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  1. 2

    New Haven, Connecticut / Philadelphia area Model Y owner and TSLA investor

    Hi, new to this forum, though I’ve been a Tesla owner and investor since the beginning of the year. My wife and I moved to New Haven, Connecticut late 2021 though I’ve continued to work in the Philadelphia area until recently. Tesla has made these trips infinitely easier and more pleasurable...
  2. Tcmccormick

    If you are an investor please Upvote my question before 1/25/23, “ When will cars shipped without Ultrasonic Sensors regain features lost?”

    Our car and and many others shipped without ultrasonic sensors with the understanding we would regain feature parity using Tesla vision at some point. I would like to know what the schedule is for regaining features we lost when ultrasonic sensor were removed. If you are an investor you have...
  3. jkirkwood001

    TMC investors poll

    Oftentimes in the Roundtable thread, people coyly suggest how many shares they own, or at least how many they recently purchased ("Just picked up 50 more chairs on the dip!!"). Others give opinions evidently based on years of investing experience. I'm always curious about the experience behind...
  4. EinSV

    Boring Company Investor's Thread

    The Boring Company is early in its life but, like other Elon Musk ventures, seems to have tremendous potential. With so many of us missing out on the opportunity to invest in Tesla and SpaceX as early-stage startups I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread to share information about...
  5. Tam

    Tesla can thank Trump, Beijing for speedy China launch

    Tesla can thank Trump, Beijing for speedy China launch The article thanks Trump for the tariff war that has motivated China to quickly helpTesla to build the Gigafactory and deliver the cars in just 357 days. Without Trump's tariff war, there would not be any motivation for such a speedy...
  6. D

    Tesla - Panasonic

    Are you a Tesla shareholder? If so, I would appreciate your participation in the following poll regarding Tesla - Panasonic, in light of recent headlines. Disruption Research on Twitter
  7. Woody17

    Production vs. Accepted Deliveries on M3

    Hello Fellow TMC-ers. As I see more and more M3s on the road in my town, I keep pondering on the idea that while Tesla may be able to produce 20k+ M3 a month, are 20k+ customers taking delivery on the Long Range M3? Is there any possibility that the cars are being stockpiled as many customers...
  8. Clprenz

    Why I’m voting yes on the Tesla-Solarcity Merger, and you should too.

    Check out my medium post, and you can also check out my quick merger vote poll here: Medium Post Poll Here Results of poll Let me know your thoughts! :)
  9. S

    Supercharger for commercial use

    I am wondering whether Tesla restricts the supercharger-useage to private use, or not or has a kind of "fair use policy". I couldn't find anything about it, thus i speculate, that the Supercharger network can be used by everyone without restriction (as long as it's either a 85kwh or a 60kwh with...