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  1. T

    Connecting an iPod Classic to the Model 3

    I have an old iPod classic that contains most of my music. I went through the trouble of modding it with a larger flash drive so it can pretty much hold my entire library. What is the best way to play the content on my iPod classic on my Model 3? There is no traditional Aux port and it will...
  2. MTN Ranger

    Tesla Model 3 - iPod vs USB Flash Drive

  3. D.E.

    Phone and iPod simultaneously?

    I have an iPhone. I also have an iPod. Both are capable of bluetooth connection. When I connect the iPod, the car seems to think it is a phone so won't use my iPhone. Is there a way to connect both simultaneously so I can use the phone and also play the music on the iPod? I know I can put...