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  1. ghuie32

    PSE&G New Credits: .105 per kWh and how to get a JuiceBox for less than $100 Installed - NJ

    As of June 1, 2023, PSE&G raised their credits from .02 kWh to .105 kWh for off peak charging. But, you would need a JuiceBox or ChargePoint charger. If you have a Tesla Wall Connector, you can still get the .02 kWh credits. Check out the video I made below!
  2. B

    Wallbox or Juicebox?

    Just saw that I have enough credits via my electric supplier to purchase a wall charger through their “reward store.” The options are generally limited to the Wallbox 48 or 40 and the Juicebox 40 or 32. The difference in credits here is nominal as they are all within 10% so wanted to pose the...
  3. Q

    Power sharing recommendations for Tesla & J1772 cars

    Hello, I am trying to figure out the best option for adding a non-Tesla EV to our current setup. We have currently have a Model 3 Standard Range Plus that charges via the Mobile Connector connected to a 14-30 outlet in our garage. We used a dedicated 30A breaker here as we were worried about...
  4. T

    Off-peak charging in NJ

    Hello! My Model Y comes in tomorrow. I wanted to ask if anyone takes advantage of PSEG off-peak charging rates? I asked PSEG and they said those rates are only available if you use a charger that sends PSEG the charging data for the EV. Is the ChargePoint worth it? PSEG giving up to$1500 in...
  5. N

    Charging time Tesla charger vs Standard 50amp outlet

    Hi! I am getting a new Model Y in a few weeks and am deciding between the Tesla charger, the Juicebox ,or sticking with a regular 50 amp 240vac outlet. Does the tesla charger/juicebox charge any faster than the 50amp standard plug? OR does it just give you more features? Thank you
  6. Triumphz28

    JuiceBox Pro WiFi - Level 2 EV 40A J1772 Home Smart Charging Station Wi-Fi EVSE

    Smart JuiceBox Pro WiFi - Level 2 EV 40A J1772 Home Charging Station Wi-Fi EVSE | eBay JuiceBox Pro WiFi - Level 2 EV 40A J1772 Smart Home Charging Station Wi-Fi EVSE Works with every plug in vehicle including all Tesla vehicles. Smart JuiceBox Pro WiFi - Level 2 EV 40A J1772 Home Charging...
  7. C

    eMotorwerks JuiceBox Smart Charging and Model 3 Incompatibility Update

    For Model 3 owners having trouble using the eMotorwerks JuiceBox Smart Charging feature, I received this email from eMotorWerks today: “Thank you for your participation in eMotorWerks Rewards program. We appreciate you identifying your Tesla Model 3 in your JuiceNet mobile app. As a result...
  8. T

    Future proofing electric vehicle charging at home...

    I'm currently leasing a Volt that will expire at the end of the year, and have a Tesla 3 coming within a few months. The charger I installed for the Volt connects to a 14-50 circuit and is capable of outputting 40 amps using the standard J1772 port (It's a Juicebox). At first, I thought about...
  9. MiamiEV

    Which pay charge service do you prefer???

    I am a Commercial Property Manager in South Florida in addition to owning a MX. I am looking to install some pay per charge stations at a few of the properties and would like to get some input. Yes, we all prefer to either use a supercharging station and/or charge at home. When not...
  10. torcator

    Charger on a friends house

    So, I have a colleague that lives 40 miles from home and since we work together, we meet a few times per week. I was thinking of installing an electric charger at his house but I'm not sure which one. This should be a temporary solution, something that eventually I could move it. And also...
  11. PedanticOne

    HPWC or JuiceBox?

    Trying to decide if I should get a HPWC or a JuiceBox. The JuiceBox could at least be used by other vehicles (I do have a Zero motorcycle). And I could get the 75 amp one if I ever decide to upgrade the onboard charger. But it's $800 compared to $550. The 40A JB is $599, but I liked the HPWC...