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  1. O

    TMS 2014 problem: « You press both pedals » after automatic car wash.

    Hi, I have a Tesla Model S manufactured in 2014. This is the third time in a row that it has reported errors when leaving the automatic car wash. I'm sure I don't press both pedals at the same time. When I brake, PRND turns red on the dashboard and the following messages appear: DI_u013...
  2. Y

    My Pride Shattered!

    I have my Model Y RWD (Shanghai built), since July 2023. Up untill yestarday, it has been almost flawless. Yestarday, I reach office with 81% charge remaining, as I had charged it on the previous night and my office is almost 80kms away from home. All ok, till I try to get into the car at...
  3. W

    Wood trim crackling creaking

    2023 Model Y driver side wood trim crackles and creaks when pressed with pressure. Happens over bumpy road or decelerating quickly with regen too. Service said it was normal but it only happens on driver side and is more frequent. They said they added foam that was a couple months ago and...
  4. A

    unstable supercharge performance - thermal issue ?

    Good day to you all, I'm currently driving a S 100D from late 2017, now with 146 000 km on the odometer, a great car overall. I started to have supercharge issues last year. A charge would quickly ramp up to 135-142KW, but after a few minutes would start throttle at 100-110KW. After a service...
  5. S

    Issue related to car delivery - Anyone have escalation contact information?

    Hello all, I was scheduled to take delivery of my 2023 Tesla MYLR tomorrow 2/25/23. I received a phone call from the delivery center that the vehicle was delivered with a broken/defective windshield wiper arm and they cannot deliver the vehicle in its current state due to this being a safety...
  6. N

    Really weird FSD behavior: Cannot engage when speed is over 28 km/h (17 mph)

    The issue only started happening since about 2 weeks ago. But it's just so weird that it doesn't look like either software or hardward issue alone.. FSD will work fine for some time after I start the drive (time varies, between 5 - 60 min as I have observed so far), then randomly, when the...
  7. R

    2021 M3: strange sound while driving or standing still, sounds like a howling dog

    Hi community, hope someone can help me with this before I can drop the car off at a service center. Today i noticed a strange howling sound coming from the front / trunk (heat pump possibly?). It happened after approx. 1 hr of driving and repeated every minute or so. Has anyone heard this sound...
  8. T

    Spotify Recurring Login Issue

    I recently purchased a 2018 Tesla model s 100d with the mcu2 and have premium connectivity. I have logged into Spotify premium in the car, and am able to stream and play music without an issue. My login works just fine, however every time I get out of the car and come back, Spotify requests me...
  9. C

    Payment Method Issue [resolved]

    Hey all, I ordered my Model 3 on 10th Jan (Australia) and have been sorting the finance. Have got approval on the finance now but for some reason I only see the following message (been like that for about 4 days now): We are experiencing technical issues loading your payment details. Please...
  10. S

    FSD 10.9 screen freezes and the software crashes

    Hi, Since I got the newest update for fsd 10.9 the screen keeps freezing and the software keeps crashing. I cannot use fsd at all. Does anybody else have this issue?
  11. J

    Clicking noise when driving coming from rear drivetrain.

    Hello! Was driving today and when I was backing into my parking spot my girlfriend noticed a clicking noise coming from the rear passenger side of the vehicle. Was wondering if anyone here has had a similar issue and what the resolution was. I’m not sure if it only happens at low speeds.
  12. I

    Model 3 Long Range 2022 HV battery replacement

    Model 3 Long Range 2022 battery issue Hi everyone, I just bought a model 3 on November 23rd and a week later received a call saying they my car may have a battery problem and that they need it back at the service department. I’ve been told my battery needs to be replaced. I was given a...
  13. w1n78

    GPS Marker Stuck, Computer Replacement on 2 week old Model Y

    I just wanted to share the issue we have had with my wife's brand new Model Y. This is our second Tesla. I have a 2020 Model 3 Dual Motor. We've only driven it 800 miles. The GPS marker is stuck at the last location. It will not move. The car works as usual. These are what works. Car is...
  14. F

    Model Y window trim

    Anyone know if this is the door showing bare aluminum or is it the window trim that’s chipped? Would you make Tesla replace it? MY is two weeks old noticed after delivery appointment schedule. See images
  15. B

    VIN assigned and removed

    I recently ordered an inventory 2021 model y which was out of state in NY. Did agree to pay $1000 transportation cost as part of order. Few hours later got order confirmation email along with a delivery date from Tesla Advisor. Same vehicle and VIN showed up in Tesla account also. One day later...
  16. K

    Help, car won't 'start'...

    Today the car wouldn't wake up from the application so I thought I would unlock it to reset. However, screen hasn't come on. Tried pushing both steering wheel buttons for a while, no luck. Then tried brake and buttons, still no luck. Any ideas or is it a call to tesla needed? Had a lot of...
  17. V

    TACC suddenly not stopping for red lights? Worked fine for 213km...

    Just picked up first Tesla yesterday, 2021 model 3 SR+ (No FSD). Also my very first EV. I've been really enjoying the car and experimenting with TACC. I love the feature, it stops at red lights, stops in traffic, and accelerates properly. Both days absolutely clear weather. I drove 217km total...
  18. G

    Unannounced (surprise!) Tesla Delivery - Part 2: How to Deal w/ Delivery Issues?

    Hi All, I posted a thread last week about our experience moving to another state, and Tesla forcing us to accept delivery of a Model Y by dropping it off at our future house days before we had even moved into the house! (you can read more in the thread here), Update since we finally got...
  19. andymac

    Delivery Rejection - At least 18 issues found

    Hi all. First post. Wish it was a more positive one. Looking for advice / suggestions on what to do.... I had to reject collecting my Performance Model 3 yesterday because I found 18 issues with the car and they couldn't confirm they would fix them before I drove away. After asking around it...
  20. fasteddie7

    Charging problems or weather related?

    I might be having a charging issue...not sure. When I got home last night after a snow/rainy hour commute, I brought my charger to the port and pressed the button. It opened but the lights didn't come on and the little tab that was in there clicked a few times. After that it finally lit up...
  21. fasteddie7

    Accelerator pressed : cruise will not brake when pedal isn’t pressed

    So here’s a new one. 2019.36.2.1 AP1 last few days has popped up a message “accelerator pressed, cruise will not brake”, which I’m used to seeing if I actually accelerate on autopilot, but this time I’m not pressing either pedal. The first time it happened, I instinctively pressed the...
  22. K

    Need Help! Charging Issues, Errors, Max 23 Amps

    I’m having an issue with charging my MX at home, and hoping I can find someone who has had a similar experience and can suggest a solution. Thanks in advance for reading my novel! Overview: I have a late-2017 HW v2.5 MX 100D. When I originally purchased it, I had a NEMA 14-50 outlet installed...
  23. M20Driver

    Unplugged Performance Side Skirt Issues

    Has anyone else had an issue with the mounting points on the Unplugged Performance Side Skirts Failing? I purchased the Unplugged Performance Refreshed Front Fascia and their Side Skirts about a year ago. The refreshed front fascia turned out very nice. I installed and painted the unit myself...
  24. Tam

    MASTER THREAD: Jack Points — location, use, damage, pads, etc.

    Model S and X have rectangular lifting pads with 3 holes and they are located on the outer edge. Model 3 Jack Points look different (triangular with 1 hole?) and they are not located anywhere near the outer edge but rather more inward. Would anyone please take a picture because the drawing is...
  25. fasteddie7

    Anyone Experienced This Service Message

    My 2016.5 75D 66k miles has this bizarre issue that no one seems to know what it's caused by. Once every few days sometimes about a week a car needs service message pops up for less than a second followed by a short alert tone. The service center has checked the logs and saw where the message...
  26. fasteddie7

    Door trim coming off

    I noticed this morning the silver trim that wraps around the car is starting to come off. It looks like there is just adhesive holding it on. Is this something I can grab at the auto parts store and stick back on myself?
  27. J

    I need input from fellow MX owners

    I am getting frustrated and could use some input. I have owned 4 Tesla's over the years. I started with a Model S 60, then went to a Model S 75D, then to a Model 3 LR RWD, and then in September 2018 I got a Model X P100D (this was an inventory vehicle - I was told when I was buying it that it...
  28. strava

    #12 sensor failed

    Just got the 2018.26.1 at SC and tried Summon for the first time. Every time I pressed Forward or Reverse, the car would start trying by making noise and turning on the lights. However, it stopped before making any move. I called the Service Center for this issue. The rep checked the log and...
  29. J

    What could we do against Tesla?

    I often saw we all have the similar issue for the features for example, auto pilot or falcon wing door. For example, auto pilot, we know Auto pilot has some issue to detect the car in front of the front car stopped and the car in front of my car suddenly change the lane, my car accelerate and...
  30. andrwmg

    Side View Mirror Park Issue

    Does anyone else have the issue where the left (or right) side view mirror glass turns inward when the car is put into park? The mirrors are still folded out, but the actual glass is turning inward in a way that makes it virtually impossible to see oncoming traffic when getting out of the car...
  31. Axael

    Advice on ICU / MCU issues (S90D 2017)

    Hey all, I own a S90D from early 2017. I began having issues a few months ago when the sides of my MCU screen started to show a yellow shadow (apparently, a common problem on cars produced in this timeframe). A few weeks ago, I began driving and saw that my airbag light on the ICU was lit...
  32. fasteddie7

    Can I mess up my HPWC?

    my car is in for service and I have a loaner for the night. When I got home I plugged the loaner in and the “unable to charge” close port and press the brake message popped up. It’s still charging and I need it to charge to make it back to the service center tomorrow. Can anything negative...
  33. Jetson

    Auto Windshield Wipers Not So Automatic

    I know, or at least I hope, this will be updated in a future software release: As you can see, I find I have to turn them to manual.
  34. K

    Kan niet inloggen bij spotify in de model S

    Sinds de laatste update kan ik niet meer inloggen bij Spotify ervaren meer mensen dit en hebben mensen een oplossing hiervoor? Alvast bedankt.
  35. fasteddie7

    Supercharger stopped suddenly then resumed

    I was on a long trip this evening and stopped to supercharge. It's around 90°f out and was charging at 330 mph. The fan was going at a good clip suddenly my screen said supercharging stopped. About 15 seconds later it picked up again and returned to 300 mph. Issue, normal?
  36. fasteddie7

    Heated steering wheel not working

    my model S 60D September 2016's heated steering wheel suddenly stopped working. I've rebooted both screens, tried toggling settings on and off, nothing I do seems to work. Could it have really gone out this quickly? I have a service appointment in the first week of April for my 12,500 service so...
  37. travwill

    Touchscreen Unresponsive?

    My touchscreen is unresponsive, gives the warning, about 90% of the time over the last couple months. Has made ownership extremely frustrating at times. I can't operate doors from it, can't do garage door, can't choose media easily, can' change AC to defrost windows at times, turn on...