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  1. M

    Tesla app iOS Lock Screen widget not working!

    Hey guys, I picked up my new Model 3 yesterday (our second one), and set up the app on my iPhone. For some reason, the Home Screen widget that shows your battery percentage is not working… it’s just saying “long press and select edit widget…”, but unfortunately long pressing the widget doesn’t...
  2. D

    Advise for cheap options for iOS OBD2 dash app solution for 2023 Model Y performance

    Hi. I’m looking at the following combination of products from functionality, price and ease of installation perspective. I know there are better options which cost way more. But this is totally a gimmick for me. So it’s just for fun. So I don’t want to spend too much on this… Does anyone have...
  3. SourJellybeans

    Accidental frunk openings with iPhone iOS16 widget

    I'm curious if others are running into this - I updated to iOS16 about a week ago and added the Tesla widget to my homescreen (the one attached). Since then, I've had 3 occurrences of the frunk opening accidentally, presumably from me hitting the frunk button somehow. One time, I was using the...
  4. RNHurt

    Repeating SMS Messages

    I'm having an intermittent problem where some SMS messages are repeated but without a contact name, only the phone number. It usually goes like this: receive and read an SMS message when I'm away from the car (ie. at home) get in the car a short time after receiving and reading the SMS message...
  5. B

    Mobile app updates

    Moderation comment - thread renamed to include general 4.4 discussion from "Mobile app 4.4.0 gone metric?" Since updating to 4.4.0 my mobile app (iOS) seems to have decided to show stuff in kilometres rather than miles (so range and last charging session for example). Anyone else seeing the same?
  6. J

    No Location Services setting in iOS Tesla App - Key

    Ok, so my wife is ready to drive our Tesla Model Y into a wall. Her iPhone 11 Pro Max basically no longer works as a key for the Tesla. We have deleted the phone from the car, and set it back up. We have deleted the app on the phone, and reinstalled. Neither helped. I of course have scoured...
  7. L


    Apple look to be adding car keys into iOS 14. What are the chances of this coming to Tesla?
  8. _tpt_

    Vendor Tesla Performance Tools - Track focused CANbus display for iOS

    Hello everyone, very happy to announce TPT is now available on the App Store. This has been a long couple of months getting this functional and then approved. But I know it's going to be well worth the effort. I'm just getting started and have so much more planned for the app in the next few...
  9. dst87

    Beta Testers Wanted: iOS Sentry Mode viewer

    First, I hope this post isn't against some rule. If it is, please let me know and I'll remove it. My husband and I have been working on an iOS app to view TeslaCam footage from any USB storage device. This makes use of the new capabilities in iOS 13. We've got something that pretty much...
  10. jorobsand

    New Tesla App Easter Egg

    Not discovered by me, but by a fellow community member. If you happen to be charging your battery when left with 121 miles, a dialog box appears in which you can select to turn "Time Circuits On". The app screen then changes to a whole bunch of Back to the Future references. Was discovered using...
  11. P

    Tesla iOS send to vehicle share extension

    Hi, I'm part of the team at PlugShare and we'd love to support sending a destination to your vehicle through Tesla's iOS share extension. Early testing has shown the extension to throw an error with no useful feedback. I know there are many technical users in this forum and we'd be very...
  12. K

    Default setting for Heated Seats on Mobile Climate page

    Does anyone know how to set the default heated seat setting when turning on the Climate settings in mobile? It keeps my temp value (21.0 C) but all 5 heated seats are always set to MEDIUM. I have to tap 4 seats TWICE to shut them all off since most of the time I only want the driver seat on. Thanks
  13. M

    Awesome iOS App called Stats

    I am not associated with this at all. I was seriously thinking of signing up for Teslafi.com but I just could not swallow the $50/yr subscription fee. I swear I looked for apps before on iPhone and didn't find much. I looked again today and found this and bought it immediately. It's $14.99 (I...
  14. joeblau

    I'm Thinking About Making Another Mobile App

    A few weeks ago, my car locked with my phone inside and my key dead. I didn't know about the secret location between the B pillars as a way to unlock the car but it made me think that I wish the Tesla app had a watch component. Being a software engineer, I thought — Maybe I can make an app...
  15. mhp_

    iOS SiriKit intents work!

    I couldn’t find a previous post about this: Looks like the SiriKit intents for lock/unlock, battery level, visual and audible indicators were added to the Tesla iOS app at some point. None of the release notes mention it. Details if interested Car Commands | Apple Developer Documentation
  16. Co-pilot Jeff

    Co-pilot for Tesla app - Official Thread

    Hi All! I'm excited to announce the "Co-pilot for Tesla" app is now available on the Apple App Store! We hope you get a chance to try it out! It's a free app (always will be), created by Tesla owners for Tesla owners, looking to build something great for the community. Disclaimer: we've...
  17. incinie

    Vendor Tesla Plus for iOS

    Hi everyone! Recently I launched a project I have been putting loads of time and love into. "Tesla Plus" is an iOS-app. An alternative to the official Tesla app, and the other 3rd party apps out there. It features a UI that looks much more like the UI in the car, and has additional unique...
  18. grayguy

    Update on TMC Mobile app for Android and iOS

    I was wondering if there is any progress or plans for TMC to provide either a native App or support a 3rd party forum app for Android and iOS? I found a thread from earlier in the year discussing that support for Tapatalk was going away. Is the current plans still to just use the mobile browser...
  19. travwill

    iOS App Issue? X plugged in but app not showing it...

    I've had the small normal delay in past when opening the app to preheat car and it takes maybe 5 seconds to reflect the car is plugged in, change the graphic and allow climate control to be turned on, etc. The last few days though, it connects ok to the car but 1) doesn't show it as plugged in...
  20. selsrog

    iOS ondersteuning voor meerdere Tesla's

    Allen, binnenkort een situatie die vaker zal voorkomen: meerdere Tesla's binnen hetzelfde gezin. Heeft iemand ervaring met hoe de iOS app hier mee omgaat? Ondersteunt deze meerdere Tesla's onder één account, of moet je in- en uitloggen. Roger
  21. Zygote

    SparkMap for iOS - Out now!

    Hey all! When I got my Tesla Model S a year ago I was a bit disappointed with the lacklustre find-a-charging-station apps for iOS so I decided to make my own. I decided to use OpenChargeMap's API as it imports data from numerous other API's for countries around the world. However, being...
  22. E

    Tesla iOS app - lost notifications

    Not sure if this is a Tesla app issue or an Apple issue but thought I'd try here to see if anyone has experienced this or has a suggestion: All was great until I got a new phone last week. Installed the Tesla app (iCloud backup actually), and the app is fine except my notifications...
  23. Jonas_man

    Tesla API for iOS

    Hi guys, If you are interested in developing apps to control your Tesla car you can now do it easier with the a swift library that i have developed on my free time. The library was build using swift and can be downloaded here: GitHub - jonasman/TeslaSwift: Swift library to access the Tesla...
  24. A

    "Charger Locations" iPhone and Apple Watch app

    I've been wanting a simple app for my iPhone (and iPad) that just contains a map with a circle with 250 mile radius and shows all of the superchargers within driving range. I couldn't find one that simple, so I wrote one. It's called "Charger Locations" on the Apple App Store. Green pins are...
  25. dwebb66

    Mobile App - What changes are you expecting?

    Curious what changes will be coming to the mobile app. 1) Will be there a separate 'Model X' app? 2) What features are you expecting? I'm thinking that there will be a separate app what allows you to open/close the Falcon wing doors. What at else might be included?
  26. doctrewho

    Bluetooth not allowing two devices to connect simultaneously when it should

    A little background: In my old car I had a Pioneer app radio 3. I had my Android phone connected to it via Bluetooth for phone calls and I had an iOS device connected to it for streaming audio. Since they use different bluetooth profiles this worked like a charm. Fast forward a little and I...