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jack mode

  1. K

    Air suspension warning light

    I have the 2013 model p85 with the active air suspension. My red suspension light comes on every time I drive my car. It rarely ever came on when I lived in California. Now that it’s winter and I’m in freezing temperatures, it comes on just minutes after turning the car on. From what I know, the...
  2. D

    Bodyshop did NOT go into jack mode when fixing a panel, how bad is it?

    Hello All, I used a well recommended bodyshop to fix some door dings and paint issues on a 2022 Model S Plaid. I told them to please use jack mode and call me if they needed help accessing it and ensured me they knew how to do it. Long story short, I chat with the owner and asked about it at...
  3. Sanderpman12

    Undercarrige help!

    Hey all, due to this past snow storm, i am in a bit of a jam. The snow broke off tbe plastic part of my undercarriage and now it drags so much when i drive im pretty sure its not safe. I want to cut this piece off myself because its out of warrenty and tesla has not gotten back to me with a...
  4. IsthataTesl.a?

    Jack Mode MOVED !

    Jack Mode setting has apparently been moved on a recent software update. Had a wheel swapped out today and neither the technician, a manager at Discount Tire, nor I could find a Jack Mode setting. Called Tesla and Jack Mode is still present in the car but is now found under the Service tab and...
  5. vandacca

    You don't Know Jack (mode)

    I was swapping tires this past weekend, and I had the X in Jack Mode for a few hours. Normally, when I walk in and out of the garage, the car wakes up, opens doors, etc. However, when in Jack Mode, it didn't do any of that. It remained in "manual" mode and all automated features seemed to...
  6. K

    Air Suspension Red Indicator (Jack Mode?) Appears in Instrument Cluster

    I searched around a bit to see if anyone else had posted about this but the forum search didn't seem to turn anything up and a custom google search didn't give me anything relevant either. When I was coming into work today (mid 70s, after a morning rain, slightly damp roads, high humidity) a...