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jump seats

  1. R

    7 Seat Model S with Free Supercharging + More for Sale

    Model S P90+ (see photos) was rebadged by Tesla after getting a battery upgrade because the 85 went out while under warranty. The rear facing seats fold flat if needed. Includes transferable, free supercharging for life which also includes exclusion from idle-time fees at superchargers. Also...
  2. F

    Used S vs New Y - 7-seat commuter

    I appreciate the several threads already comparing ownership of an older S to a new Y, and some replies to a post over in the Model X area. Curious to look at it from a slightly different take to see if anyone has experience with it. I need a commuter, for about 12k miles a year. It’s a third...
  3. A

    Want to Buy: Model S Rear Facing Jump Seats

    Looking to buy rear facing jump seats to retrofit into my 2020 Tesla Model S Performance. If you have or know anyone that is willing to sell their jump seats out of a 2012 to 2018 Tesla… please let me know. I’ll pay top dollar!
  4. A

    WTB: Model S Jump Seats

    Looking to purchase Jump Seats to retrofit in my 2020 Model S. Please call, text or email me (863) 409-2400 or [email protected]
  5. J

    FS: Satin Black P90DL Model S w/ 3rd Row Seats & FUSC

    Hi folks, Up for sale is my 2015 P90D with Ludicrous speed upgrade. Car is located in Frederick, MD and has approximately 63,000 miles. I am the second owner and purchased via private sale. Free Unlimited Supercharging (FUSC) will transfer with sale. This is a V1 battery car that has a 90% SOC...
  6. P

    Want to buy: Jump Seats, rear facing child seats

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to purchase jump seats for a 2015 model S. Does anyone have them, or know where to find them? I've watched YouTube videos to see installation, so I know it can be done. Any help is greatly appreciated! Ian
  7. R

    Swap Gen2 rear facing jump seat striker for Gen1 - San Diego

    I just bought RFS (rear facing seats) from a 2016 MS but the strikers that came with them are sticking out too much. If anybody is getting their newer MS retrofitted with older RFS and wants to exchange their Gen1 strikers for my Gen2 strikers, ping me. I am located in San Diego.
  8. M

    Looking for 3rd row jump seats and all its hardware

    Hi, i am looking for rear facing jump seats and all its hardware for my December 2014 P85D, including reinforcement bar. I am from Toronto, Canada, however will be traveling from Toronto to Miami, Florida in a week. Can meet with the seller anywhere on my route or in Miami area. Thanks in...
  9. mmoran

    Telsa S rear facing seats

    I purchased a slightly used 2017 Model S which had everything I wanted and then some. The then some was the rear facing seats. I would have preferred the extra storage space than the seats, so I had them taken out by a local shop. (Tesla wouldn’t do it). So they’re for sale. $1500 Pickup in...
  10. briancul67

    Model S Rear Facing Seats 3rd Row Jump Seats Kids Seats - SEATTLE

    I have a set of Rear Facing Seats for sale. They are in great condition and have very little use. I do not have the brackets or bumper reinforcement. Price is $1,200 for local pickup in Seattle. I can pack and ship on the train to any Amtrak station in the country for $100 or via UPS ground...
  11. AutobahnEV

    Tesla Model S OEM Third row Seat w/ Reinforcement

    Tesla Model S 85 (2012-2015) OEM Third Row Collapsable Jump Seat 1017509-00-E | eBay
  12. H

    What is it with all these rear-end accidents? Here's my footage.

    I was in stop and go traffic last week on the freeway. Autopilot stopped but the Ford F250 box van behind me didn't quite make it. Luckily I had a front and rear dashcam...or so I thought. I offered it to the police officer. He said, "I don't need it." I told the insurance adjuster of the...
  13. S

    Clip on fan to cool 3rd row seats

    Folks, is getting hot here again and I remember how hot the 3rd row seats were last year and decided to do something about it. Bought two clip on fans, USB powered with single 18650 Li-Ion cell backup from Amazon. Clips onto the jump seat headrest right in between the seats. USB cable runs...
  14. F

    WTB: Model S Third Row Seats

    I’m looking to purchase third row seats and the rear bumper reinforcement for a Model S. It would be great if the purchase included all the mounting hardware and plastic trim pieces required.
  15. H

    My Rear Jumpseat Cooling Solution

    Now that summer is nearing, I thought I'd share with you what I used all last summer for cooling my rear jump seats. First things first, make sure that the a/c setting is either on fresh air or biohazard mode NOT re-circulation. Even though you can turn up the fan to 11 on re-circulation, the...
  16. AutobahnEV

    Tesla Model S Third Seat Jump Seat

    I have a black jump seat for the early VIN Model S Came out of a 03/2014 Model S P85 w/ 32k miles Asking $1600 Please make an offer if you are interested Will send photos if requested
  17. Sean Mitchell

    Looking for rear facing seat (jump seats) crash test safety data

    I'm doing some research on the safety of the rear facing jump seats that Tesla offers in their Model S and came across your work - well done. Surprisingly, I'm having a very, very difficult time finding any supporting data on the safety of the rear facing seat (jump seats). It doesn't appear...
  18. MoosejawShaw

    WTB 3rd row seats

    I am looking for the 3rd row "jumpseats"/kid seats for a 2013 model s. I will pickup if close or pay for shipping. I need them for before Christmas as we will be road tripping. Hoping for the new gen ones but will take the older ones. Kids love the idea, we will see I guess.
  19. mnx

    rear facing seats

    Looking to buy rear facing seats for my Model S. Would love to buy them from someone local, say within a 200km radius of Hamilton, ON. If you have the seats but wish you didn't get them or no longer need them, please let me know. Feel free to reply to this thread or send a PM. Thanks!