A

    New Tesla Inventory search for Japan.

    Hi everyone! I'm Apisit. I'm in Tokyo, Japan. After placed an order for Model 3 back in June, I canceled it due to delivery time and changed my mind to get model x instead. like many others (or is it only me!?) I checked Tesla Inventory multiple times a day to see if there are some new...
  9. ModelNforNerd

    Any guesses on logistics?

    I found a good deal on a floor model 2020 Performance X in Orlando. I'm in the Boston area and will be taking delivery in Dedham. Anyone have any ideas about the frequency of trucks? In my favor: it's considered new, so they want to get it to me and close on it before Q2 ends. Beyond...
  10. N

    Model 3 Registration Help

    Hi, I bought an inventory car back in March and therefore it was considered used. Recently received the registration/ tags and they are only good until Oct of this year. This is one year from the original sale of the car but I technically am not the first owner. But when reviewing my sales...
  11. chrisgrogan2

    MX Long Range Plus coming to Europe? Design Studio?

    I was wondering when MX long Range plus might make its way to Europe or even into the design studio. I was looking on Telsascout.com and it looked like they were reporting MTX05 (long range plus) models showing up in inventories. I wonder when Tesla will update the Design studio with name...
  12. garey

    [Site no longer works]Got tired of using Tesla.com and EV-CPO to search inventory, so I built my own

    *Moderator Note: Thread closed as the referenced site has been taken down and no longer is accessible. I'm cross posting this from /r/TeslaLounge. https://tezz.la Before I purchased my M3 LR AWD, I was constantly shopping the existing used and new inventory on Tesla.com, hoping -like many of...
  13. Ormond

    Inventory of Model 3 available to Tesla staff

    I stopped at a Tesla Store (mall) and today is the first time I spoke with an employee with access to the Model 3 inventory across the country. I think the inventory access was just released to more employees. I don't know if a last minute rush to pick up an inventory car is right for me, but...
  14. SuitNtie

    MX 0-60 on Inventory Cars

    I noticed that all 2018 MX 75D inventory cars show a 0-60 of 6 seconds. Does anyone know why? I have a MX 75D on order that claims 4.9 seconds in the design studio yet every single 2018 in inventory shows 6 seconds?
  15. B

    Ordering an inventory model without FSD

    Good evening! Is it possible to order an inventory model without FSD and have it added on before delivery and not pay the extra $2,000 tax for post-delivery activation?
  16. Bullet1

    Inventory Listing for Tesla Australia website

    How long has an inventory listing been up for Tesla Oz? Just noticed it for inventory new and used! New Inventory | Tesla Australia Some good buys
  17. P

    Just purchased a 75D Model X for $18k off

    I finally pulled the trigger and purchased a deep blue 75D X fully loaded. It's a 5 seat interior with black premium interior. There are still good deals to be had if you know where to look. Mine had an $18k price adjustment and was only $85k before delivery, tax and title, and the EV tax...
  18. Mikeyro

    TeslaHunt.com now supports multiple countries

    Hey all. I wrote a mobile-friendly app a little while ago to help people search for certified inventory and used Teslas. I was inspired to do so after experimenting with other less-than-enjoyable experiences out there. When I shared it here, I got a lot of feedback. The number one thing I heard...
  19. Mikeyro

    Belated Greetings!

    Hey All, this is my introduction I guess. I've been hanging around for a while now and had my first Model S (100D) delivered in March (picture below). We fell in love with Tesla and my wife is having her CPO S75D delivered in a about a month... we hope. Anyway, the whole CPO process got us...
  20. fasteddie7

    New 75d vs inventory 90d question

    I am a model s September 2016 75d owner trying to help out a friend and coworker decide on their first Tesla. They have the option to bulid a new 75d to spec or take an inventory 90d at a deep discount. Both vehicles are in the 90k range after all options are considered. Now that the new 75s...
  21. BLKMDL3

    New Inventory Vehicle

    Since my X may be totaled (Accident and Repairs) I want to start thinking of inventory cars. I found a few nice ones. Why do some not say where they are located? How long will one take if it is in my city? This one is my favorite: Model X 75D 5YJXCBE22HF050004 | Tesla Thanks, Zack
  22. Bet TSLA

    No P100D for me -- won't remove Ludicrous

    I'm looking to upgrade my P85 Model S with AP 1.0. What I really want is a 100D, but that isn't available yet. So I was hoping I could get a P100D out of inventory with Ludicrous deleted, as the full thing busts my budget. I found one with everything I wanted (there's lots of P100D inventory...
  23. P

    Tesla Model X New Inventory Additions

    hi everyone - I'm looking to buy a Tesla in the next few weeks and it looks like there are some good options that are "new inventory". Does anyone if there is any pattern to how Tesla adds new inventory to the site? I've been checking EV-CPO, but are there certain times where they dump a bunch...
  24. E

    Model S 70 D on order!

    After a test drive in May and MANY hours debating we have finally committed to getting a Tesla. Found a sweet deal in the lightly used inventory and after a couple of test drives - this week - should have a lightly used or new inventory MS in a month?? (Have a M3 on reserve but not sure what...
  25. X

    Ordering inventory car vs custom order

    Hello, We live near Baltimore, MD and I was working with a sales advisor in DC but looks like she left Tesla. I talked to the new rep and he was helping me get a Model S. When I asked him to check on inventory models for the P60D with the configuration I was looking for, he said he couldn't find...
  26. Fiver

    A sensible conversation about referral codes in signatures.

    I would like to start this by saying I fully agree with the policy of "No new threads promoting personal referral codes". There is a single authorized thread where people are allowed to pump their codes and what not and it's fine. That being said, (and please correct me if I'm wrong), but...
  27. liuping

    Inventory cars shown on custom order page

    I just noticed today that when you configure a custom Model S now, there is a new panel that shows similar inventory cars available with a percentage match value. When did that feature get added? I think it's a great idea to move more inventory cars. Inventory by liuping posted Sep 14, 2016 at...
  28. travwill

    Just snagged a 90D Blue X from Inventory! :-)

    So, have had a Model S a while, 70D, but fell in love with the X and its roominess. Love the headroom, windshield, space in it, and higher ride height. Totally stoked now as was able to find a Model X 90D, deep blue, ultra white 6 seater, premium, subzero, and basically the setup I wanted in...
  29. krazineurons

    Quality and Drive Experience with inventory Model X?

    Has anyone here bought an inventory model X? How has been the quality and Tesla's willingness to fix them? Thinking if i should get an inventory and save some more or wait till Jan for my own X.
  30. krazineurons

    Switch confirmed order to an inventory one?

    I have a confirmed order and $2,500 deposit for a model x delivering January 2017. Original plan was to wait for AP 2.0. But now am thinking of getting an inventory vehicle on 3 years lease. Can I transfer my order and the payment towards the inventory model? Does Tesla honor that?
  31. playoutside

    Model X CPO / Inventory Now Live.

    Over the past few months Tesla has made a couple of inventory Model X's available. Today they added 63 more with prices ranging from $93K (75D) to $149K (P90DL). View the entire inventory on Hank's site: https://ev-cpo.com/ Or on Tesla's site (filter for X only): Buy a new Tesla today | Tesla
  32. R

    Has anyone purchased inventory car in last 3 months?

    I'm looking at purchasing a 90D inventory car. I understand Tesla's standard formula is 1% off per month that the car has been used + $1 per mile. Has anyone had any luck getting them to come down on this number recently? My OA told me that all prices are set in stone and nonnegotiable... True...
  33. SluyterCapital

    The quantity of CPO vehicles in inventory has dropped significantly

    I noticed that the amount of CPO vehicles has dropped significantly. As of now (Feb 20 at noon) there are only 5 in all of Canada. Pre-Owned Model S | Tesla Motors Canada It was brought up on the Tesla Forum as well, so not just here in Canada. CPO program What is happening? | Tesla Motors I...
  34. B

    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    Enjoy- Pre-Owned ModelS | Tesla Motors