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  1. rdskill

    Ghosted by Jeda Products

    Has anyone else been ghosted by this company? I got an email in May that my order was being shipped. I didn't remember ordering anything from then, but when I checked I had way back in February! But back in April I purchased a wireless charging pad, completely forgetting about my previous...
  2. Hated

    Wireless charging a Pixel 7 Pro in a 2019 Tesla Model 3 Performance

    I have a 2019 Tesla Model 3 Performance. Shortly after purchase I bought the Jeda Wireless Charging Pad V2, which worked great for my Google Pixel 4 XL phones. I recently upgraded to the new Pixel 7 Pro and these don't work with my Jeda charging pad. They barely fit on the pad, you can't...
  3. andrewsjra

    Like New Jeda Products for Sale

    I’m selling 2 Jeda Model 3 USB hubs. I have the 1st and 2nd generation hubs with the dual USB A connectors. The 2nd gen one was literally used for a couple days. The 1st gen was used for about a year. I also have the Jeda SSD and the charging tray that were also used for just 2 days. I had these...
  4. D

    Jeda warning

    I would like to share my experience with Jeda, manufacturer of charging products for Tesla. In March 2022 I orded a ”Tesla Model 3 and Model Y USB Hub Console” from Jeda and payed $145,99 via credit card. 7 months later, the product has not yet arrived. It’s very clear that I have payed and...
  5. E

    [MOD] A Jeda USB-C hub (2021+) that actually works!

    So i bought the Jeda usb-c hub, waited like 2 months due to supply constraints, finally received it only to realize it sucks really really bad. And doesn’t work half the time, the Apple Watch charger is also very limited to what it supports (watch size and weight Wise). Sent in a support ticket...
  6. D

    Jeda USB Hub Model 3/Y USB a+c (Used)

    Selling lightly used Jeda hub. Perfect fit into Center Console. Updated version for USB a+c connections. $55 firm thx!
  7. Tony_YYZ

    FS: Jeda Wireless Charging Pad v2 for Model 3 & Y - GTA, Ontario Canada

    I’m selling my Jeda wireless charging pad, V2 spec. I recently upgraded to the V4 spec and no longer need this one. It works perfectly fine and includes the original boxes and cables. I can include a spacer if needed as well. It fits all 2017-2020 Model 3’s and any Model Y with the older center...
  8. I

    Jeda Tesla Model Y USB Hub, Wireless Charger v3, & Spacer (NEW)

    Hey All! Tesla recently offered me a buyback on my MY over a safety concern. My MY was in and out of the shop since I purchased it in late October. Just like most of you, I was very excited and purchased a bunch of cool accessories for my MY but unfortunately, I never got to use them. With...
  9. R

    For Sale: Brand new Jeda USE HUB for Model 3 2018-2020 with two USB A Ports

    Hello Everyone, I have (1) Brand new Jeda USB HUB, newest version they carry. I originally purchased two of them, but my wife upgraded her Lexus to a Model Y. This item was never used, comes with the original box and all accessories. Local pick up in Phoenix, AZ will be $65 or shipping out of...
  10. Z

    Model 3 - Jeda Wireless Charging Pad v2, Spacer, USB Hub Combo $120

    I had purchased these in anticipation of getting a Model 3 but couldn't justify the purchase due to covid (WFH). I spent ~$180 with tax and shipping. Just trying to recoup a little cash and hopefully help out a Model 3 owner a little as Jeda is notorious for long wait times. I prefer to sell as...
  11. GeoffEV

    Problems getting Jeda USB Hub

    It's getting to be a longtime coming for this Jeda Model Y product. Even though I ordered in early September, queries to Jeda get non-specific automatic responses with no estimated ship date. An honest explanation would go a long way to assuage my concern. Q1: Inside info on the delay? Q2...
  12. iamec

    FS: Model 3 Accessories

    Selling a few Model 3 accessories as I will be getting a Model Y. I am based in the Seattle area and would prefer pick-up. Although, some items can be shipped. PM me to figure out the logistics and request images of items. Thanks! Tesla Model 3 all-weather front and rear mats Originally paid...
  13. djroberts

    Jeda charged me March 16, hasn't responded since

    Totally get that these are unique times and I'm totally fine with being patient for my order. My issue here is that they charged me right away, didn't ship, and haven't responded to any inquiries. Im hoping they monitor this forum. Just looking to cancel the order at this point.
  14. Sgt.GuyGrr

    New Jeda Wireless Charging Pad $70

    Brand new in box, "never used" Jeda Wireless Charging Pad for the Tesla Model 3. I purchased this charging pad and never read the FAQ where it specifically states it won't work with the QuadLock phone case that I'm using. I don't want to swap phone cases out when I go mountain biking so...
  15. J

    Jeda USB Hub - Model 3 - $80 OBO

    Inadvertently ended up with 2 USB hubs as I received one as a gift. Brand new, sealed, unopened. If you aren't familiar, you can get more info here: Jeda Products | Tesla Model 3 USB Hub From Jeda it's $89 shipped anywhere in the US. I'm eating the shipping cost which I expect will be around...
  16. S

    JEDA USB HUB & Wireless Charging Pad - Poor Customer Service for Australia

    This is just a heads up for anyone in Australia considering ordering from Jeda. I ordered in the last week of November and paid $28 USD (around $40) in shipping. You normally would expect to receive your item in 3-4 days with DHL express/Fedex which sometimes costs lot less than $40. After a...
  17. H

    Wireless Fast Charging for Iphone

    I bought a Jeda wireless charging pad. I have an iPhone XS Max. Is there a way to configure the charger for fast charging? What equipment is needed? Thanks!
  18. mark273

    M30C Trevor unwraps Jeda Wireless Pad 2.0

    ordered mine last week and now finally get to see it in action
  19. M

    Jeda Wireless Pad for sale

    Barely used Jeda wireless pad for sale. Bought for $110. Asking $80 including shipping.
  20. akidesir

    Model 3 Jeda Wireless Charging Pad

    Model 3 Jeda Wireless Charging Pad - Used for 1 month Jeda Wireless Charging Pad. - Everything included, box, instructions, etc. The little sticky's behind the charging pad haven't been peeled off. Located in Toronto, Canada. Selling for $70 USD or $80 CAD.