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  1. H

    Autopilot = Aggressive Grandma

    I have simple needs. Just want plain old Autopilot to take some burden off me in stop and go traffic. Used to be ok. Now - I’m embarrassed to drive with it with others and too frustrated to use it alone. Jerks way too hard when braking and super inconsistent acceleration. Haven’t read too much...
  2. 9

    Herky jerky autopilot

    Does anyone else feel that at times autopilot is herky jerky (quick, sudden acceleration from stop, quick stops) while in stop and go traffic? I don't see the rhyme or reason to it, sometimes it eases into the acceleration as I would, and other times I can feel the G-force as it tries to zoom...
  3. WSBKing420

    Autopilot not braking in traffic

    Today my car started behaving very strangely on Autopilot. I have the 2021 vision only M3P. I've had issues with my autopilot in the past where in stop and go traffic it was accelerate rapidly towards the car infront of md and then brake harshly. But it got better with a update that came out not...
  4. AlanSubie4Life

    FSD Steering Characteristics Discussion

    Moving this discussion from the Elon FSD tweets thread...this is a discussion about the behavior of the steering in FSD Beta (at the moment 10.4). My summary is that it jerks around a lot unnecessarily and the preceding discussion in the other thread was about whether or not this was a bug...
  5. W

    Is there a fix for the TACC/Autopilot surging?

    I got my car last week and was really looking forward to TACC and trying Autopilot. My issue is when there is an actual car in front, the car is very jerky. I can see the car on and off the throttle to try and maintain distance (I assume within a razor thin window?) or the delay in which it is...
  6. G

    TACC degradation in stop and go traffic

    Has anyone else notice the degradation in TACC while in stop and go traffic? I’ve been using autopilot for over a year now commuting in LA traffic and the last few days (including this morning) TACC has been very jerky. The car will bounce between accelerating and regen while following the car...
  7. D

    AP/cruise smoothness

    Hi all Newbie here. I'm considering a model 3, and took one for a test drive today. Overall, my impressions were really positive. Drivability, comfort, and acceleration were everything I expected and more. However, there was one thing which bugged me: the cruise control on autopilot was...
  8. T

    Autopilot worse after latest Update

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to say that with the latest update that was pushed through my AP2.0 has become much worse and erratic than it was before. I own a 2016 Model S with AP2.0 hardware. At first the AP was absolutely unusable. Then sometime in 2017 they pushed a major update that brought...
  9. Kandiru

    Jerky Steering

    2015 S85D steering suddenly jerky this morning. I pulled out of the garage and the wheel was cogwheeling like a parkinsonian's distal biceps tendon, ie shuddering, giving opposing input, to the point that I had to fight it to turn. Continuing the drive it seemed the power steering had a mind of...