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  1. B

    Tesla Logarithmic Regression Model

    Hey guys I created a fair value logarithmic regression model. Feel free to tear it up - curious to get some feedback. See attached image or video. I talk about the model here:
  2. D

    Tesla - Panasonic

    Are you a Tesla shareholder? If so, I would appreciate your participation in the following poll regarding Tesla - Panasonic, in light of recent headlines. Disruption Research on Twitter
  3. Yuri_G

    Tesla Autonomy Day April 22nd

    Anyone else planning on going? Details are pretty scarce right now, so post em if you got em. All I know is that it's happening on the 22nd. I emailed investor relations for more info and will report back with their response.
  4. BBone

    Forbes - Tesla Sales including Model Y

    I haven't seen this article posted yet from Forbes. I just read it and to me appears quite bullish as by CY2022 it would put current valuations at roughly 1x Sales/10XEPS. Thought some of you longs might enjoy this given all the FUD out there. Also they have some really neat interactive charts...
  5. eepic

    "Going Private = Forced Liquidation" for many Investors

    TL;DR If Tesla goes private, it may inadvertently force a lot of long term shareholders to sell some/all of their position. I've been a believer in Elon and Tesla's mission for over five years now. I can comfortably claim that I am a true long term investor, having slowly (and painfully)...
  6. Clprenz

    A Slack Group for Tesla Investor Discussions

    Hey everyone, I thought it might be interesting to have a slack group to discuss price movements, long term strategies, and bounce ideas off each other. You can sign up to be added here: Slack Sign Up I thought the organization of Slack might be useful for some types of discussions. This...
  7. Bgarret

    Global Incentives and Model III

    I wanted to start a new thread that builds on some of the excellent work that GerardF did in the European thread. After reading his analysis of incentives for the Netherlands and the potential impact on Model III demand, I think it would be helpful to aggregate incentives as it relates to Model...
  8. Robert.Boston

    Articles re Tesla—Fact or Fiction?

    Collectively we often address writings that sow fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) about Tesla Motors in particular and the commercial viability of EVs in general. James and I are creating this new thread to provide a single place to shine some light on these articles. As always, comments about...
  9. Richard Benson

    Tesla Motors (TSLA) October Registrations Up 153%, But Investors Remain Unimpressed

    Although registrations for Tesla’s Model S sedan were up 153% in October, concerns over cheaper gasoline will likely keep the stock price strained for now http://www.bidnessetc.com/30655-tesla-motors-tsla-october-registrations-up-153-but-investors-remain-unimpre/