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  1. C

    iPad Mini vs Center Console Display

    Anyone have any thoughts, opinions and pros/cons about installing an iPad Mini vs the Model 3, Y Center Console Dashboard Touch Screen (Linux 9.0'')? And ProclipsUSA has an iPad Mini mount for around $90 that can mount on the panel behind the steering wheel. Anyone have any experience, good or...
  2. Bobby_Dazzler

    Tesla Wall Connector IPhone/IPad issues

    I’ve successfully had my Gen 3 Wall Connector installed and went through the commissioning process and updated the firmware on the connector. When I trigger the Gen 3 to omit the Wi-Fi SSID I can join it on my iPhone and iPad and then go to the IP address to view but it won’t bring up the...
  3. N

    Is it safe to charge my macbook air and ipad in the USB c ports? (also what Wattage does it pull?)

    Hi everyone! Happy holidays/Merry Christmas etc! I‘m probably being overly cautious but ya know, i love my car and my tech. I just want to make sure I’m not going to damage anything… Also as a sidenote, I am charging the car and charging my ipad right now through the car and it seems like...
  4. Jimt29

    Tesla Trips - Safari Browser/ iPad

    When using the Safari browser on the iPad, the webpage Tesla.com/trips won’t route to any destination. The Get Route button is grayed out. I’ve tried it many times with no success. Doing the same thing on a Windows PC works fine. Anybody get Trips to work on their iPad?
  5. cvonken

    Tablet/iPad-houder voor achterin de Tesla - review & inbouw

    Een tablet houder met oplaadmogelijkheid voor (de kids) achterin is altijd prettig. Het maakt je reis en dat van je passagiers een stuk aangenamer. Wegens het ontbreken van hoofdsteun-pennen in een Tesla, is de keuze van houders beperkt. Ik vond een mooi product (van inCarBite) en laat je graag...
  6. Model X iPad Docking Station

    Model X iPad Docking Station

    This is the RevoZport iPad docking station with wireless charging ability.
  7. A

    "Charger Locations" iPhone and Apple Watch app

    I've been wanting a simple app for my iPhone (and iPad) that just contains a map with a circle with 250 mile radius and shows all of the superchargers within driving range. I couldn't find one that simple, so I wrote one. It's called "Charger Locations" on the Apple App Store. Green pins are...
  8. J

    IPad calendar won't sync reliably

    Anyone else having this problem? I can get my iPad to sync via Bluetooth which gives access to calendar and music. Problem is it only works one time. When I get back in the car, the iPad syncs but only with the music. The calendar does not. The calendar screen displays says there is no phone...
  9. tezco

    iOS 7 Problems

    TMC Server Not Found I'm getting the following message rather frequently on my iPad 2: "Safari cannot open this page since the server cannot be found." I can open other pages from my bookmark list and then go back to TMC and TMC works again normally for a while and then the server cannot be...