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  1. RNHurt

    Can I re-use my old MY jack pucks on a MX?

    I'm thinking about replacing my 2020 MY with a 2020 MX and would like to know if the jack pucks are the same. I have a set of jack pucks for the MY that have come in really handy when changing tires, etc. I would like to re-use them for the MX but I don't know if they are compatible. I looked...
  2. M

    Can I only use the front 2 jack points?

    Hey Guys! Quick question for you all... Can I use my Safe Jack jack stands on the front 2 jack points only on my Tesla Model 3? I went over a pot hole and discovered that the front skid plate got damaged in the process resulting in an ugly knocking noise whenever I drive over 45 mph. It's a...
  3. I

    MYP 2022 jack area ground clearance?

    What's the ground to jack point clearance on the MPY? I have a 2022 MYP on order. I bought forged wheels and once the MYP arrives want to take off the 21" wheels / tires to sell as new in the Tesla lot. I have some jack pads but want to know if the Jacks I have will work or if I need to just...
  4. O

    How much jack height to lift both wheels?

    Getting a floor jack, trying to find the lowest price and size that will do the job well. I want to lift high enough at one jack point so I can put a (low) jack stand under the other point, jack pad included. Options range from 20" / 510 mm lift (big, pricey) to 14" / 360 mm (cheaper, smaller...
  5. ICE collector

    Safe Jack - Jack Stands for Model S, X. 3, Y NIB

    Set of 4 Jack stands, in box never used, $550 new. Asking $400, pickup or deliver anywhere in So Florida.
  6. UncaNed

    What does Jackshaft shudder sound like?

    Not sure if I have it or not. Is there a video or something where I can hear it clearly? March 2018 X75D
  7. Tesomega

    Portable Hydraulic Floor Jack - Recommendations?

    Found this hydraulic floor jacks @ Costco and considering buying them, any one has used these portable models would you recommend it for use with a Tesla?
  8. G

    UK Company to Change Wheels

    Obviously we all know a Tesla cannot be jacked using a standard car jack o_O so who have people used to change tires on their car? I'm based in London so either local places around here or national companies would be helpful!
  9. T

    Jack size for Model S and X

    As winter is approaching and it's getting close to time to switch tires, what's the recommended size for a jack? Do you need something more than 2 tons, or does it make any difference given that it's pretty much only for changing the tires?
  10. M

    The perfect Model 3 emergency jack?

    I've been hunting around for a nice jack for the Model 3. I don't plan on carrying a spare (yet) but I do have a nice tire repair kit and I have repaired many tires. It's not always so easy to repair a tire on the car. Especially if it's 5F out. I want the ability to rotate the wheel or remove...
  11. ctn531

    Is it possible to get MX on jack stands using air suspension (no floor jack)

    I want to powder coat my rims. I'd like to get all 4 wheels off the ground at the same time in order to remove the tires and get the rims coated. It is unfortunate that there are so few jacking locations on this vehicle. My thought is to drive all 4 wheels on top of concrete blocks that are...
  12. D

    Do not allow a third part of put your Roadster on a lift (properly placed jack okay)

    I did some searching on TMC, and I could not find a post that mentioned this, so I thought its worthy of posting. After having some service on a 1.5 , I asked about having a state inspection. I was told that the Tesla service centers in New York don't offer this, as they would need to make the...
  13. Naonak

    Naonaks 3D Printed Tesla Accessories

    I've had several people contact me with regards to some of my designs for Tesla accessories. I am releasing all of them under the CCL. Feel free to use them as you see fit. If you want to sell them for some reason, please contact me before hand and we can work something out. Tesla MS Jack Pad...
  14. E

    Good emergency roadside jack for MS

    Hello, I got a flat yesterday, but was able to work on it at home fortunately. For practice, I decided to use my roadside screw jack instead of the hydraulic racing jack. Screw jack went wonky at about half the height I needed to get the tire off, so I put the car down, swapped in the hydraulic...
  15. dhelmly

    Model X Scissor Jack & Tire Iron for emergency ?

    Anyone picked out a decent scissor jack and tire iron (lug nut) for the X? I've always carried a tire kit in my cars for nails and other things that can be easily plugged. What size is the lug nut ? The largest one I had was 23mm and too small. I have the standard 20" wheels.
  16. R

    Jackpoint jack stands

    I finally got the chance to try them today while swapping my wheels for my winter set, and I want to say that they worked really well. Robust construction, and the standard pad that came with it was the right size (no overlap with the battery area - I used the rubber pad with the pin).
  17. R

    Swapping wheels: 1 or 2 jack stands?

    I should be getting my winter set (wheels+tires) today, and my jackpoint jack stands later this week, which means I should be ready for the swap at the end of the week. The jack stands come in pairs, which begs the question: when doing the wheel swap job, what's safest, using one or two jack...