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  1. La Piazza

    Business Trip Tracker

    Does anyone know of a "business trip tracker" that is already integrated into the Tesla or coming soon as an update?... Rather than writing down or using an App to keep track of my business trips for the IRS it would be an incredible help to do the same with a push of a button in the Tesla. Of...
  2. singleview

    What's the deal with the state/federal incentives?

    Hi folks. Got my Model S a bit over a year ago. I believe we are eligible for $7,500 income tax credit (federal) as well as $1,750 (PA State rebate, first 250 applicants). I submitted these when I filed my taxes last year. I did get the $1,750 from the PA State, but have not heard back at all...
  3. X

    Federal Tax Credit and Tesla buy-back

    In 2016, I purchased a MX and claimed the Federal Tax Credit of $7500 for the purchase. For various reasons, I ended up requesting a buy-back from Tesla, and they agreed (all on good terms.) Are there are requirements regarding the 2016 tax credit that I may need to consider? Looking at the tax...
  4. KBurbridge14

    Business purchase and the $7500 FEDERAL tax credit

    (Please only reply if you can speak with authority, or personal experience, on this topic. Thank you.) My business purchased an X in September of 2016. The vehicle is in the business's name and qualifies for the Hummer Deduction--so on that issue I'm good. I've looked at IRS form 8936 in an...
  5. Haxster

    $7,500 US Tax Credit Analysis

    From the IRS site: “Qualified Plug-In Electric Drive Motor Vehicle Credit (IRC 30D) Phase Out The qualified plug-in electric drive motor vehicle credit phases out for a manufacturer’s vehicles over the one-year period beginning with the second calendar quarter after the calendar quarter in which...
  6. R

    2012 IRS Form 8936, limit $2500 per vehicle?

    It appears that the most current IRS Form 8936 (2012) tells you to limit the credit to $2500 per vehicle, see line 17 below: Tesla says the credit is $7500. Which is it?