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jack points

  1. D

    Alternative Jack Stand Point

    Hi, DIYer here. Is it okay to place a jack stand under as I have done here? Thanks.
  2. P

    Tire shop didn't follow jacking procedure

    I just brought our Model 3 in to Discount Tire for new tires. I asked twice if they're familiar with the special jacking procedure. Two employees assured me that they work on Model 3s all the time. I happened to see that they lifted it with a standard lift (pic attached). I asked them about it...
  3. M

    Alternative way to jack it up

    I'm probably gonna get lamb basted for this but here goes. I have a pet peeve of jacking up unibody cars from the body on ONE corner. This is a HUGE amount of stress. What can happen when you twist a uni-body is a weak spot weld might let go and you end up with a squeak. A squeak that you will...