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  1. H

    What is it with all these rear-end accidents? Here's my footage.

    I was in stop and go traffic last week on the freeway. Autopilot stopped but the Ford F250 box van behind me didn't quite make it. Luckily I had a front and rear dashcam...or so I thought. I offered it to the police officer. He said, "I don't need it." I told the insurance adjuster of the...
  2. F

    WTB: Model S Third Row Seats

    I’m looking to purchase third row seats and the rear bumper reinforcement for a Model S. It would be great if the purchase included all the mounting hardware and plastic trim pieces required.
  3. H

    Anyone been rear-ended in a vehicle with rear facing jumpseats?

    Just curious how the reinforced bumper holds up and if the hatch is able to be opened.
  4. ChrgdTeCHick

    MS and kids...

    Within the next week I am scheduled to pick up my MS! Aside just getting rid of my children :p and telling me you just don't let your kids ride in yours :D (not an option), wanted to get feedback on owning an MS with kids on two main things: 1) the rear doors- aside parking a mile + a foot away...
  5. H

    My Rear Jumpseat Cooling Solution

    Now that summer is nearing, I thought I'd share with you what I used all last summer for cooling my rear jump seats. First things first, make sure that the a/c setting is either on fresh air or biohazard mode NOT re-circulation. Even though you can turn up the fan to 11 on re-circulation, the...
  6. AutobahnEV

    Tesla Model S Third Seat Jump Seat

    I have a black jump seat for the early VIN Model S Came out of a 03/2014 Model S P85 w/ 32k miles Asking $1600 Please make an offer if you are interested Will send photos if requested
  7. H

    Why fresh air setting for jumpseats?

    Tesla encourages the use of the fresh air setting for better air circulation when using the rear jumpseats. Can anyone explain why that setting has better circulation to the trunk? When I put that setting on, the speed of air exiting the rear vents noticibly decreases.
  8. H

    Anyone use the Noggle?

    I know it looks silly but does anyone have experience with the Noggle in the Model S? I have 3rd row jumpseats and wanted to hear from anyone that's used one before either with that or with rear-facing car seats. Specially, what length is appropriate and how well does it fit on the rear vents?