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jack point

  1. M

    Can I only use the front 2 jack points?

    Hey Guys! Quick question for you all... Can I use my Safe Jack jack stands on the front 2 jack points only on my Tesla Model 3? I went over a pot hole and discovered that the front skid plate got damaged in the process resulting in an ugly knocking noise whenever I drive over 45 mph. It's a...
  2. P

    Jack points (leaking tire)

    Got a leaking tire, so took it to Les Schwab Tire Center to get it patched. Is this the right way to jack it? I did not have pucks.
  3. D

    Looking for some dimensions for all Tesla models

    Hi folks I am a developer and am in the process of making lifting equipment for electric cars. I want to hear about what the length is between the lifting points across the car (Center to center) in the front and in the rear. I would be happy if you wrote it in mm or cm. And how deep is the hole...
  4. sujitdmello

    2008 Roadster - bent wheel repair / jack up car

    The front-right on my roadster has a bent wheel as per a report from the last service I did with Tesla in Springfield, NJ. I have located a service that can take the wheel and straighten it but don't know how to jack up the front right so I can get the wheel off. I've read various posts about...
  5. ctn531

    WARNING!!! Screws holding jack pad to frame are ALL loose - jack pad may fall off car

    I created this thread on the MX forum, but I assume it would apply to MS as well. Might be worth a few minutes of your time to check these bolts using a 13mm socket wrench. WARNING!!! Screws holding jack pad to frame are ALL loose - jack pad may fall off car
  6. Tam

    MASTER THREAD: Jack Points — location, use, damage, pads, etc.

    Model S and X have rectangular lifting pads with 3 holes and they are located on the outer edge. Model 3 Jack Points look different (triangular with 1 hole?) and they are not located anywhere near the outer edge but rather more inward. Would anyone please take a picture because the drawing is...
  7. ctn531

    Is it possible to get MX on jack stands using air suspension (no floor jack)

    I want to powder coat my rims. I'd like to get all 4 wheels off the ground at the same time in order to remove the tires and get the rims coated. It is unfortunate that there are so few jacking locations on this vehicle. My thought is to drive all 4 wheels on top of concrete blocks that are...
  8. R

    Jack Point contact for Bottle Jack

    If I use a bottle jack that has a round contact point that fits into the recessed hole on the jack point, is there metal behind the hole that can hold the weight of the car? Or is the recessed hole purely for placement purposes so the weight of the car must be supported by the surrounding 2"X3"...