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key card

  1. E

    Is there a way to claim ownership of a Tesla without having the original owner transferring ownership and I don’t have a key?

    Hi guys, so I was looking at purchasing a Salvage title Tesla Model X and I was wondering if I could get access to the car somehow if I can’t get hold of the original owner and if it doesn’t include a keycard. Is it possible or should I just avoid the ones that don’t include keys?
  2. M

    Key not Detected

    My wife and I both have card keys and iphones with the Tesla app for our Model 3. Today, something unusual happened regarding her key. I was not with her, and she drove out of the garage for a short trip. She placed her phone with the Tesla app active in the charging area (and her key card was...
  3. T

    Unknown Key

    Our new model Y Key’s are listed as “unknown key” and doesn’t lock car on walking away. Service asked me to remove and re-pair and even do soft reset and redid the entire process. Compared with other 2022 Model Y’s and they dont have the same issues with the same version of software. In addition...
  4. MrWattson

    Android Phone not recognized.

    Over the past several days it appears that my MY is not recognizing my phone. I cannot unlock the car and it is asking for the key card. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the Tesla app on my phone but today had the same issue. I eventually could manually unlock via the app, but when I got in...
  5. E

    Tesla 3 key card in apple watch wallet

    I believe it is possible to load the Tesla 3 key card into the Apple Watch wallet and start using the Apple Watch to open the Tesla 3 (without additional app). Am I correct? Do you know how? Thank you and very much appreciated (I have googled, read a lot but nothing clear)
  6. 5

    RFID Wallet for Key Card Storage

    Just picked up one of these from Ace Hardware and figured I'd share. $12. Figured it would be good to store the key card in since I will be leaving it in the glove box for when I need to valet. Ordered a silicon sleeve as well so they don't lose it. Will update once received to confirm it still...
  7. D

    car key dead

    One of our card keys no longer works. It won't unlock the car, nor is it sensed at the console. Apparently my Android phone is logically linked to that card key(??), and now it no longer works either. My phone key can unlock the car, but the MY won't drive, it insists on pairing my card key...
  8. Vustadumas

    Physical key not recognized after first setup

    Hi! New MYP owner here. I initially setup the car using what was designated as my key card and my wife used the other card to setup her profile. I had driven the car the following day and a few minutes in to the trip the car said, “no key found, driving not permitted after the car is stopped...
  9. S

    Key card storage

    I would like to only use my phone key and not carry the key card also. But, I need something to give to the valet when needed. Is it safe to leave the key card in the glove box? I believe the glove box locks when the car is locked. So if someone breaks into the car it will still be locked and...
  10. G

    key not detected unable to restart after this drive without key

    Anyone have a clue what this screen message means? It appeared after unlocking the new Model Y with a validated key card and driving away. The message stayed for the entire 30 minute drive. The key card was used to successfully lock and unlock the car for the drive home.
  11. C

    Key Card

    Is the key card waterproof? I like to go swimming at the local pond and want to lock the Y up. There’s no safe place to store my phone or key card. Can I swim with the card? Will it damage it?
  12. C

    Issue With Phone Key Card? Tesla Model 3

    In the past, I was able to unlock my Tesla Model 3 without opening the Tesla app. Recently, I've noticed my phone key card started only letting me open my Tesla while using the app. I'm not sure why all of a sudden it stopped working, has anybody else ever experienced this? Or have any solutions...
  13. S

    M3 now asking for the key card...why?

    afternoon all Since I picked up my M3 last March we have always used our phones as the key however last couple of times of using the car I have had to use the card. The phone app is still working, I can lock and unlock the car , start charges etc Any ideas why this happened and anybody else...
  14. E

    Phone unlocks door but key card needed to drive

    For the last week or two, our Model 3 has unlocked without a problem as we approach, but it requires us to touch the key card behind the cup holder to drive. This behavior is the same for both phones that are connected to the car, and before the last couple weeks we haven't had this happen in...
  15. S

    Key card did not work

    I upgraded my iPhone 5S at a Tim Hortons. All apps started to download , but had not finished when I left. I used my key card to unlock and start my Model 3. A half hour later I stopped at a roadside market. On returning to the car , it opened , but key card would not start the...
  16. Mark-R

    M3 won't remember a name given to a Key card

    Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, but a quick forum search didn't come up with anything. It is possible to give a Key card a name by clicking on the pen (e.g. 'Wallet' in the example below). However, the name reverts back to 'Key card' after a few minutes. Is this 'normal' or just...
  17. D

    Feature Request - Use Tesla App to Detect Key Card on Center Console

    Never seen talk of this and couldn't find it in a search, so here goes... I've run into the situation a few times where my phone wasn't able to connect to my Model 3, so I used my key card instead. No problem--enter the vehicle, lay my wallet on the center console, tap in my PIN and drive off...
  18. K

    Model 3 Passenger side Key card to unlock car

    Just got me M3 delivered home yesterday. Our car was not marked delivered on the Tesla account, so we were not yet using our phones as a key. Interestingly, the key fob given to us as a key has not been working on the passenger side. Not sure if it should work, or should not. It only seems to...
  19. Kermee

    PSA: We can finally rename, add & delete key cards!

    Not sure if this has been brought up yet, but just noticed today that as of at least 2018.40.1 (No 42.2 for me yet), I can finally rename, add & delete key cards. I don't remember it being in on 2018.39.7, but maybe it was there and I never went in to check or notice. Maybe it was a part of the...
  20. Q

    M3 card stolen, new iPhone not yet setup as key...but still can drive?

    My wife’s key card was stolen this week. Her new iPhone of course wasn’t setup yet as a key, but for some reason, she can still drive the car. Also, FYI, the thief snatched her backpack with key card in wallet as she was walking away with our kids, and before it theoretically had time to...
  21. RedModel3

    Key card didn't work

    Well, this is a new twist to the phone/card/fob debate. Went out to my car this morning- just to get something so my phone wasn't necessary- and my key card refused to work. Nada, zip, zilch. Anyone else ever had this happen? I got my phone and I was able to get in, and later today the card...
  22. P

    Key Card Troubles

    Tapping the Key Card on the center of the pillar or on the cup holders works sometimes, but not every time. And it seems to be getting worse. Does anyone else have this problem? Anyone need a replacement card? Is there a trick to make the RFID card more effective? I feel dumb trying to tap my...
  23. plasmo

    Has anyone valeted their Model 3 yet?

    Just wondering if anyone has had any experiences yet with valeting the Model 3 yet. Do you give your keycard to the valet guy? Any worry about future card copying technology with this?
  24. ImEric

    How Secure is the Key Card?

    In particular, one thing has been bothering me about the key card entrance method. It's not the functionality or the actual security of the card itself. Rather, I'm wondering if there is a way to "Lock down" the card's functionality from being used on other phones. I understand that you use...